Sensitive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sensitive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John isn't afraid to take on sensitive subjects, but he always does it with sensitivity.
He is there whenever you need help and he is very sensitive to your needs.
He is very sensitive to the needs of others and wants them to excel.
John has always been sensitive to the needs of his co-workers.
He does so directly and with the right amount of sensitivity.
He always went out of his way to be sensitive to the individual while doing right for the business.
John is honest, follows through on what he says he will do and is sensitive to the needs of others.
John is sensitive to the needs of those around him, both professionally and personally.
He makes himself available to his employees and is sensitive to their needs.
At the same time, he is very sensitive to the well being of his employees.
His suggestions were always useful and provided with tact and sensitivity.
He is definitely sensitive to others that do not have the on-line visual.
John is sensitive to others and his contribution was most appreciated.
He also comes through as a person, who is sensitive to his surroundings.
He showed sensitivity whilst also getting the best out of him people.
John is on top of things and sensitive to what's going on around him.
He is patient and sensitive to others, especially of other cultures.
Also, he gets along with people very well and is sensitive to others.
Strategically, he was the guide through two sensitive acquisitions.
He is sensitive to his client's needs and is always professional.
That said he is very sensitive and approachable with any problem.
John is very sensitive in working with different nationalities.
He is very sensitive and knows where to lead you in your process
His interventions are appropriate, sensitive and most effective.
Him sensitivity and style have come through with every project.
He is sensitive and willing to help and support all the our company.
Apart from this, he is a very sensitive & sensible individual.
While the need was our company sensitive it certainly was not urgent.