Social Media Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a social media whiz with a keen eye on traditional media opportunities.
John is an exceptional authority on direct selling, social commerce and social media.
With his background in social media he was able to take our organic search for non-existent to dominate with a targeted social media strategy.
John is a social media subject matter expert that can quickly communicate the "do's and Don'ts" of social media.
His advice was to pick one or two things and do them well, rather than shotgun your way through the cyberforests of social media.
He not only knows social media, but is extremely articulate in explaining its value and uses to various audiences.
What he doesn't know about social media, and the numerous platforms available, really isn't worth knowing.
John is the expert you have been looking for to keep you on the cutting edge of the social media craze.
He knows the social media topic very well, but most importantly makes it relevant for various audiences.
John really helped us understand how to get the best use of our social media, and increase our profile.
He is an absolute whizz at social media and someone you can always rely on to help whenever he can.
John did more as he also taught me how to use social media to be effective - the do's and Don'ts.
John is a smart guy who knows what he's doing, especially when it comes to social media expansion.
I then had the opportunity to have a complimentary session with him about my use of social media.
John has provided me with excellent input, to reposition myself on the social media platform.
I was able to chat with him one on one and was really impressed by his approach to social media.
He is very well versed in using social media and it has become him "mountain top" if you will.
John accomplished that instantly and has recently introduced us to the world of social media.
Him understanding of how best to use the social media platforms far exceeded my expectations.
John was helping me to understand social media, which not really understood by many others.
His presence in the social media and the profile he mentions in each of them, also helps.
His understanding of social media and his ability to get others plugged into the future.
I would truly recommend him for any firm that look to solidify its social media presence.
John understands how to approach and take advantage of the many aspects of social media.
John clearly knows his stuff when it comes to the ever changing world of social media.
He brought forward many great ideas and helped us see what was possible in social media.
John is showing me all things in social media, how to use, and how to promote with it.
His masterclass was brilliant and has given me so many great ideas for my social media.
He has also been extremely helpful getting us up to speed with today's social media.
John has been on the cusp over every single social media advance in the past decade.
If he says social media is a great idea, it's because he's been there, done that.
He was helpful in explaining the various ways social media could further my cause.
He was quick to pick things up and really help increase our social media presence.
As an added value, he is always encouraging and helpful in the social media arena.
John, thank you so much for bringing your calm efficiency of my social media output.
John is passionate about using social media, and helping others succeed with it.
John is an expert in getting social media connected and up and running in hours.
His insight into how to use social media was insightful and immediately useful.
John has made a profound difference to my understanding and use of social media.
He truly is an expert on maximizing and monetizing your social media presence.
He really knows the ins and outs of social media and he's an effective speaker.
He has a fantastic understanding of social media and the needs of an audience.
His ability to grasp what's new, in the social media sphere, is extraordinary.
He has successfully got winners ahead of the curve in the social media space.
John was my inspiration to begin my foray into the world of social media.
And - he can express all this through social media without skipping a beat.
He is extremely knowledgeable in many social media outlets, not just linked in.
He was green before it was cool, and in social media before it had a name.
John is top notch in the social media space and really knows his stuff.
John has a great way of explaining the what's and how's of social media.
John "gets" that social media should be treated as an input and an output.
His take on social media has helped him move on to bigger, better things.
Several asked for additional workshops with him on social media topics.
I highly recommend him as him social media acumen is right on the mark.
John makes the complex world of social media seem conquerable and clear.
John is a dynamic and effective evangelist for all things social media.
His passion and excitement of social media is infectious and inspiring.
His involvement and foresight in the social media section is admirable.
Recently he contributed greatly to our expanded social media presence.
John is also savvy about social media and he tweets interesting stuff.