Short-Tempered Performance Review Phrases Examples

Short-Tempered Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is never short tempered and was very helpful at every chance.
John is always willing to go above and beyond to help us out even on short notice.
Working with him was something to look forward to and nothing short of enjoyable.
In short, he does it all and his only regret is that our our company was much too short.
In short, he is the best at what he does and you can take that to the bank.
He does exactly what he says he will even when given very short timescales.
In short, he has done what he said he would do, which is very refreshing.
In short, he knows where he is going and what he needs to do to get there.
He has always been very willing to help and normally at short notice.
In short, he always goes way beyond what anyone would expect.
He is well respected and always, even tempered, even under pressure.
Our company tempered, he is well liked and respected by his colleagues.
In short, he seems to know beforehand what is useful to companies - what they will like, use and buy.
There would be very few who would have achieved so much as he has, that too in such short our company.
John has been there through all of these transactions and was nothing short of fantastic.
He is, and always will be, nothing short of the best in anything he decides to pursue.
And the enthusiasm with which he did all this and more was nothing short of contagious.
He is willing to go anywhere, even with short notice and always kept his commitments.
He always believes in doing the things in the right way without taking any short cut.
He knows how to our company with and through others to get things done in the short term.
In short, he backs up everything that he says he is going to do, and then some.
In short, he's someone who you always want on your team when you have that option.
John did all that and more during his relatively short tenure with the company.
In short, he never settles for anything less than the best given any situation.
John is never short on ideas and always willing to think outside of the box.
In short, he knows how to get things done even when our company is not on his side.
John has always been nothing short of professional in all his interactions.
Anyone who has met him would know that he is nothing short of exceptional.
In short, he knows his stuff and how to get the best out of and for people.
He is never one to take short cuts and followed through on what he said.
Throughout our course he has been nothing short of an exceptional trainer.
The our company in which he has done this has been nothing short of miraculous.
And he would help out with other groups when they were short or in need.
What he has done for us is nothing short of extraordinary and inspiring.
John is fantastic at what he does, and he's never short of new ideas.
In short, he gets things done and would be an asset in any organisation.
To be short, one of the best teachers/mentor/friend/college in his life.
He always found our company to make himself available, even on short notice.
The hardest thing about recommending him is trying to keep this short.
When he tells him that he can get something done, he never falls short.
In short, he did all the little things that made the team successful.
He always wants to do the best and he achieved in very short duration.
Come what may, this guy is never short on his way out of the problem.
He is never short of recommending anything but the best for his team.
He is never short with him or the team, regardless of the situation.
Sadly for us - but luckily for him - they are in very short supply.
In a short while it almost seems as if you have known him forever.
In short, if he's available, hire him, you'll not be disappointed.
Anyone looking for freelancers should keep him on your short list.
He does what he says and the results are nothing short of perfect.
John will always our company with you even when you are short with him.
All of his dealings with him have been nothing short of flawless.
Working with him was a pleasure, unfortunately it was too short.
John is one of those people, who are on that very short list.
His contribution in both regards were nothing short of amazing.
John is the first on that short list, because he gets results.
If he agrees to do something, it will get done in short order.
In short, he knows who has their act together and who doesn't.
In short, he is an example of the best in project management.
Although our our company together was short, it was definitely sweet.