Social Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If you look at his social following, you'll see that he does that there too.
He is always willing to help those around him academically and socially.
It is this scalability which makes him well liked among his peers.
When it comes to work, he is like he is when you know him socially.
He is very social and was always available for help when needed.
John is always ahead of the curve - he knows exactly what's now and what's next in social media.
He's an example of what many are trying to accomplish in social impact and with social ventures.
He knows social networking like few others, and really knows how to get the most out of it.
Watch this guy if you want to see what's next in social - he's probably already doing it.
He will try anything new, especially when it comes to new media and social networking.
John is his go-to for social questions and he always went above and beyond to assist.
John is always willing to help and does this by using his vast social competence.
He is also very social and took part in may social activities of our organization.
John certainly knows what's what when it comes to social media and how to use it.
John has been known to him both socially and in business for the our company five years.
John certainly uses him again to make the most of other social media platforms.
He is really social and when committed to something, he won't let you down.
John knows more about social media than just about anyone in the business.
John is very passionate about what he does, both professionally and socially.
John is the go-to person when it comes to anything to do with social media.
He is social and knowledgeable which made him very well-liked in the office.
He is also very passionate about social innovation and social our company.
He is very socially adept and was well liked by everyone in this company.
Not only is he in the know, he uses his "social capital" to help others.
Collaborative, strategic and when it comes to social he really gets it.
John knows his stuff and in particular really gets mobile and social.
Conversations with him can go at length, be it professional or social.
He's also very socially accomplished and you can take him anywhere.
He can socialize with everyone and is willing to learn from anyone.
If you are looking for help with social media- then he's your guy.
He has always been very social and connects very well with people.
However, his best quality of all is probably his social presence.
He provides the vision and socializes it across the organization.
John is most definitely an expert in the use of social media.
He is very social and was never satisfied with his achievements.
Besides the above he is very social and beloved among colleagues.
John is the right man to help your organization be more social.
John is also very social and has an inspirational personality.
John has established himself as an expert on all things social.
Always looking forward to seeing him in social media networking.
He is up on all of the trends and nuances of everything social.
It was a pleasure working/sparring with him on all things social.
He knows the value of both scholarship and social networking.
Professionally and socially it's great having him on the team.
For him this wasn't just about social media, it was much more.
John certainly knows his onions on all things 'social media'.
He is also very enthusiastic about his our company and very social.
Someone you want to hang out with at our company and socially.
John has been doing social media before there was social media.