Social Media Analyst Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's transformed me from being someone who was very skeptical about using social media for selling to someone who can't do without it.
Whether you're just starting out, or well versed in social media, you won't be disappointed with his workshops.
I highly recommend him if you want to see immediate results using social media in the best possible way.
Even more impressive was his response to social media commentary and our needs for the sites.
He makes social media make sense, even for those of us who struggle to understand the new world.
After our first conversation, he also pointed out we need to leverage social media much more.
John was really helpful in getting me started with social media and into the twitter sphere.
He understands what social media is all about and gets tangible results that are measurable.
John's class is entertaining, insightful and on the edge of what's next in social media.
Highly recommended and he made me think about social media in a completely different way.
He understands the impact of social media and uses it very effectively in him messaging.
He took a wonderful headshot which is now used in all my social media and on my website.
He has most recently become a social media rock star as an example of his leadership.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to jump-start their presence on social media.
John excels in getting our company noticed through his expert use of social media.
He has a knack for social media, and provides useful insights with his observations.
He is prompt, courteous, and will help you succeed in all your social media efforts.
When he started the internship with us, we had no social media presence whatsoever.
His thorough understanding of his audience serves him well in social media efforts.
He was always keeping up with social media trends and taught me to do the same.
John has always led the way in the tourism sector in terms of social media.
His mandate was to enliven our social media efforts, and he did so with gusto.
John proved himself to be an invaluable adviser for our social media startup.
John has advised me on social media, of which he has a great understanding.
I would not hesitate to rely on his understanding of trends in social media.
I look forward to sharing social media tips with him for many years to come.
Finally, his metamorphosis into the social media side of tourism is amazing.
John has a way of making it seem like conquering social media is possible.
John social media presence has never been stronger and is delivering results.
His expertise in selling and using social media effectively is impressive.
He's always updated on the latest apps and other trends in social media.
The website is amazing, but his insight on social media is invaluable.
John has given me a great deal of help with my social media presence.
He's incredibly well suited for his leadership role in social media.
John bridges the media divide between social and traditional mediums.
I highly recommend him for any social media question you might have.
John quickly expanded our social media reach for our companies.
Find out how he can enhance your company's social media push now.
Even better, he shares everything he has learned on his social media "journey".
John has deep experience in social media and media relations tactics.
He is always one step ahead when it comes to media research methodologies, social media listening in particular.
John is a social media guru and stays up to date with the latest social media applications, techniques, and best practices.
His insights on how to best use social media have not only helped me, but allow me to help my clients.
You could always count on him to know the latest in social media trends and innovations.
John has a passion for social media and he lives to make it happen.
John is a talented expert/enthusiast of all things social media.
During media and analyst briefings he is a pro, through and through.
He is easy to work with and knows what he is talking about when it some to social media.
While working together, he was focused on my social media presence.
He knows what works and will transform your social media presence.
He doesn't understand social media, he knows how to put it to work.
John is always up to date on policies and procedures with respect to social media.
John is amazingly gifted when it comes to understanding and teaching social media.
John's also done a fantastic job going from zero to sixty about social media.
If you are looking for a social media guru, he is the man for the job.
He's also a closet social media guru, who single-handedly led our agency social initiatives.
John is savvy and social - just the qualities needed for social media strategy.
He would be fantastic for any company that needs to get themselves 'out there' and doesn't know how to use social media to its best advantage.
From the display to social media and everything in between he consistently provided insightful feedback and recommendations.
John is very well respected, admired and is sought out by many for his expertise on many things including social media.