Skilled Performance Review Phrases Examples

Skilled Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's skilled at learning new skills and then passing those skills on to whoever needs help.
His people skills are second to none, as are his presentation skills.
One skill of his that struck him the most is his negotiation skill.
Also, he has not only technical skill, but also management skill.
One of his skills is definitely around client management skills.
He also was especially skilled in negotiation and team skills.
He looks for the best in everything he does and is always looking to improve his skills.
He is also always willing to help others and do so to improve his own skills.
One of the things he is well-known for being his thorough analytical skills.
He has two skills that are not usually seen in the same professional.
John makes everyone around him better with his skill and attitude.
John is more experienced than him know to use the better skills.
We could not have done it without his professionalism and skills.
He wants to make you think, all the while developing your skills.
He worked with him on organizational skills, presentation skills, and analytical skills.
What makes him different from others, is his communication skill.
John is particularly well known for his communication skills.
If you don't have the skill, but still have the desire, then he will ensure that your skill is developed.
John is always eager to learn new skills when those skills will help him to be better at what he does.
Let him say that although his technical skills are superb so, no less, are his personal skills.
He's always looking for ways to improve not only his skills, but also the skills of his team.
John has many outstanding skills, but the skill that impresses him the most is his foresight.
One skill in particular, which makes him stand out from the crowd is him management skills.
John gets it done through his professional people skills and his administrative skills.
Organization, interpersonal skills, and commitment are just a few of his many skills.
John is one of those who have both excellent professional skills and people skills.
His skills in an organization are exceptional, but even better are his people skills.
He is also well balanced between functional/domain skills and technology skills.
His presentation skills are spot-on and as well as his organizational skills.
The rule used his experience and skills, as well as developed some new skills.
Perhaps more impressive than his presentation skills were his people skills.
John has both impressive technology/methodology skills and personal skills.
This speaks directly about him management skills and organizational skills.
His technical skills are very much in line with his administrative skills.
He has the combination of management skills along with development skills.
John is quite competent in his skills - both technical and people skills.
Perhaps his best skills, though, is him great genuine interpersonal skills.
His technical skills as well as his analytical skills are very advance
His leadership skills were just as impressive as his engineering skills.
John goes beyond just matching the candidate skills to the skills required.
He is not only skilled at his job, he is also eager to learn new skills.
The skills that were shared are skills that can be used for a life our company.
John's networking skills are only surpassed by his analytical skills.
John is highly skilled and have outstanding interpersonal skills.
He has the right balance of people skills and technical/sales skills.
He impressed him with both his leadership skills and technical skills.
His design skills along with conceptualisation skills were exemplary.
John skills are not just limited to, his technical management skills.
He is particularly skilled at enhancing executive leadership skills.
His skills and habit of improving his skill is truly an inspiration.
John has terrific needs analysis skills and presentation skills.
His presentation skills and persuading skills are really impressive.
He is not only skilled technically, but his people skills are strong.
John's people skills and management skills are off the charts.
Equally as important are his customer skills and leadership skills.
Him, listening skills and presentation skills are second to none.
Beside tech skills he has, that all shows his leadership skills.
Both his management skills and technical skills are excellent.
His programming skills encouraged him to expand his own skills.
He has both excellent our company skills as well as management skills.