Senior Technical Writer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Technical Writer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an excellent technical writer in all senses of the job.
Besides that, he is an excellent technical writer, and last but not least is a good friend.
He is a very strong writer and one of the most technically adept contributors.
John embodies the very best attributes of a great technical writer.
He is a great writer, both in technical and philosophical matters.
His ability as a technical writer is impressive for many reasons.
John is focused and self- motivated, and he is a great senior writer.
He is very technical, but can communicate with senior non-technical leadership in language that is understood.
His technical seniority and knowledge provides him the ability to excel.
John's role specifically was to provide senior technical advice.
As a technical writer, he was able to take complex, technical subjects and describe them in a manner that everyone could understand.
He is thorough with his edits and guidance, but respected our technical writers' style.
John was a very talented technical writer while at our company.
I have seen some of his work as a technical writer and find it to be well done.
John's work with us as a technical writer has been invaluable.
John best regards and recommendations to him and he would be an asset in any senior technical leadership position.
John has proven himself to be an excellent writer, both technically and creatively.
I highly recommend him in senior technical and architectural roles.
He is a writer of remarkable clarity, especially regarding complex, technical topics.
John is a gifted writer with an admirable command over the technical know-hows.
John is both unusually technical and unusually gregarious for a tech writer.
He was a thorough and accurate technical writer and highly recommend him.
John is a conscientious writer with a good technical understanding.
I benefited from his mentorship in being a more capable technical writer.
He had excellent technical knowledge, hence his senior role in the organisation.
He has sourced many senior technical roles for me and continues to do so.
He's an accomplished technician and consumer writer; and blogger as well.
In his role as technical writer, he was always professional and thorough.
John is extremely professional and he is an exceptional technical writer.
John is an outstanding technical writer, he is very responsive and him work is excellent.
John's technical ability allowed him to progress to a senior role in the company.
John totally refreshed people's stereotype of a technical writer.
John is an excellent team player who goes above and beyond as a technical writer.
At a senior position he understands the technical details very well, which is truly commendable.
John would be a great asset to any company looking for an experienced technical writer.
John took me under his wing in my first staff position as a technical writer.
John is an excellent, senior-level freelance technical marketing writer.
I would recommend him as a senior programmer/developer to any organization that would be swamped with technical challenges.
This was because he brought the professional eye of the technical writer to the page.
John is also a very good technical writer, in which him a chemistry background has been an asset.
John is an exceptional technical writer with a positive attitude, and always has great ideas.
He's definitely got experience in recruiting for senior technical roles.
John was and remains one of the most thorough and efficient technical writers that it has ever been my pleasure to work with.
John joined us as a technical writer and did a wonderful job at that.
He can be both a good manager or a good senior technical writer.
John is a very talented and professional technical writer with extensive technical knowledge.
John is a reliable, insightful and competent writer, with great technical expertise.
John was a highly respected senior member of my technical team.
John combines superior technical know-how and attention-to-detail with senior leadership and vision.
John is a proficient technical writer that has always been able to tackle multiple challenges with proficiency.
He is an amazing writer and quickly captures the essence of the message, even in highly technical responses.
He is also a great writer and has constantly contributed technical articles in many forums and magazines.
John is a prolific writer turning very technical ideas into newsworthy ideas and soundbites.
He's a capable technical writer and problem solver, and his sense of humor is underrated.
He is articulate, is a very good writer and possess even a stronger technical acumen.
John's an enthusiastic writer who's always full of new ideas.
Not only is he obviously a brilliant senior writer, but he became a great mentor to me too.
John is an expert problem solver, who provides senior level technical guidance in any situation.
He understands people and especially the unique attributes of the technical writer animal.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him for senior technical roles, and would be delighted to work with him again.