Small Business Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Small Business Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John understands small business needs and is instrumental in helping the growth of your business.
John is a small business owner who is very keen to see small business celebrated and encouraged.
John has a wealth of business expertise to offer to any business large or small.
John in all aspects of business and negotiation consultation without any hesitation.
John is an excellent consultant for anyone in need of solid business solutions.
His consultative approach to business and people goes above and beyond.
I have found him to be dedicated, honest and sincere in his consultative approach to new business.
John has been a friend and mentor of mine within my consulting business.
John' strength is his consultative approach to solving business problems.
John is a very proactive, diligent, and dedicated business consultant.
He is a respected business consultant and successful entrepreneur.
He is also an admirable business mentor, especially, in my experience, for small businesses.
John's focus is on small business, and the special needs of the small business owner.
John knocks it out of the park when it comes to small business online consulting.
John is excellent in combining architecture and business consultancy.
John business will benefit from his expertise and consulting style.
He is always willing to help and advise those who are in need of business advice, and gives up much of his time for the greater good of small business.
John does exactly what he says on his website - practical, no-nonsense business advice for small businesses.
He lives through his commitment to small businesses as a small business owner himself.
John has the amazing talent of making small businesses big businesses.
He understands the needs of small businesses and often knows them better than they know themselves.
John really understands the needs of businesses, both large and very small.
I recommend him to any small business that is looking to get its name out.
As an entrepreneur himself he knows exactly what small businesses need.
He is always looking at ways to make small businesses more efficient.
He likes to help other small businesses get where they want to go.
John is focused and passionate about the value of small businesses.
For a small business such as ours his help has been invaluable.
I would unreservedly recommend him to other small businesses.
John's mastery of both his own business and the universal workings of all small businesses was inspiring.
I would highly recommend him to any business looking for innovative marketing or business consultation.
His other business skills make him an excellent consultant to both small and large business owners.
His consultative approach is just what businesses need to help them make smart decisions for their companies.
John recently acted as a consultant for me in several areas which have already had an impact on my business.
John will get more of our business, and has our unsolicited backing as an amazing virtual consultant.
During that time he was one of my most successful consultants, closing more business than anyone.
He uses his consultative and engaging approach to determine the optimum needs for the business.
John is the most energetic, positive and motivational speaker and consultant in the business.
John is one of the few sellers in this business who truly consults on behalf of his clients.
I highly recommend him for any sponsorships, consulting or further business engagements.
He is the consultant, small and medium business owners should look to for direction.
He also has consulted me in some business areas that has helped my company prosper.
His expertise in consulting businesses was also helpful in my meeting with him.
He is highly motivated, energetic and business focused consultant.
John is an extremely well-rounded business man, and clearly understands what is important to any small business.
John's holistic approach to business consulting has worked particularly well for me as it has helped me see my entire business in an entirely different light.
I am very pleased as he always delivers what he promises and works very well with my other small business consultants.
He also helped me with all of my business questions and provided some very valuable insight into running a small business.
John's advice for the start-up small business is priceless and a must for anyone who wishes to start their own business.
He has the background of big business, yet understands what challenge small business faces today.
Saving money in business today is paramount and his business has saved me a small fortune.
I find his vision for small business growth a wonderful roadmap for all new businesses.
His style is just right for our small, modern, busy software business.
He has done extensive and effective consulting and solution for our business environment.
He exemplifies the value companies can achieve using an external business consultant.
John was kind enough to consult with me on refining my business plan.
I highly recommend him as your consultant, whether small/ medium business or corporate.
John is a very busy man, but makes sure to even make time for anyone, even the small business man trying to get ahead in life.
John is a very good, reliable consultant and the course has been a fantastic business growth tool for my business.
As a former runner, business owners, consultant, he has been a great asset in our business.