Sharp-Witted Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sharp-Witted Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's sharp-witted and knows how to get things done-with many laughs along the way.
He is truly intelligent and you can readily see that in his sharp wit.
Meaning he can be sharp-witted but he never shoots off his mouth.
He also is someone who is a joy to be around with his sharp wit.
The sharpness of his intelligence is matched by that of his wit.
He is sharp-witted and would be an asset to any organization.
He's very sharp and knows exactly what needs to be done and who needs to do it.
They kept him sharp, for they also often came up with the best solution.
John is very sharp and always willing to make an introduction.
He is really sharp and is usually way ahead of his deliverables.
He could always be counted on for his creativity and sharp wit.
John is so sharp, he'll surprise you with his wit and knowledge - and that's even after you know him.
He is able to keep himself and those around him on their toes with his dedication and sharp wit.
He's very bright and his sharp wit helps keep everything and everyone in perspective.
John goes on to further amaze everyone with his sharp wit and sage judgement.
John also has a razor sharp wit that allows him to see what others don't.
He sharp witted and on the ball which means you know he will always deliver.
Lastly, his sharp wit can you make you smile on an otherwise dreary day.
Add to that he is easy to be with and has a sharp and amiable wit.
His sharp wit and keen insight have always kept him on his toes.
He is enthusiastic about the subject and has a very sharp wit.
Plus, his sharp wit makes him really fun to our company with.
His straightforwardness keeps you sharp and wants you to become and even better professional.
John is very sharp and always seems to be thinking about how to do things better online.
John is so sharp and so driven that he makes everyone else around him that much better.
John has an inner light that attracts everyone around him, and he is very sharp.
John is sharp and incisive and clearly knows what he wants out of the engagement.
John is someone who is sharp and will try all sorts of things to make it happen.
He is very sharp, knows his stuff, and will do the right thing for his clients.
He is sharp when it comes to negotiating and gets the very best for his clients.
It goes without saying that he is also extraordinarily perceptive and sharp.
John is one of the those sharp consultants that you would want on your team.
He is very sharp at what he does, and on top of that, he is very personable.
John is sharp, but doesn't make others feel that they might be less so.
He is very sharp, well organized and knows how to help you get the job.
Most cannot believe he was in sales because he is so sharp, technically.
John is sharp, no nonsense and definitely someone you want on your team.
A great guy that follows through with everything he says and really sharp.
He's incredibly sharp and seems to know everything going on everywhere.
He is very sharpening he is someone with whom you can make appointments.
His professionalism is second to none, and he's always dressed sharp.
John has been at the sharp end of that process since it all started.
He is sharp, he is driven, and he knows how to make things happen.
John has always been technically very sharp and very thorough person.
John is very sharp, and knows just what to do to achieve his goals.
John is super sharp and has your back when you need the support.
He's sharp, though, which is why we use him every chance we get.
He is as sharp as they come with regards to finance and business.
John's sharp, easy-going, and really seems to get into his our company.
John is one of the sharp, meticulous and thorough professional.
Besides that he is always willing to help and sharp as a knife.
His passion for getting it right at the sharp end is inspiring.
He has always been very sharp on his performances and results.
John is well connected, very sharp, and knows how to execute.
Yet at the same our company he was always very sharp and focused.
He has been sharp and to the point when it comes to our company.
John is sharp in his our company and does the things perfectly.
Secondly, he is very sharp and meticulous in his our company.