Senior Web Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Senior Web Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John provided expert and insightful comment on how we could gain the most from our web design.
John has great out of the box ideas for designs that can be used on paper or on the web.
He has also taught me a few things about web design that have been very beneficial to me.
John is a very capable web design and has always carried out our requests effortlessly.
John's company is the third web-designers, we have used in the past year and a half.
John re-designed our somewhat complicated website, which is about to launch.
I would recommend him to anyone needing help with web design or e commerce.
The web page he designed for us was excellent and his insight is priceless.
John has strong and good convictions on what is an efficient web design.
In addition, he is also very strong in all aspects of front end web design.
I would strongly recommend him and his company for your web design needs.
John has helped me to shape my presence on the web by designing my site.
John is a strong designer with an understanding of all aspects of the web.
John is currently designing a new website and logo for my company.
He has great expertise in web design and is prompt and responsive.
I would suggest to anyone looking for a web designer to hire him.
He designed my website and he also set up two new blogs for me.
He has really transformed my outlook on what good web design is.
His designs make our web pages look very nice and easy to use.
He creates cool one-off designs and easy-to-use web templates.
John and his company came highly recommended by our web designer.
John has an outstanding eye for design, and keeps up to date on web design trends and technologies.
He is amazingly talented at web design and opened up my eyes to new trends and styles of design.
Overall his design is very strong and knowledge of web design is amazing, he was able to help and guide others who were also doing websites.
He made recommendations that enhanced the overall experience of our new web design.
He is also very good in photography, animation and web design.
John is a gifted designer, and an outspoken influencer on the web.
John designed and maintained an early version of our web site.
He definitely has a great insight in web usability and design.
John is one of my favorite senior designers to work with ever.
His knowledge of web design and the needs of organisations is outstanding.
John has quickly become more than adept and cutting edge in web design and all things web related.
John is at the top of his game and knows his stuff when it comes to web design.
His work is well thought out and he does very clean design work, including web design.
I highly encourage you to use him for all your web design and coding needs.
His web design is clear and matches the objectives of the organization.
Beyond that, he is an impressive web designer who is always coming up with great ideas and techniques.
He has a thorough and logical understanding of design and typography that is web friendly.
John helped me tremendously with basic web design and various other web/internet classes.
He has a unique vision for designing web sites from the simple to the very complicated.
John takes it upon himself to stay current by taking the latest web design classes.
John created a far superior standard than any of our previous web designers.
John's unique, clean and beautiful design for my web site was astonishing.
John introduced ideas and strategies that no other web designer had.
I'm sure he could a great addition to any design or web based company.
He is good at web design and could be a good benefit to your org.
John is an excellent web designer, who is a doer and a thinker.
On top of that he has a great eye for web design and aesthetics.
John is extremely knowledgeable about web design and usability.
He's there for you every step of the way - even after and you maintain your web design and content.
John is very innovative and creative when it comes to web design and web marketing.
His drive and creativity is what gives him an edge over other web designers.
John is an incredible web designer with not only great web and interface design talents, but an ability to consistently exceed client deliverables.
John took my concepts and turned them into to flight fantastic web designs.
He is also well-connected with printers and web designers to get the job done.
John partnered us in designing and implementing our website.
John's stellar content is perhaps rivaled only by his knowledge of web design and design theory.
He not only designed for print, but also maintain our company's web presence.
He has a great knowledge base for web design and architecture as well as flash design.
I would not hesitate to use him again for web design projects.