Social Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a great friend and leader.
It was great to work with John for some years.
He is the definition of a great man.
He has great potential and he is great to work with.
He had great attendance and was always on time.
He is thorough and great to work with.
He has always done great work for me.
He is always willing to help and he is great to work with.
Hard working, passionate, and a great friend.
He answers all questions quickly and concisely.
He answered my questions carefully and thoroughly.
It's always enjoyable reading his work.
He makes you feel like a friend you have known for years and can always count on when you need help or have any questions because there is no doubt he knows what he is doing.
He answered all of my questions, allowed me to make tweaks and did so in a timely manner.
He always tried to find the best solution and answered all questions and requests very fast.
He will be a forever friend with us too.
He will find a way when others would have given up.
He did this in a very promptly and without question.
He is a great team member, great to work with and a great addition to any team.
He is a great asset to any work environment.
He is a great guy to work with.
He is a great guy to work with and if you don't come out energized after an encounter with him you should ask yourself some very fundamental questions.
Mix that with a great sense of humour and an ability to make you feel welcome and you'll find he is a great friend to have.
He makes himself available as much as possible to answer questions and provide feedback.
He is a great college.
He is a valued partner and a great friend when you need his support.
John has been a great help over the years.
He's a great maintainer of entrusted IT systems.
He always has time to answer questions and goes the extra mile to assist in anyway he can.
He has the passion of reading, writing and creative expression - both in and out of the classroom.
He went above and beyond to help us with our mortgage for our first home.
He's great to work with and can tackle any challenge.
He is great fun to work with.
He is a great guy to work with.
He goes about this by asking questions, then really listening to the answers.
Feel free to contact me if you might have any questions.
It's always a great pleasure to do any work for him.
He is a joy to work with and became my trusted friend.
He is also a man of great integrity.
He is a great advisor, board member, and friend.
He is a great friend to know at any time.
He also took the time to answer everyone's questions.
He always finds a way to get it done well and done on time.
He is able to answer any question that arises, and if he doesn't have the answer, he will do everything he can to make sure that the answer is found quickly.
He has been a great friend and mentor to me over the years.
He is definitely a Master at asking questions (and great questions.
He is always there to answer my many questions, and working with him is a pleasure.
He is not just great at writing copy, but he also has a great presence about him.
He really, really, gets 'social'.
Throughout the years working together we also have become friends.
To see him work makes you feel you can do it as well.
He has a great overview of what is going on, and knows how to prioritize the work to be done.
He is a great mentor and a great partner.
We've been working together for more than a year and all this time I had a feeling that we worked before many years.
It has been great working with John over the years.
It was great to work with John for two years.
He is also great to work with and a great team player.
He is always in a great mood and makes you feel comfortable.
During our times working together John has not only been a great assistant, but a great co-worker in other positions and a great friend.
He was great to work for, he saw my talents and let me use it in my work.
His technical abilities are only second to his social skills.
He has exceptional analytical/quantitative and social skills.
John has a high degree of friendly persuasion skills as well as social skills.
He also has strong photography and internet skills, including social networking/blogging skills.
He has superb communication, social skills, and leadership skills.
He also possesses decent oratory and social skills besides excellent motivational skills.
And maybe most important of all, he himself has great social skills.
Although socially very skilled, he's never manipulative or pleasing - you always know where he stands.
Clients not only love him for his amazing social skills, but also because he gets results.
Because he's also got the social and managerial skills, he usually gets what he aims for.
His social skills and his dedication to whatever he does are of amazing calibre.
John has high social skills and is always interested in new challenges.
John's strength is his social skill-he knows and is loved by everyone.
His social skills are remarkable and very much needed for his position.
John social skills are very high, always positive and encouraging.
He gets on with everyone in the company due to his good social skills.
His leadership skills and involvement in social cause is commendable.
John is very dedicated, very punctual and has superb social skills.
At the same time, he is always friendly and has great social skills.
Furthermore, he possesses social skills and makes friends easily.
Having a multicultural background, he has excellent social skills.
Finally, his social skills are highly appreciated in our group.
He has good social skills that are essential to each employee.
He brought great organizational skills, consistent follow though and better than average social skills.
John has excellent communication and leadership skills, along with tremendous social skills.
His communication skills are fine-tuned, and his social skills are exceptional.
His social skills, especially listening, make him know what other people want.
Among them, his social interaction skills are the ones you notice first.
His social and people skills are first class, because it comes natural.
Moreover, he has very good social skill and is highly self-motivated.
He has excellent social skills and he knows how to handle people.
His social skills to deal with students from different cultures.
Especially empathy and social competency are his main skills.
Our company good in social Networking and presentation skills.
His skills and knowledge is outstanding and his good social skills are rare within this environment.
He is also excellent at his job, as he has superior social skills.
His very good social skills and his procurement skills are giving him the option to be successful.
This, besides just proving that he has good social skills, also shows that he will always do his very best.
His organizational and social skills are above the norm which is why he was selected for the position.
He inspires all of his colleagues to take their social selling skills to the next level.
Him social and leadership skills were clearly evident in his class, even at that time.
He brings serious social skills to the table that were valuable to us at Betfair
His persistence and social skills contribute well to his leadership abilities.
Working with him has been a pleasure, as his social skills are very good too.
His leadership and organizational and social skills impressed him repeatedly.
John's skills also extend into the social media/promotional side of film.
His dedication coupled with his social skills is destined for success.
He adapted his methods to the social environment with great skill.
He also has excellent social skills: modest, kind and empathetic.
With his beautiful social skills he moves easily an any situation.
John is calm, purposeful, structured and very socially skilled.
His retention, visualization, and social skills are exemplary.
His sense of humor and social skills was much appreciated not only by him, but by many others at our company.
The fact he is half our company may go some way to explain his fantastic social skills.
His social skills can and should be leveraged with any social media efforts you have underway.
John would be an asset to any team, thanks to him social and soft skills.
He impressed him again with his energy and great social skills.
He owns more social skill than most, and can find something to relate to in nearly everyone.
He got very good reasoning skills and used to socialize easily with peoples.
He always treats people with respect and has outstanding social skills.
Undoubtedly mentoring and social skills are also in his bones deep down.
In addition, he demonstrates great social and leadership skills.
As a student, he exhibited social skills well beyond his years.
His social skills are amazing, so he can fit into any situation.
Above all he is a wonderful human being with enormous social skills.
John uses his structural way and motivate people with his social skills.
John knows about social selling, but is also a social seller to the core.
He also has the social skills to come back around and explain the concept in a different way to make it accessible to just about anyone.
This together with his social skills and positive attitude makes him wanna recommend him.
Not to mention his social skills, he easily makes contact with everyone surrounded him.
Hamit also has great social skills, he listens to others and openly discuss matters.
His social skills give him ability to clarify every situation where he ends up.
His humour, social skills and good spirits are also an asset to any workplace.
He has strong social skills and is excellent at quickly establishing rapport.
In addition, his social skills are something that sets him apart in a big way.
Also, his humor and social skill make it nice to have a cooperation with him.
In addition, he has very great cross-cultural awareness and social skills.
His social skills are also a shining attribute to his amazing character.
John happens to have a great sense of humor and excellent social skills.
John's honesty and strong social skills can disarm any climate skeptic.
He has a very good balance between social skills and professional ones.
His social skill and intelligence will assure his ongoing success.
Our company to this John has large social skills and there's always moments for a laugh.
His experience and social skills allow him to become, literally, the customer's best friend.
He has excellent social skills, was very good with customers and got things done.
Furthermore, he is generally accepted thanks to his refined social skills.
His social skills make him persona grata to both colleagues and clients.
John's social skills are astounding in and out of the office.
Besides this, he is a great team player and his social skills are just excellent.
Him humour and social skills make the workload seem easier for the teams.