Social Media Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He intelligently aligns the social media with the website that he also manages and maintains.
John is an excellent communicator and knows how to manage social media to its best advantage.
John is wonderful to work with, and has unique expertise in social media and management.
He's very quick on the uptake with regards to social media and community management.
He is smart, confident and extremely knowledgeable about social media management.
John delivered a well rounded social media presentation that gave our attendees practical, usable advice not just about managing reviews, but also on how to manage the various social media platforms.
He understands that social media is not about spamming your friends, but about creating interpersonal connections in a new medium.
John and his team have been spectacular in expanding our awareness of social media and our presence on social.
John greatly helped me to the world of social media, helping me get my first blog up and running and also engaging proactively with other social media channels.
Actively engaged in and an enthusiastic user of social media, he is always the first to identify new trends in social media and technology.
I would recommend him for any position where creativity and social media management were essential.
John's presentation also showed and helped me with what not to be done via social media.
He made us understand the value and importance of social media presence.
I will definitely ask him to teach me additional social media tips.
He has been just as great at managing social media channels as doing all the other duties that were dedicated to him.
He teaches new entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs how to successfully manage their social media.
John did a great job managing our social media and an array of other responsibilities.
He also helped with our partner portal launch and managed our social media efforts.
He gave me great advice on how to manage non-profit social media channels.
John is very passionate about social selling like no other and backs it up with deep understanding of social media tools.
John is one of the most positive, can-do, all round expert events and social media managers in the universe.
John was a great help in our social media presence and event management.
Under his guidance we built a directory of social media channels and published guidelines for social media campaigns.
He gives of his time freely so others will know the power of social media.
John is a very experienced social media manager and is competent in transforming any campaign.
John used all the social media and then some to attract an audience far larger than either of us could have imagined.
Just following his social media posts or conversing with him is inspiring in itself for any entrepreneur.
If you are looking to get some great ideas of how to navigate social media you need to take his course.
I'm even following him on several social media sites, knowing that whatever he posts has its merits.
John is very positive and friendly, and he is very adept at using various types of social media.
He is always willing to answer colleague's question for everything about social media stuff.
He also took the initiative to optimize our social media across multiple platforms.
It is easy to get excited about all things social media when he is guiding the way.
I have learnt the correct and effective use of social media definitely from him.
John is a great example of how an introvert can be successful at social media.
John was great at demystifying social media and has inspired me to get on board.
John has jumped in with great ambition to become all knowing about social media.
I recommend him for new entrepreneurs when setting the social media groundwork.
John is not only inspirational, but the guiding star in the social media heaven.
He addressed all their requirements, introducing the attendees to social media.
Smart, intuitive and in command of his expertise in social media like few are.
John is an energetic and passionate entrepreneur in the social media space.
John is consistently persistent in hacking our social media successfully.
He also helped enormously by taking on our social media requirements too.
John is a social media entrepreneur that understands the value of sharing.
His passion & enthusiasm for all things social media is refreshing to see.
The company as a whole is more social media-savvy, thanks to his efforts.
John has been fantastic at opening my openness to the social media world.
If you are getting started in social media, don't wait to contact him.
I hired him earlier this year to help me with my social media posts.
He has opened my eyes to many aspects of social media in particular.
His mindset is to help women achieve success through social media.
John is completely on top of the latest trends in social media.
Using social media tools is at the forefront of how he does this.
His role was in a search capacity whilst mine was social media.
He turbo-boosted my social media presence from being his guest.
He is the kind of social-media in the Midwest, in my opinion.
He knows the value of social media and leverages it for our benefit as well as his.
He didn't try to oversell the benefits of websites and social media.
He provides a clear, concise explanation of the importance of social media sites (and blogging) as well as some tips to manage and maximize your social media activities.
You will not be disappointed, he makes learning, social media fun.
John the "the guy" to learn from when it comes to social media.
His proactive social media engagement is likewise admirable and impressive.
His grasp of the interactive space, particularly social media, is amazing.
He is brilliant with social media and he continues to impress me every day.
John continues to impress with his social media acumen and abilities.
John is an authority on social media with a truly global perspective.
John's also a great ambassador for social media within the company.
Since that time, he has up-leveled our social media across the board.
His passion for writing and social media is quite easily recognizable.
John is dynamic and engaging, with considerable social media savvy.
John can offer lots of very useful social media tips and techniques.
He got the organization on social media and got us a huge following.
He is constantly at the cutting edge of innovation and social media.
I knew him from his photos on social media - he knew me by my name.
His effective social media tactics set an example to be emulated.
John's knowledge on social media brings value to every company.
He is able to manage and grow social media communities with ease.
And he's been on top of the social media scene since the day it started.
John knows social media and better yet, he can teach a terrific class.
Outsourcing our social media was a great solution for our company.
It's also such a joy reading his various postings on social media.
John gave our logo some life which is great for social media.
His approach to social media and understanding of the tools available is very comprehensive.
He knows his subject matter of social media well and relays that well to any size audience.
He is extremely passionate about social media and always brings new ideas to the table.
He is also very active and keeps current on all new and upcoming social media topics.
He inspired me to immediately begin using new tools and social media to my advantage.
He taught me how to post on my page and many other tips and tricks for social media.
John also understands what it takes to garner attention on social media platforms.
I'm so glad he is helping me to navigate social media in the most effective way.
He effectively leverages social media platforms and this is how we initially met.
Most importantly is him social media ethic which vastly separates him from many.
John is an enthusiastic, bright and highly-successful social-media superstar.
John was a fantastic speaker- he really broke down what social media has become.
He is switched on to social media trends and has always offered great advice.
John has been a phenomenal force in the growth of our social media presence.
John's warm welcome and enthusiasm for social media immediately drew me in.
He even set up a social media calendar for us to follow in the future.
He has a complete, up-to-date understanding of social media platforms.
He got us going with social media sites fast and in a comfortable way.
I would trust him with any subject about social media online and off.
His energetic presence in social media shows how dedicated he is.
John is an experienced growth hacker and a social media expert.
His expertise in social media and reputation management makes him a great asset to any company.
John writes for my blog and manages the social media for my business.
He is an expert in the continually changing world of social media as well as being totally comfortable with traditional media.
He's a social media expert, whether it comes down to blogging or social media moderation within the travel industry.
John explored media releases, and manageable, effective ways to spark interest in the media.
Lately, he has also become quite an expert in social media which we have benefited greatly from.
He's not about the hype, but the realistic ways to benefit from social media.
John is surely one of the top new media and social media experts in the business.
John has been an invaluable help to me in learning the opportunities available in Linkedin and other social media.
Attend his sessions if you have the chance - you will learn how to max out your use of social media.
He is very up to date when it comes to social media, one can learn a lot from him in one sitting.
He makes learning easy and fun, especially for those who are intimated by social media.
He is well-versed in all things social media and he is always seeking to learn more.
John was always willing to embrace new ideas and eager to learn about social media.
I think his true value was not utilized and that is in social media strategy.
John is currently providing social media work for my company.
Him love for social media becomes apparent in him meticulous and thoughtful approach to managing multiple social communities and getting the very best out of them.
He is an enthusiastic advocate of the opportunities offered by social media and has a great deal of expertise on how to maximise the potential of different social media platforms.
He definitely made me think of social media in a different light and how to use it to my advantage in my everyday repertoire.
John's name always came up via social media and in other ways, so it was my pleasure to meet him about two years ago.
I loved his enthusiasm about social media and him willingness to introduce it within his organization.
John has created our website and has provided expert guidance on matters concerning social media.
All went away motivated and clearly enthused by his cheeky stories from the social media frontline.
He has inspired me and the rest of the organization to believe in social media and to win with it.
He knows social media well and often comes up with fun ways to create engagement among the fans.
John helped us to quickly revamp our website and become more engaged in the use of social media.
John understands large organizations and how best to move them into the social media world.
His passion to drive social media listening across the organisation has been exemplary.
He does and he's helping rewrite how social media interacts with chambers of commerce.
He was also very encouraging to me being in front of the camera and on social media.
John is a very motivational speaker that knows the ins and outs about social media.
John is one of the early pioneers of creating excellence in social media platforms.
His passion and drive is contagious, and he breaks down the social media barriers.
John has provided superior social media connectivity advice and implementation.
He's an expert at using social media to reach out and engage the target audience.
He seems to have a lot of passion for social media and move us forward quickly.
John created a lovely set of photographs for me for use in my social media.
John and his group are on the forefront of the enterprise social media wave.
John is a fine young man with the right attitude to crush it on social media.
He takes the initiative, watches your back and lives and breathes social media.
John is a true blessing to those of us navigating the social media waters.
He was in charge of the social media track and a variety of other things.
John is an early adopter and great connector who embodies social media.
His guidance allowed us to maximize our social media growth tremendously.
He lives and breathes social media and navigates the realm beautifully.
It's clear he also jump-started his stations' social media involvement.
He is always on top of social media trends and new technologies.
I highly recommend him for social media, blogging, writing, etc.
John is the real deal when it comes to social selling and social media in general.
John has also been helping give social media presentations to get people in our business excited at the prospect of using social media.
He thinks on the cutting edge of social networking, media management, managing people.
His dedication to helping others manage social media for their business is unwavering.
He also helped me figure out how to maximize using the videos on social media.
He is knowledgeable about and uses a range of social media platforms.
John is brilliant at creating social media, graphics and logos.
If you have been thinking about hiring a social media manager, then you should work with him.
He has a real passion for social media, understands multinational communications and social media management and is always on top of his work.
In addition, he managed daily media monitoring and evaluation.
Communicating through social media networks is one of his greatest strengths.
John is well-known for two things amongst his peers: his tremendous knack for social media and his infectious positivity.
Feedback on that social media presentation was so good that we booked him for two workshops the following year.
John is passionate about social media and this clearly shows in his enthusiastic presentation style.
He has an infectious enthusiasm which he channels very effectively in snowboarding's social media.
He then guided me to authentically and congruently express this though my social media channels.
He knows social media, and more importantly, he knows how to connect people through such tools.
His many accomplishments and awards demonstrate his expertise in blogging and social media.
He presented social media concepts in an energetic, understandable, and useful manner.
He understands social media and is very in touch with the hot issues of the day.
His leadership in social media is opening new pathways and shifting paradigms.
His blog was a must read for me as an entrepreneur in the social media space.
John was active and enthusiastic about the key elements around social media.
When asked he would provide feedback and insights on my social media sites.
John has an acute understanding of the impact of social media and manages this area superbly well.
John's passion for using social media to connect people is evident in all his new media projects.
John managed the media expectations very well and almost immediately, turned what could have been incredibly negative media attention into very positive ones.
He also gave me tutoring in the use of social media, which he made interesting and fun.
I learned so much in working with him on all social media types.
He also knows how to use social media to its best effect and encourage continuous interaction with his readers.
John is one of the most powerful influences in social media and his blog has really helped me this past year.
John is an asset to any corporation who is serious about social media development.
He was an early adopter, and has helped many organizations become social media savvy.
John knows about social media because he uses it and he is interested in it - and he shares the ins and outs of different platforms so that you can do it yourself.
He has a very entrepreneurial mindset and has given himself many options no doubt through getting himself out there leveraging social media.
Already, he is well known throughout all of the main social media sites, but his show will become a venue in its own right.
John is brilliant at social media, promotions, blogging, and all the things that most of us don't have the nerve to do.
The speed with which he picks things up is scary - which was especially useful in the fast paced world of social media.
It's been quite astonishing to watch his meteoric rise in the social media world, but not really surprising.
Above all, he is a great learner himself and would not mind asking questions even on social media platforms.
He has helped me tremendously to understand how my social media efforts can- and do- help our company grow.
John has a way of helping you navigate through the "maze" of social media that makes the journey seem easy.
Him pulse of social media, trends and conversations keeps you on your toes, along with an inquisitive nature.
If he can make this novice understand and actively use social media he can certainly make you a pro.
John has helped us out with some fantastic group photography for use on our website and social media.
John's social media expertise combined with his enthusiasm and passion for the medium is unmatched.
John not only participated very actively but he brought his social media expertise to the auction.
Cannot imagine a better speaker on the topic of social media and which platform(s) are right for you.
He will look after your reputation online and is brilliant with social media - highly recommended.
He always offers great suggestions on how to increase participation in our social media efforts.
Not to mention he is extremely savvy in social media, transit and the collaboration of the two.
John makes social media look easy in an incredibly competitive and heavily regulated category.
John is a go-getter who always brings fresh ideas to the table when it comes to social media.
He's flexible and open-minded, contributed valuable ideas and knows his way in social media.
He has been able to stay ahead of the curve when dealing with the emergence of social media.
I follow his social media activities and have reached out for his help on a few occasions.
He is a fast learner and this is evident from his ever increasing impact of social media.
I also gained new social media followers after his show (who are fantastic connections).
John introduced and opened up a whole world of interesting possibilities on social media.
He was a fantastic teammate who understood the strengths and limitations of social media.
John guides his audience, effortlessly through today's wide variety of social media.
He dives much deeper than the tool, be it blogging or any other social media medium.
John is a success-driven individual who strives in every aspect of social media.
He grew followers from our initial social media strategy to where they are today.
John has redesigned our website and social media sites to give us great results.
His disposition and abilities are amazing, he truly is a master of social media.
I am impressed with how deeply instilled he is in the online social media world.
He is a results-driven and a learner of all things social-media and search driven.
His advice on promoting yourself through blogging and social media was spot-on.
John helped me expand my scope regarding social media for long term success.
John delivered a fun social media workshop with passion and enthusiasm.
John helped us to set up a social media page for our plumbing company.
He suggested many tools and tips to spruce up social media profiles.
He truly 'gets it' in the fast changing world of social media.
John's social media prowess is surpassed only by his enthusiasm to share it.
He also manages much of our social media activity on a day-to-day basis.
John is a passionate social media expert whose knowledge is of the utmost quality on social media trends and usage.
John's social media ideas were bright, creative and original.
He is well-versed in crisis management as well as campaigning in traditional and new media.
He is a creative, dynamic and organized manager with strong understanding of social media.
He is well knowledgeable in the current social media trends, how they are used, and how you can capitalize on putting update-to-date social media training to use.
He has the ability to help listeners understand what social media is and how they can use it for their benefit and enjoyment.
I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone wishing to better understand social media and its benefits.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to branch out, or enhance their current social media presence.
He is great at sourcing qualified candidates and very savvy with social media.
John takes a thoughtful and analytic approach to social media.
I would recommend him to any business/organization looking for help with social media strategy, training and reputation management.
John is one of the few media professionals with a strong grasp of buying and managing both traditional and new media.
I enjoy engaging with him in any of the numerous social media channels we are both on.
Not only can he manage developing a platform, but was the go to guy for anything and everything social media.
He has extensive knowledge in social media and is truly ahead of the game.
John is in with the times and has him finger on the pulse with social media advertising.
He taught me a lot, especially with my social media and branding.
He always managed to lift the spirits, whatever the situation, and often provided precious impetus to the social media team.
John helped me learn to be comfortable with social media and to embrace its possibilities.
He is versatile in the way he reaches out to our students utilizing social media.
He's continuously looking for new ways to engage employees through new forms of social media.
He has put our social media presence on the track and has helped make that production even greater because of his creativity, tirelessness, and ability as a social media manager.
He also focused on how to get the best from social media, the power of testimonials and how to promote myself through my contacts.
He has been involved with many of the biggest social media campaigns and it's no surprise with what he brings to the table.
Not only does he clearly "know his stuff" when it comes to social media usage, he is an articulate, engaging speaker.
And yes, he understands social media very well and leverages it to its true potential and is an influencer for many.
He has excellent insight and is way ahead of the pack when it comes to the latest social media tech innovations.
John is not only one of the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but he is super-savvy in his expertise in social media.
He acknowledged social media is sometimes a little overwhelming but with time and commitment it can be fun.
He has the ability to not only have a vision for how to use social media, but can implement and get results.
He has introduced social media platforms in a seamless and innovative way that have been very successful.
He is well-spoken and intellectual, and he lights up when talking about ideas and social media trends.
He has made me a believer in the power of social media, and has opened my eyes to new opportunities.
I've learnt a lot from his expertise in the use of social media, and am really honoured to know him.
His passion for social media and the ways it empowers organizations and individuals is unparalleled.
John has helped me several times via email with various questions and concerns about social media.
John is an engaging speaker that simplifies and helps us understand the complexity of social media.
Additionally, he is always interested in the latest trending technologies as well as social media.
John has been a valued contributor to my continued enlightenment in the world of social media.
He also has a niche in understanding the unchartered waters we are moving into with social media.
John also keeps very involved in local social media efforts to make the world a better place.
We threw a lot of questions at him, and it's obvious he knows his social media inside and out.
John successfully crafted two social media campaigns with results that exceeded expectations.
He is constantly enlightening the agency with new ways of engaging consumers via social media.
He has a strong understanding of social media and the effect it has on the world of politics.
John continues to be sought out as the subject matter expert on social media on campus.
He has a vision for the evolution of social media that is far reaching and worth hearing.
John also stays up with the ever so changing social media times that are growing so fast.
John is also extremely tech and social media savvy, articulate and extremely reliable.
He has a knack for writing and connecting with players on live streams and social media.
He got my ebook to number one on amazon and continued to promote it on social media.
John makes understanding social media easy to understand and simple to implement.
John is a social media ninja who helped take our organization to the next level.
His perspective & views, especially on the social media front are very pertinent.
He has grown as an expert in social media and is well versed in grant writing.
John' enthusiasm for new technology, social media and new ideas is contagious.
He is highly qualified, organized and shows true expertise in social media.
His drive, contagious optimism, and social media savviness all stood out.
John is a high-caliber guy who will really deliver with social media.
John not only brings lots of enthusiasm and expertise, but fun as well in social media.
John is engaging, funny, and a true expert on all things social media.
John is incredibly self-motivated and in touch with the needs of audiences as well as the latest trends making him an ideal social media manager.
John is a world-class expert in crisis management, especially as it relates to the social media.
He's one of those natural project managers and a great social media strategist that helped us grow our social media fans, followers and connections.
He also possesses a keen understanding of social media and social networking and how to maximize their potential.
I always watch what he is doing via social media to get ideas to use for my own business.
He is quite knowledgeable about social media from the basics of getting started to the protocol associated with each.
John came in and worked on upgrades to our website with some social media/new media components.
John's deep knowledge of social media, means that we always value and trust his opinion.
We have worked with him on the creation of a new website and social media pages.
John first encounter with him was through a video on someone's social media page.
His expertise in the blogosphere, social media and video world is well known.
John is very bright and has a great deal of knowledge in social media.
He is an asset to the social media and entrepreneurship community.
John listens and helps you to come to your own conclusions while interjecting him knowledge of both management and social media to guide you along.
He successfully runs multiple websites, manages several social media platforms and is always willing to share his knowledge.
He taught me how to leverage and manage social media and was a constant joy to work with.
Him social media copywriting is now on par with any global brand.
Despite being one of the leading experts in social media he never talked down to the audience.
John has spoken on social media at our local conferences and two national conferences.
John can save any social media strategy time and the headaches of trial and error with social campaigns.
He has a network second to none, and he has mastered social media.
His knowledge of transportation and social media is monumental.
His understanding of social media helps you cut to the chase about what's important, and what's not.
He walked me through each step of social media, providing feedback and insight along the way.
John's presentation at our annual conference on social media was in a nutshell spectacular.
John is probably born with a distinct feeling for social media and its peer's hubs.
I love to follow his posts on social media and read his newsletter regularly.
His social media posts are read by a huge audience and taken very seriously.
John is ahead of the learning curve for technology and social media.
John's broad knowledge of media and his management style has made him an excellent manager and mentor.
He was my manager for my last years there and we often interacted both formally and socially prior to that.
He also understands how online and social media are crucial to overall branding.
He was an early adopter of all things social media, and he continues to be an innovator in this area.
His energy is delightful and his knowledge of social media is remarkable.
He is very well connected with the way many companies are interacting today, using social media when looking for talents.
He gets that social media is for engagement and to reach objectives and not just the new buzzword.
John continually blew me away with his dedication to our clients and their social media needs.
He is a champion of social media and indeed a very powerful speaker and influencer.
He's a social media savvy, but he knows the power of a hand-written note.
He was organized, managed time well, increased my understanding of social media in a fun and interesting way.
He's very good at social engineering and managing relationships too.
He is a first rate social media guru and no one can attend one of his talks without learning an invaluable lesson on the power of social media.
He took our company kicking and screaming into the social media world and convinced all of us that it was in our best interests to do so - and it was.
He has the wit, the tenacity to do what needs to be done, and he's surprisingly more on top of social media trends compared to my other colleagues.
He was particularly critical in the introduction of the use of social media such as twitter to the company, which has paid many dividends.
He delivered several workshops and answered students' questions about the most appropriate way to portray themselves using social media.
Following how he has built his profile through social media is a great example of you can use online to the best of its ability.
He took me, a somewhat intimidated social media novice and helped get me not only comfortable but somewhat savvy - and fast.
John is also friendly and approachable, and like myself he has a keen interest in the ever-evolving world of social media.
When it comes to the latest social media platforms, he's aware of it years before it reaches popularity with the masses.
John's insight and expertise have helped us to move into the social media world with ease and confidence.
He is arguably the "king of social media" and is extremely open to share his insight and perspective.
John took me from the stone age of the jet age almost over night with him expertise in social media.
John is well-known in the social media space and has a knack for cultivating an online following.
His passion for social media has both driven the company forward and taught myself a huge amount.
John has brought our social media to a level of success that was not expected from the beginning.
He stays in touch with all the new things that happen in the fast changing social media world.
His social media prowess is enhanced by his very strong journalism background - he knows news.
He wants each and every student to get a giant step up to effectively leveraging social media.
He's also a great social media connection he posts some of the most fun and uplifting stuff.
Him initiative and expertise as the class "social media historian" was a delight to all.
I have no doubt that his social media efforts helped me win a close election.
John is bright, articulate and social media savvy- a terrific asset.
John also has a very high understanding of social media and how to work with social media from a business perspective.
John is highly enthusiastic about social media and works with you to accomplish your objectives.
John managed to improve our social media profile and reputation in only a short amount of time.
John is a highly knowledgeable social media manager who gets amazing results for his clients.
John's use of repurposing available content was very conscientious and helped increase visits to the website while he was managing the social media.
He has increased the profile of my book on radio, print and social media.
John is also someone who can not only manage the long hours of media, but also the social connections and relationships with publishers and partners.
He will continue to rock the social media world with his sass and creativity.
John provided an excellent presentation on social media for professional women.
John is very knowledgeable about social media and was always passionate about the work he did.
His knowledge in social media works in my opinion is second to none.
He is always open to new ideas and understanding more of the analytics so that he can better serve him social media audience.
I have benefited greatly from his expertise in social media, but my recommendation is based on far more than that.
John gave me an insight into the benefits and status of social media and the impact it now has on society.
He has been a great source of inspiration & mentorship in my own social media journey.
John is extremely professional, reliable and manages to make learning about social media really fun.
What is more, him enabling management style to bring colleagues in new and traditional media along with him.
He saved us thousands of dollars by managing our social advertisements.
He was well organised and good at managing atmosphere in social events.
John lives his life by the give and give-back ethos that defines social media.
I've thoroughly enjoyed learning from him about how he manages social media and his visions for the industry.
John is a self developer when it comes to social media and he knows his stuff.
He had the foresight to see the development and rise of social media.
We love how he has remained engaged with us after our event through social media and emails.
John's excitement of social media and writing is contagious, and as a result, he always manages to bring out the best in his team.
I can appreciate, more than anything, his hunger to learn, grow and stay ahead of the curve in the social media world.
I have signed up to take several of him social media courses this fall and cannot wait to learn more from him.
He helped me with recording some incredible testimonials, setting them up for social media and much more.
He is a self starter and constantly seeks out and learns from new social media sites.
He is a true guru of social media and has the experience and results to boot.
He is extremely knowledgeable about social media topics - whether it be how best to use an obscure social tool or how platforms are built and created.
John would be a strong addition in a social media or communications role, especially for a social cause.
I could not recommend a better person manage paid and organic social media, and his work was vital to the growth of our social media channels at the time.
John's name is synonymous with reputation management and media training among others.
His leadership helped me become better aware of social media, client interaction and client management.
John answered everything, and helped us really feel comfortable taking on the intimidating task of getting the firm name out on social media.
He has the ability to make things around social media sound both interesting and understandable - something that seems a rare characteristic.
John's advice and expertise have helped de-mystify social media; not only do we now use it effectively; we know why we are using it too.
He was great at getting all of us started and facing in the right direction with our many questions about the social media universe.
This elementary reduction of social media hides the nuances of the craft, but it goes without saying that he excels at those, too.
During our serving term, he provided the organization with valuable speakers and even conducted several of social media workshops.
John was a great connection to have in my sphere of social media, and even though we never met, we had collaborated at times.
Our ladies get so into he totally converts them and they have great fun using social media and interacting with each other.
I recommend him highly and am confident in his abilities to add value to any social media campaign in which he is involved.
He is incredibly well-versed in all of the platforms and technologies to ensure that you get the most of your social media.
John provided some great advice on using social media and, for me, in particular, tips and tricks for writing killer blogs.
His story is nothing short of incredible and also very relevant to the age of social media in which we live in today.
He took the university from having no social media presence, to having an engaged audience in a number of platforms.
He has a lot of insight into social media and knows about all of the biggest platforms' latest changes and updates.
He brings new ideas about social media and enthusiasm to our meetings, not to mention he delivers results.
I think its amazing that he is so adept at staying on top of the latest interactive and social media trends.
In just a few meetings he has brought me out of the wilderness of social media to a more focused approach.
Him rigorous and frank assessments gave powerful insights into opportunities to better use social media.
He was always the first to understand new emerging technologies, especially in the realm of social media.
John not only knows social media inside-out and back-to-front, but is a kindred entrepreneurial spirit.
John is an energetic thinker about social media, its role and how it can be implemented to good effect.
I highly recommend his social media expertise to anyone wanting to grow their presence in that area.
One thing that struck me about him was his high level of curiosity and enthusiasm for social media.
I've had the pleasure of witnessing him engage social media like a conductor playing to his crowd.
He helps us getting a footing on social media and brought a fresh perspective to our organization.
He is also very keen to find ways to make a positive image of the organization on social media.
Bright, articulate and brimming with good ideas he took to social media like a duck to water.
John engaged with my social media activity, complimenting my approach and by sharing my posts.
He continually displayed a genuine passion for social media and we talked about it frequently.
He also helps with the company's social media sites and writes blogs for the company weekly.
His social media expertise helped us reach and interact with a new segment of consumers.
He has really got us thinking about new ways to implement our social media strategy.
John is one of the leaders in social media from a practical, get-it-done standpoint.
He is well-versed in technology & trends, and has a passion for social media.
He continually updates the class to match social media constant changes.
John is a wonderful colleague and his social media technology inspiring.
I am absolutely amazed at his high level of expertise in social media.
As a social media fanatic, he is good at it and helps me a lot also.
John is a social media expert and versatile technology blogger.
In addition, through his social media research, he has managed to find many leads.
John manages to keep up with the latest in social media, broadcasting and even running a broadcasting school.
He is a very social person and takes a "real" approach to social media.
His insights and suggestions for social media uses really helped me develop my skills in social media further.
He is dedicated and has embraced social media as recruiting tools.
John is easily one of the best managers, anyone in the mobile or media tech space can ask for.
I would definitely recommend him for any role involving social media and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.
He has exceptional knowledge and keeps up to date on the latest trends so you don't let your social media get stagnant.
He keeps up to date in an ever changing world of social media and makes everyone around him better in the process.
His breadth of knowledge in regards to the ever-changing environment which is social media was out-standing.
He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and inspired us to utilise social media for our companies.
His enthusiasm for social media is contagious; his expertise is unquestionable and his knowledge is vast.
He has an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms and their features' strengths and weaknesses.
John has quickly become a proficient, capable and experienced social media practitioner.
His knowledge of the use of social media to extend a company's message is unmatched.
On a one-to-one level, his insights, improved my social media presence.