Short Order Cook Performance Review Phrases Examples

Short Order Cook Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If he agrees to do something, it will get done in short order.
If there are things for which he does not have an answer, he finds it in very short order.
Within short order, he had turned it around in the best of ways.
And he got it through all of the approval layers in short order.
John will distinguish himself in short order in any situation.
Spending any time with him will have you in his corner in short order.
I know that he is going to make some company succeed beyond their expectations in very short order.
If he doesn't know the answer to the problem he will be back in short order with an answer.
I believe he can flourish in any environment and be an expert in short order.
All of his suggestions typically pay for themselves in short order.
John company lucky enough to hire him, will see this in short order.
John can slice through complicated problems in very short order.
In short order, it was apparent that he was the ideal candidate.
He is very shrewd and can size up any situation in short order.
John is relatively new to our organization and in short order he has shown an immediate value.
In short, he has done what he said he would do, which is very refreshing.
In short, he knows where he is going and what he needs to do to get there.
In short, he always goes way beyond what anyone would expect.
One knows he is dedicated to getting the job done right and has stepped in to help out in short order.
John applied himself from the first day and was signed off in short order.
He had many good ideas and could pull something together in short order to make his point.
He was successful placing me in short order with an excellent opportunity.
He was able to dissect the issue in short order and got us on our way.
He was able to make a substantive contribution in very short order.
In short, he does it all and my only regret is that our time was much too short.
He learns quickly and figures out what needs to be done in short order.
He is someone that competitors will learn to respect in short order.
He is the guy to go to when something big needs organising in short order in no time.
More importantly, he was also able to implement them in short order.
John does nothing short of his best, and encourages those around him to do the same.
In short, he backs up everything that he says he is going to do, and then some.
In short, he never settles for anything less than the best given any situation.
Working directly with him has never been anything short of lean and efficient.
He is relentless at being nothing short of the best in everything he does.
Anyone who has met him would know that he is nothing short of exceptional.
Of course, he also has many others that this short text cannot emphasize.
I have known him for a short while and truly appreciate all that he does.
In short, he is not interested in being right, just getting it right.
He always wants to do the best and he achieved in very short duration.
He is always willing to take on an assignment even on short notice.
In a short while it almost seems as if you have known him forever.
To say it in short: he's the best and you can always rely on him.
In short, if he's available, hire him, you'll not be disappointed.
Working with him was a pleasure, unfortunately it was too short.
His eagerness to help others is nothing short of inspirational.
I will keep this short and the point, since that is his style.
I am sure his next venture will be nothing short of brilliant.
John is the first on that short list, because he gets results.