Social Studies Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Social Studies Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was very good at studies and brilliant in the eyes of the teachers.
He is very friendly, always willing to help others and an excellent teacher.
John is an excellent teacher, on the forefront of social media.
John is one of the most gifted yoga teachers you could ever hope to study with.
His great - great at what the does, passionate about social and up to date - great teacher of new things.
John was one of my primary teachers of social media and has always been willing to help others.
John was unbelievably dedicated and focused on his studies while being very well rounded socially.
He's the kind of teacher you look forward to, on Monday classes.
What is not commonly known is that he is also a gifted teacher.
He is also one of the great teachers in the selling profession.
He is an extraordinary teacher who stood out among his peers.
He's been always smart, energetic, enthusiastic in study and social activities.
Besides, he is known for his integrity and his social commitment.
He is also an excellent teacher and very clever when it comes to the psychology behind selling.
He was one of those teachers that makes a difference, the kind you never forget.
John is extremely diligent and hardworking and is an excellent teacher.
John is an exceptional teacher and has the gifted ability to inspire.
Not only he's a great teacher but also very approachable & friendly.
He was a kind teacher, went at my pace and made it understandable.
John is an energetic, inspiring and thought provoking teacher.
We also did bible study together & he was the administrator to our bible study teacher.
After completing his studies, we are looking forward to his return.
He studies his guests so that he can ask just the right questions.
Along with being very persistent in completing his own studies.
He was always meticulous and precise while doing his studies.
John is a very organized teacher who knows his topic inside and out.
He is also an effective teacher and a compassionate volunteer.