Social Media Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We hired him on as a social media consultant who specializes in engaging and activating social media influencers for events and initiatives.
John is at the top of his game when it comes to social media.
Originally he started out doing social media and he did an excellent job.
He has mastered social media and understands how do approach and handle both the print and other media.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their social media presence to the next level.
On top of that, he is the reference for how to use social media to the next level.
John's understanding of the internet and social media is unparalleled.
He's also exceptionally savvy with the internet and social media.
John is thorough, professional and consultative in his approach to social media planning.
He went out of his way to meet with me and was very knowledgeable about social media.
John is also very knowledgeable, both in social media and in other areas.
He is very knowledgeable in many different areas of social media.
He excels in social media consulting as well as conference call and webcast facilitation.
John has always provided forward-thinking consultation and has a great perspective of the overall social media landscape.
He has helped me with social media, email blasts, and marketing consulting.
John is one of the most analytical minds out there in social media today.
I believe any organisation wanting to maximise their effectiveness of social media would be well-served engaging him as a consultant.
Anyone looking to get a handle on social media or multi-platform promotion would do well to consult with him.
And when you are in trouble and want some help, he is there with his expert experience with social media.
His insight and experience on how to use social media was amazing.
He is also an enthusiastic and prolific user of social media.
He implemented a solid foundation for our social media activities and infused social media excitement throughout the organization.
If you look at his social following, you'll see that he does that there too.
He is very social and was always available for help when needed.
He knows how all the pieces of social media fit together and creates results for my consulting and speaking.
He is very patient and even if you don't know the first thing about social media he can help you out.
I would highly recommend him for social media consulting, implementation and training.
John excels in social media consultation, training, and coaching.
I have had a take away every time we met & keep going back to him with suggestions regarding social media.
As social media changes over time, he makes sure we are up to date and moving forward.
John understands social media like few others - and he practices what he knows.
Attending him social media seminar is time and money well spent.
John is fantastically talented and dedicated to social media.
John explained some concepts of using social media strategically.
John effectively acted as a social media consultant for our company, coming in to talk us through whichever aspects of social media marketing we felt was most appropriate and most relevant to us.
He helped me consult with my clients on social media best practices and strategies.
He is an avid social media participant himself, which helps him better understand the experience customers are expecting to have through social media.
Now that he has access to social media, he is able to participate even more in that advocacy.
He has the ability to get people around him excited about social media and all it can do.
John goes beyond social media to truly understand the people you're connecting with.
John is helping us with profile raising via our social media channels.
His understanding of social media and people behaviour is good.
John's passion for the environment, peace, and social media for social change immediately inspired me.
John's experience in social media is second to none and is at the forefront of innovation.
Compared to the so many so-called social media gurus out there, he shines.
His enthusiasm around social media and branding is contagious.
John quickly took the lead on all social media and digital consulting.
I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone seeking an engaging speaker, consultant or strategist on social media.
John understands and appreciates that we are all at different levels on our social media journeys.
I have gained so much from his insights, especially from his e-mail course on social media.
His social media posts across various platforms help bring in many unique visitors.
John also helped us on our social media platforms and converting traffic.
John is an eager learner who has taken using social media to a new level.
He's social media addict, always up on the latest trends and tools.
He made the transition from e-mail to "social media" painless.
John took the initiative to revitalise the social media platform for the chapter, and has been running very engaging and creative social media campaigns ever since.
John is a wonderfully creative and extremely knowledgeable social media consultant.
If he can't make social media work for you then it won't work.
We recently hired him as a consultant to assess the status of our social media marketing.
John is an extremely strong social consultant with highly voluntary ambitions.