Social Media Strategist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Media Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's truly savvy in both traditional media strategy and in terms of navigating the social media world.
He was the clear leader in providing John with an effective social media presence and social media monitoring.
I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a presenter for social media.
Now he has set me on my way building better with the use of social media.
He was impressive in his presentation on the realities of social media.
He is also an accomplished speaker on self publishing and social media.
What's more, he's a superior social media strategist and teacher.
He is among the pioneer advocates using social media for advocacy to raise awareness on social issues.
You want him on your team as you look to leverage social media.
I suggest you use him for all your media needs from radio to internet to social media campaigns, he never disappoints.
John is an excellent strategist with vast knowledge and insights of today's social media.
As a social media strategist his work was insightful and results oriented.
He knows social media inside out and constantly comes up with creative ideas to drive social conversations.
John is a brilliant social strategist who understands how to work across social media channels to optimize for objectives.
John is very approachable and is always willing to help with my social media strategies and questions.
John is always sharing what he knows to help us move forward with our social media strategies.
He has opened up new opportunities for our company through social media and we are so grateful.
But he has taken his expertise and enthusiasm to the next level when it comes to social media.
I appreciate the way he thinks about social media and his perspective is always on point.
I can highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their social media strategies.
His strategy was just what we need to reach the right audiences via social media.
We had no social media strategy when he started, now we're one of the best.
John provided me with excellent advice on my social media strategy.
He also provides clear strategies for using social media effectively.
John's social media insights and strategies are second to none.
I now stay in touch via social media and by following his music.
John is your go to boy for all things related to social media.
John is an accomplished social media strategist with a keen and creative mind.
He is also the first person to report on new social media trends, and provides great insights regarding the social media world.
I would, without any hesitation, recommend him for any kind of social media service, but especially in terms of social media strategy.
John's knowledge around social media and social networking is invaluable.
John knows social media and was highly effective at getting me over some of my initial concerns while building excitement in me regarding the potential impact of social media if used properly.
John is a social media evangelist and experienced presenter, able to effectively spread the word on the value of social media and ignite enthusiasm.
John is a gifted coach, strategist, and social media influencer.
He's a natural strategist and a huge social media enthusiast and tech evangelist.
He stayed current on the latest in social media trends and implemented that knowledge into our own social media strategy.
John has handled the social media for not only my company, but for several of our clients.
He knows all the social media platforms and how to navigate them for his clients.
John has also helped out with delivering social media campaigns for us.
I highly recommend seeking him out for your social media campaigns.
John has been the driving force behind our social media strategy.
His passion and knowledge of the new media space comes from years of experience in social media.
He did a great job in helping to define social media and also social bartending for our company.
He is always trying new things and working out the best way to leverage social media for his company.
Very knowledgeable and he is able to advise on how to make the most of social media.
John is passionate about social media and it shows in his work.
John is way ahead of the curve on networking and social media.
He even shares some of the tricks of the trade to help you and that will transform how you use social media.
I gained new understanding of how to effectively use social media from his presentation.
His presentation provided useful examples and suggestions to help social media novices.
He used just about every form of social media and streams to speak with the audience.
John is a brilliant presenter and really knows his stuff regarding social media.
He turned many skeptics into social media converts by the end of his presentation.
John is a very determined, and focus individual when it comes to social media.
John presented his social media workshop with clarity and expertise.
John has his finger on the pulse of the social sphere and he's adept and savvy in all things social media related.
Prior to his leadership, the company had little to no social media plan.
John is one of those rare individuals who gives the word 'social' as to 'social media' real meaning.
John is a knowledgeable social media strategist who clearly understands its impacts and values.
John has stood out with many innovative approaches, particularly in the area of social media.