Smart Performance Review Phrases Examples

Smart Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's smart, him our company is smart, and best of all he makes those around him smart.
He is both very smart himself and can let others around him be very smart too.
He does know how to look smart, but more importantly, he is smart.
John has always been a bloody smart guy, but he's smart enough not to appear too smart.
He's smart - and also smart enough to know when it's not about intellect, but emotion.
He is very smart and always willing to go out of his way to help anyone who needs it.
He's smart enough to know what he doesn't know, and this makes him better every day.
John is someone you can always count on to do what is right, and what is smart.
Add this to his smarts and you have someone that you want to have on your team.
Plus he's smart - not just smart with numbers, but savvy, and street-smart.
John is not only spectacularly knowledgeable, but smart with his smarts.
He is also smart both about what he knows and what he doesn't know.
He is very smart and knows what he is doing when it comes to business.
John is smart, gets things done, and makes everyone around him better.
If you need someone who is smart and get things done, you found him.
He is as we'll liked as he is smart, and also one of the funniest.
Passionate about what he does and he is very, very street smart.
John is smart and thorough and knows how to think outside the box.
He is very smart and always comes with the best recommendations.
He is smart, he knows what needs to be done and gets it done.
He's smart, but will tell you when he doesn't have an answer.
John is very particularly and smart when it comes to our company.
Time and again he would come to him with ideas and things we should be doing, and they were always welcome, on brand, and smart.
John is smart, knows how to get the best out of you even if you don't, and doesn't take kindly to nonsense.
John is very smart, very focused, and always gets the things done that he says he will get done.
He is not only very smart and articulate, he follows thru when that's what is really needed.
And this is not to say that he didn't also come across as knowledgeable, smart, and effective.
But he at least made you think the smart ideas were yours, when they really were hers.
He is a very smart guy and he uses his smarts quite differently from smarter people.
John is as smart as they come and committed to doing what's right for the business.
John is one of those smart persons, whom you would always like to have in your team.
He wants to help you look smart, be smart, and succeed as you enter the blogosphere.
He's very smart and is one of those people that makes all of those around him better.
He will bury himself when necessary, but is smart enough to know when it isn't needed.
He works well with others, gets along with everyone and is very smart and capable.
He is very knowledgeable and very smart about how to do things in this industry.
He is always having something smart to say, has so much energy and always positive.
He knows how to get things done, is very smart and is passionate about him our company.
He is smart, thorough, dedicated to getting things done and doing things well.
He not only make us think beyond the obvious, but also to think smart and fast.
John is very smart and whatever he doesn't already know he masters quickly.
He is smart, but never someone that would make you feel less than qualified.
He is very smart, he does what he had planned before without any negativity.
He's smart, and you would be significantly less so if you let him get away.
First of all, he is really, really smart and knowledgeable about technology.
He's smart, engaging, and really knows how to get the best out of his team.
He is smart without the ego that might sometimes come with that brilliance.
He is smart and willingness to help each other with his own best solutions.
He is very accommodating, always willing to help and smart in his testing.
And his presentations are not only smart, they are also always looking brilliant.
He is very smart, personable and is willing to help in every way he can.
John company smart enough to welcome him in will be all the better for it.
He's also smart enough to surround himself with the best in the business.
Not only he comes up with very smart ideas, but he can also get it done.
John is smart and obviously energized by working with other smart people.
Also, he is smart and always wanting to learn the new things in his career.
He's smart and truly empathizes with you and your particular situation.
He is smart, he knows how to get things done irrespective of technology.
John is one of the few who come under the category of 'smart workers'.
John is very smart and knows the right approach for getting things done.