Social Media Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He intelligently aligns the social media with the website that he also manages and maintains.

John is an excellent communicator and knows how to manage social media to its best advantage.

John is wonderful to work with, and has unique expertise in social media and management.

He's very quick on the uptake with regards to social media and community management.

He is smart, confident and extremely knowledgeable about social media management.

John delivered a well rounded social media presentation that gave our attendees practical, usable advice not just about managing reviews, but also on how to manage the various social media platforms.

He understands that social media is not about spamming your friends, but about creating interpersonal connections in a new medium.

John and his team have been spectacular in expanding our awareness of social media and our presence on social.

John greatly helped me to the world of social media, helping me get my first blog up and running and also engaging proactively with other social media channels.

Actively engaged in and an enthusiastic user of social media, he is always the first to identify new trends in social media and technology.

I would recommend him for any position where creativity and social media management were essential.

John's presentation also showed and helped me with what not to be done via social media.

He made us understand the value and importance of social media presence.

I will definitely ask him to teach me additional social media tips.

He has been just as great at managing social media channels as doing all the other duties that were dedicated to him.

He teaches new entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs how to successfully manage their social media.

John did a great job managing our social media and an array of other responsibilities.

He also helped with our partner portal launch and managed our social media efforts.

He gave me great advice on how to manage non-profit social media channels.

John is very passionate about social selling like no other and backs it up with deep understanding of social media tools.

John is one of the most positive, can-do, all round expert events and social media managers in the universe.

John was a great help in our social media presence and event management.

Under his guidance we built a directory of social media channels and published guidelines for social media campaigns.

He gives of his time freely so others will know the power of social media.

John is a very experienced social media manager and is competent in transforming any campaign.

John used all the social media and then some to attract an audience far larger than either of us could have imagined.

Just following his social media posts or conversing with him is inspiring in itself for any entrepreneur.

If you are looking to get some great ideas of how to navigate social media you need to take his course.

I'm even following him on several social media sites, knowing that whatever he posts has its merits.

John is very positive and friendly, and he is very adept at using various types of social media.

He is always willing to answer colleague's question for everything about social media stuff.

He also took the initiative to optimize our social media across multiple platforms.

It is easy to get excited about all things social media when he is guiding the way.

I have learnt the correct and effective use of social media definitely from him.

John is a great example of how an introvert can be successful at social media.

John was great at demystifying social media and has inspired me to get on board.

John has jumped in with great ambition to become all knowing about social media.

I recommend him for new entrepreneurs when setting the social media groundwork.

John is not only inspirational, but the guiding star in the social media heaven.

He addressed all their requirements, introducing the attendees to social media.

Smart, intuitive and in command of his expertise in social media like few are.

John is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur in the social media space.

John is consistently persistent in hacking our social media successfully.

He also helped enormously by taking on our social media requirements too.

John is a social media entrepreneur that understands the value of sharing.

His passion & enthusiasm for all things social media is refreshing to see.

The company as a whole is more social media-savvy, thanks to his efforts.

John has been fantastic at opening my openness to the social media world.

If you are getting started in social media, don't wait to contact him.

I hired him earlier this year to help me with my social media posts.

He has opened my eyes to many aspects of social media in particular.

His mindset is to help women achieve success through social media.

John is completely on top of the latest trends in social media.

Using social media tools is at the forefront of how he does this.

His role was in a search capacity whilst mine was social media.

He turbo-boosted my social media presence from being his guest.

He is the kind of social-media in the Midwest, in my opinion.

He knows the value of social media and leverages it for our benefit as well as his.

He didn't try to oversell the benefits of websites and social media.

He provides a clear, concise explanation of the importance of social media sites (and blogging) as well as some tips to manage and maximize your social media activities.