Service Delivery Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Service Delivery Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is most certainly an asset to every service and delivery organization.
He focussed on the automation and delivery of many of our services.
And he tops this off with expertise and timely delivery of service.
John has always been on time, fast delivery and excellent service.
He exceeded expectation on service delivery to our organization.
He is effective at managing the services delivery organization in a profitable manner.
He knows how to balance the sense of urgency that comes with servicing clientele while maintaining realistic expectations of service delivery.
John is all about improvement and excelling in him service delivery.
I worked with praise for one year, and he is an outstanding service delivery manager.
John managed to influence many improvements in our service delivery procedures bringing our services to quite good level.
He is always responsive to our needs and creative in the delivery of services.
These characteristics also made him an excellent manager, both personal and in his role as a service delivery manager.
His delivery excellence was always impressive, he never gave up, and managed the delivery in tough circumstances.
John has been our account/ service delivery manager for over three years.
I trusted him to manage the delivery of services to my best account.
I was really impressed with his service from first meet to delivery of the photographs.
He already exceeds all of my expectations just talking with him, but then he blew me away with him over-delivery of service.
However, his own background in service delivery means that his expectations are quite realistic.
John is the perfect example of the 'can do - no problem' approach to service delivery.
John was very focused on service delivery and always strived to exceed expectations.
Nothing ever seemed to be an issue and he facilitated a seamless service delivery.
His ethos is definitely grounded in service delivery and dedication to excellence.
John's understanding of the end-to-end service delivery model is second to none.
I would recommend him as a self starter and experienced delivery service.
John's subject matter expertise around service delivery is exceptional.
He is focussed on the delivery of great outcomes and service excellence.
John and a true professional with outstanding service delivery.
He is focused on exemplary service delivery and mutual success.
John went on to manage the transition and stepped into steady state delivery, taking on the challenge of stabilizing the service.
John is a dynamic manager who looks at every new opportunity as an opportunity to give outstanding service and delivery.
He was very instrumental in helping us connect with k-macro management and get the right service delivery for us.
He is an inspirational leader and manager who is committed to service delivery and excellence.
I can warmly recommend him for any leadership position and any position related to service management or delivery management.
John has deep knowledge in service management, project and delivery management.
John is an extremely capable and supportive service delivery manager.
He was one of my go-to employees for providing exceptional delivery of service.
He brings in the great experience in management roles ranging from change management to service delivery.
Every interaction with him had always been encouraging for me to ensure effective service delivery.
Open for new challenges with commitments towards service delivery is one of his core competency.
I have experienced him to be totally reliable and meticulous in his delivery of service.
John provides exceptional service for each client from concept through delivery.
John is passionate in his delivery of service to his clients and candidates.
He follows-up promptly and ensures timely delivery of goods and services.
His delivery on service and commitment to his clients is second-to-none.
He pushed for value addition, when it comes to client service delivery.
The time and effort he put's in to him service delivery is excellent.
He establishes rapport and trust with the clients, while managing expectations and delivery of service.
He has a great understanding of service delivery that helped our group get our service offerings off the ground.
Those choosing to work with him in service delivery will not be disappointed.
John is your man if you're looking for ways to improve your service delivery.
John has always been at the top of his game in terms of service and delivery.
He has managed to achieve many online services for this purpose.
I would recommend his services to all club owners and managers.
Client servicing and delivery of the best possible results through first class negotiating has always been in his blood.
He always does what he says he will, is proactive and is able to add value to the delivery of service he provides.
John always had a strong focus on service and delivery of results.
This down to earth nature brought him closer to service delivery.
John has strong experience to manage with clients and delivery services as agreed.
His contribution to the smooth service delivery is acknowledged by our clients and our service teams.
He provides consistent service delivery through the management of expert staff and hands-on client management.