Service Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Service Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Mach's convention service manager when he was managing an event for our company.
We use him as often as possible for him event management services.
An expert in payment services, he exceeds when managing customer needs and service.
He led by example with excellent commitment in managing all the service management practices.
He went above and beyond at all times to make sure that superior service was being provided to the managers and to the candidates.
John provides an amazing service where he says the things about your company that you want to say but never manage to.
He is entrepreneurial and made significant improvements and changes in the services he managed.
He offers an end to end management service and has always delivered to all of our requirements.
Second, regarding his role, it is notable the advancement in the services he is managing.
John is new to the managed service providers, but he didn't let that slow him down.
John organisation that manages to acquire his services is going to be very fortunate.
He closely managed the changes and saw to it that service levels were maintained.
He's definitely one of the more dedicated service management guys out there.
John provides excellent service that is very detailed and well managed.
John's wealth of experience in service management cannot go unnoticed.
He managed the a group that provided the same type of service.
This level of service was also reflected with him hiring managers.
He would immediately add value to any managed service provider.
He managed the our company during the service turnup to be sure that all went smoothly.
John's management expertise has taken our company service to the next level.
He has a remarked service oriented attitude, which allows him to keep the services he manages under constant improvement.
John always tried to provide the best managed support service through daily case management, escalation management and critical situation management.
We will always miss his expertise as customer service manager.
He helped him organise the service level management tasks and also coached some of the service level managers.
He knows how to manage his time to provide the best service to everyone while keeping his stress level manageable.
All of the services he implemented and the way he managed him thereafter were excellent.
He managed to grow the fees associated with the service that more than covered the cost of providing this service.
He managed objections very well and demonstrated value in the services being offered.
We used him not only to manage our service group, but also in presales engagements.
Reliable end-to-end managed service is what he is building up.
John effectively manages all aspects of the service; from call center to relationship management to service performance.
He can manage service disruptions very well and has an ability to act on crisis ensuring service continuity.
The most important thing is that you really get an added value from the services that are managed by him.
Regardless of the situation he encounters, management or professional services, under his management it will be successful.
His focus on service management and strive towards continuous service improvement is highly commendable.
He has always provided an excellent service to him and his hiring managers, and his confidence in him is absolute.
He managed to do this with very low turnover and provided very consistent service to the entire organization.
John as always, be fully committed to deliver value through him service management responsibility
Additionally, he was directly responsible for establishing and managing service level standards.
John is exceptional in that he has pragmatic expertise in all aspects of service management.
If you are looking for a service manager with real added value, you have found him right now.
John also manages outsources services very efficiently, maximizing the value they deliver.
He continually goes above and beyond his call of duty in bettering the service he manages.
Overall, he would be his go-to-guy if you are launching or managing a new service offering.
He inherited an untidy setup, but still managed to get everyone the services they needed.
He constantly exceeded targets and was always looking for added value managed services.
The service level he provides to his candidates and managers alike is exceptional.
Also, his level of service with hiring managers and candidates is extraordinary.
John will find his way to the upper levels of management or government service.
During our company he has enhanced a number of the services that he has managed.
He is always quick to respond and he is authentic service-oriented manager.
Servolo is a well-rounded manager and his services are to be sought after.
And as a service provider, he is always being adept at managing expectations.
He also drove significant organic innovation around service management.
He manages site moves so that there is minimal disruption of services.
He helped him immensely in his role as technical services manager.
His services go well beyond simple mailing and list management.
Who manages his services with care and flair at the same time.
A key contributor to the success of our company's managed services.
John helped shape the success of managed services at our company.
His strategic vision has been invaluable as we've merged new service lines into managed service.
Though he manages many clients, he has gone above and beyond for us and his level of service has been much appreciated.
He provides excellent service to all of his clients and always manages to make them happy.
Great to see such customer service managers and he is an asset to companies.
He always manages his time well and provides outstanding customer service.
He provided exceptional customer service and was sought out by managers.
And that's what makes him a fantastic creative services manager.
He managed the ongoing service relationship very efficiently.
John will always be one of his favourite client servicing managers in our company.
He is well liked by his team and by those he provided services to - the sign of an excellent manager.
We have won many contracts for managing services because of his expertise.
First as service provider and then as colleague and his team manager.
John always kept his management team focused on service and margin.
He managed to improve service quality and reduce service cost.
He is a master at managing relationships and servicing the clients he serviced.
John managed and redeveloped our hosting services very effectively over many years.
He clearly gets what we do in career services and management on college campuses.
John's background and passion is in providing services in change management.
Also he manages very well the service partners with a great respect.
His experience in managing people based services is exceptional.
John is a highly competent manager of services organizations
He is the service management representative from our company.
He hasn't only convinced his colleagues to set-up several new services, but also managed to make this services a commercial success.
He possesses significant knowledge in service management and has made key contributions to improve service.
John' service management approach was refreshing, and our company proved to be a valuable service partner.
We really appreciate the travel management services him company provides.
The way he transitioned & managed purchasing services was exceptional.
His understanding of process and service management is excellent.
John, we can't thank you enough for your support and management of our services portfolio.
He managed to get the most out of our services even with the constraints of a tight budget.
He also is extremely conscientious of his service he provides and how he manages his staff.
John successfully led the service definition and portfolio management.
Brings in his enormous, diverse experience in managing service delivery.
As a service delivery manager, he was methodical and precise.
John's experience with the managed service has been exemplary, in both his day to day management and when more challenging situations arise.
Now he is the practice manager in managing services (strategic sourcing group).
His advice on managing your network through service to others was transformative.
John provided his range of services, via his staff and himself in managing a mission-critical service during renegotiation.
John managed to influence many improvements in our service delivery procedures bringing our services to quite good level.
Our company service and focusing on delivering results is core to John's approach managing the service desk.
He is very thorough with all that he engages in and has an in depth knowledge of everything 'service management'.
John is one of the best in a complex field of managed services.
John has a hands on approach to hardware and managed services.
John went above and beyond when it came to the management & deployment of services, as well as customer satisfaction.
In a short period of time he has managed to increase the revenues of the services he is managing.
He always provided his clients with the highest levels of responsiveness and service while managing their expectations.
In the provision of this service to us he has managed to save our company money that we would have otherwise have spent.
The destination management services he had provided him with time and time again have been stellar in every regard.
John manages to keep things in perspective and will go the extra mile in providing outstanding service.
His experience with managed services delivered from offshore was most beneficial to him and his company.
John expects all managers and service providers to challenge themselves with regards performance.
His commitment to excellence is apparent in his management style, and in the service he provides.
John managed our books like a pro, and he always provided his services with grace and accuracy.
John directly helped out with guest services, volunteer management and pitched in when needed.
He manages his tenancies, aims for him and the tenants to be happy with the service he provides.
John, as a dedicated manager, would be an asset to institutions that will hire his services.
Multitasking, ability to service difficult requirements and vendor management are his forte.
He excels at any management position and held many prestigious positions within the service.
His services are requested by many managers here due to the excellent interfaces he creates.
John's dedication and commitment to delivering excellent managed services is to be admired.
John provides an excellent, objective service for advisers in the wealth management space.
John was amazingly versatile and dedicated to his role of managing the wi-fi services.
This allowed him to spend time on other problems and not micro manage their services.
He always managed to deliver complex back-end services with good turn around times.
John strives to instil best practice and innovation in the services he manages.
John managed and provided excellent services for our global enterprise rollout
His shareholder management is excellent and makes him a great service provider.
John manages to deliver these services in a comfortable, easy going, manner.
John, smart, and high levels of service and management come easy for him.
John embodies every attribute of a superb convention services manager.
John is a manager capable, pragmatic and he have a strong sense of service.
He knows well how to structure, manage and win complex services deals.
A techie by heart he managed service improvement issues with ease.
He manages the highest level of service with an eye for detail.
John is a very organised and dedicated manager, whose our company provides an excellent service.
He provides a full service management of our company and has done wonders for him
The project was not an easy task, but in the end we have very good remote management service from our company.
In particular, he has an amazing grasp of what service management means for the our company.
John also has a very good grasp of service management, indeed he was regularly parachuted in to stabilise difficult service situations.
John did whatever it took to provide superior service to his clients and hiring managers.
He is very focussed on providing great service and value to his customers and management.
He understands our client's needs as well as his needs as a managed service provider
John manages to exceeding customer expectations through his superior service.
All he's managed clients were happy with the level of service they received
His creativity goes beyond just managing and extending the service line.
He is a services manager driven by one thing, client success.
But it's his ability to teach and mentor in service management that really shines.
John is in a very challenging role where he had to manage the interests of the end customers, the service providers and the global services.
He can be a great asset for any organization that needs the services of a skilful customer service manager.
John added a great deal of knowledge regarding managed services and vendor management.