Social Media Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a very knowledgeable social media specialist and passionate about his job.
John has always been my go-to person on all things social media.
John is just as much creative as he is savvy in social media.
John is a media guru and media snob, in the best possible way.
He knows how it works because he's involved with it himself, a crucial aspect of any social media specialist.
He is extremely media savvy and excels at identifying social media opportunities for his clients.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for social media training.
He has since taken several of my social media training courses.
John has been around, and knows everyone in the media so you need him on your side.
If you need someone to help you get into the media he's the go-to guy.
He really fired them up to get on the social media bandwagon as well as how doing it.
John has released me from trying to understand the whole social media scene.
John has extensive experience with all social media platforms.
John gets the social media landscape, the importance of monitoring and using social date in sight.
He shared tips about social media to encourage the audience to engage and consistently use social media to help their businesses.
I have no hesitation recommending him to authors with social media needs.
John is most definitely an expert in his field of social media.
In the ever changing world of social media, he is an authority.
He is always at the forefront of technology and social media.
As a media specialist, he delivered on all of my expectations and more.
John knows more about social media than just about anyone in the business.
He answered some of my questions about what is it like working within social media.
He is an expert on social media, the very knowledge of the different platform.
John is a social media expert and can make any company develop a more effective social media presence.
He understands creative and he knows social media backwards and forwards.
I hope to do in person what he had done for me through social media.
John brought me to speak to his webinar audience about social media.
Passionate social media specialist with lots of knowledge in his field.
John is very detailed and knowledgeable when it comes to social media.
He is passionate about social media studies and an authority on the subject.
John is on to something big, focusing on social media reporting.
He challenged the groups effectively, particularly with regards to effective use of social media.
He is having proficiency of existing and emerging social media platforms.
His enthusiasm for all things related to social media is inspiring.
I recommend him as a speaker about social media to other groups.
He is obviously very passionate about social media and this comes across in his training sessions.
John gave an excellent training course on the use of social media.
John not only knows the media biz - and everyone in it - up, down and every which way.
It is always interesting to see what will come up with in whatever media he chooses.
John knows what the media needs because he's been on the other side of the fence.
John is one of the most unlikely media bosses in the country.
John truly practices this and reminds us that social media is about people.
His presentation motivated and energized the audience about social media.
We have worked together and he is frequently recommended by us as a social media specialist for our clients.
He has embraced social media and is not afraid to experiment with the new platforms.
He is a very driven social media specialist, who has a lot of creative ideas.
If you need to know anything about social media and the technologies surrounding it he is your man.
John is an asset to any company looking to take their social media efforts to the next stage.
His understanding of technology and how to make the most out of social media is outstanding.
He is driven and an expert in social media and all things technological.
He understands and knows the field, from traditional to social media.
John was stellar on social media technologies and capabilities.
John is always immersed in the latest social media technology.
John really knows his stuff when it comes to getting the most out social media for businesses.
John is an expert when it comes to social media and what it can do for one's business.
He knows what he is capable of through his work on social media websites helping others become successful.
I found his knowledge about the social media platforms was very comprehensive and accurate.
He also works with social media site for those who don't use those tools.
John has been an amazing addition to the social media community.
He has a firm grasp of traditional media outreach is ahead of most of his peers in the realm of social media.