Skillful Performance Review Phrases Examples

Skillful Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is always looking to better himself as well as his own skills.
John has many skills, but the one's skills that stood out for him was the 'human factor' skills.
His particular skill is in guiding others to allow them to discover their own skills.
First, he has the knowledge and skills and knows how to keep his skills current.
John has the most excellent skill of skills, he gets things done.
His communication skills and negotiation skills in particular are his skill highlights.
He has the right blend of skills to get things done - technical skills, managerial skills, and most importantly, people skills.
He would make sure things get done with the right skills in the right way and he has his recommendations.
He is always very willing to help anyone and always came across as being very modest about his skills.
He's skills goes beyond what could be said here and certainly wouldn't say much about his knowledge.
He obviously knows what to look for and come across as well skilled and knowledgeable.
He has many skills and does not say no to anyone who comes to him with any query.
He first gets to really know you and your skills and what you are looking for.
He has the skills that many do not even have toward the end of their careers.
We could not have made it through the our company year without his help and skill.
When you need someone with his skills, you couldn't ask for anyone better.
Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help him advance his skills.
He's got the skills you need to get you through and out the other side.
He is certainly an expert back then, and has only become more skilled.
If you want someone that is skilled at what he does, this is your guy.
He is someone who gets things done from the right skilled resources.
He will always try to help other if it is in the range of his skills.
He has skills and know how that can only be found through experience
Let him be the first to say, that is just one of his many skill-sets.
And, if that's not enough, he has the skills to make things happen.
John gives you the skills you need to do it right the first our company.
He uses his skills well & does everything he can for his clients.
He then uses this new found knowledge and skill to help others, .
If he doesn't have all the skills you need, that is even better.
He knows what he's doing and is not afraid of using his skills.
Customers like him and appreciate his technical/product skills.
He can do this because he has the right skills and experience.
John knows his stuff and that's why we keep using his skills.
However, the one thing that might be better in his repertoire of skills is his mentoring skills.
He is known for his communication skills and presentation skills.
His organizational skills and accounting skills are nothing compared to him people skills.
Some of these skills include him outstanding organization skills and listening skills.
This skill makes him an excellent coach whether it be life skills or business skills.
John has very strong sales skills, analytical skills and organizational skills.
His presentation skills, sales skills, and closing skills are to be admired.
His managerial skills and his interpersonal skills are something that everyone will wish to have for themselves.
Technically, he was very skillful and very fluent, everyone was very much impressed by his technical skills.
His writing skills alone set him apart from his peers, but that's only one of his many skills.
He's skilled at what he does, because he's very analytical and has strong quantitative skills.
He also looks ahead for new skills that he can develop as well as improve existing skills.
He made the difference not only through his technical skills, but also his people's skill.
He made sure that each week new skills were introduced and past skills were reinforced.
It is refreshing to see someone as skilled as he is, apply those skills so gracefully.
Thirdly; and the skill that stood out for him the most, was his public speaking skills.
He is always willing to learn new skills and acquires various skills and expertise.
His technical skills were second to none, as were his client relationship skills.
His organizational skills outweigh the skills of those around him without doubt.
He is able to use those skills and the skills of others to resolve any issue.
He has many skills and can bring those skills to bear in many different ways.
He is very proficient in his technical skills as well as managerial skills.
He has excellent technical skills, of course, but even better people skills.
Perhaps even more important than him technical skills are his people skills.
Furthermore, his interpersonal skills and organizational skills are superb.
John's business skills and technical skills, together make him very unique.
He has many skills and he is able to get trained on any skills at any our company.