Soft Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Soft Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

As far as soft skills go, his client skills are very good.
John has great technical skills and also soft skills.
I always admire his technical skills and soft skills.
His soft skills allow him to get the best out of people.
But what makes the difference with him: his soft skills.
He has so many soft skills that just can't be taught.
I have never seen someone with such great soft skills.
Especially looking into the soft skills was very important since technical skills you can always teach.
Although he had great technical skills, but what really stood out about him were his soft skills.
John has very good technical skills, but his soft skills are what made the difference.
The best professional with excellent leadership skills and best soft skills.
The shift has seen an emphasis placed on technical skills over soft skills.
He is equipped with technical skill as well as prominent in his soft skill.
I highly recommend him for both his technical skills and his soft skills.
He has not only tremendous technical skills, but also great soft skills.
He has very good soft skills that complement his programming skills.
He is clearly skilled in the art of communication and soft-skills.
His soft skills compliment his strategic and technical skills.
Of all John's skills, the strongest are his soft skills with people.
Besides his technical skills, John has incredible soft skills.
Besides technical skills, his soft skills are well developed.
His organizational skills, problem solving skills and soft skills were an asset to the team.
His people skills and "soft skills" have been of the highest quality.
He's willing to learn the necessary soft skills that can help him in his work.
Many 'soft' skills that no other course could effectively deliver.
Beyond that, he is an impressive soft skill who has always resulted.
He opened my eyes to how much more we can do with the soft skills.
He was able to help me on both technical and soft skills.
I was truly impressed with his knowledge and soft skills.
I was quite impressed by his technical and soft skills.
John has amazed me over the years with his soft-skills.
I found him "soft" skills to be among his main assets.
He has excellent soft-skills and is always optimistic.
He has the right balance of technical and soft skills.
He comes with immense skills, both soft and analytics.
He has excelled in his programming and soft skills.
Well balanced skills both within soft- and hardware.
However, for me, the real value of John is in his soft skills.
But probably the greatest thing about John are his soft skills.
Excelent at all levels (technical and soft skills).
John took time to understand our needs with regard not only to hard skills, but also soft skills we were looking for.
His technical skills are more than proficient but his "soft skills" and his leadership are invaluable.
Besides, he has the excellent graphic capability both in terms of the skill as well as the soft skill.
John has great technical skills, but perhaps even more important are his excellent soft skills.
He understood that soft skills are just as important, if not more, than someone's hard skills.
John has both the hard skills and the soft skills to lead and inspire those around him.
John has great skills technically as well as his soft skills with customers and peers.
Excellent soft skills, strong interpersonal skills would make him an asset to any team.
He sets the bar for excellence not only regarding technical skill, but soft skills.
John is a great salesman because he has all the hard skills and the soft skills.
John's one of those rare people with the hard-skills and soft-skills to lead.
John's communication skills and overall soft skills are as good as they get.
High professionalism, wide technical skills and excellent soft skills.
He continued to learn and grow both his hard skills and soft skills.
He has a good combination of soft skill and technical skill.
Definitely, I will recommend him for his exceptional technical skill and especially his soft-skill.
John is one of those unique engineers that has soft skills as well as technical skills.
His skill set is broad, both technical and soft skills based, and he applied these skills well and appropriately.
John was my coach for three months to help me in my soft skills.
John has excellent soft skills, and these skills allow him to build brilliant teams.
However, what separates him from the others is the soft skills.
In particular, he would take time to show him how to do better, especially when it came to "soft" skills.
But the thing that stands out above all else is actually his amazing "soft skills".
Coupled with his soft skills, he will be an asset to any organisation.
However, it is him soft skills that have always impressed him most.
The soft skills he showed him to be more understanding.
John's cybersecurity skills are top notch, but it's his soft-skills that set him apart.
John has superior leadership skills, but more importantly, he has the soft skills to get the very best out of his team.
However, don't let that fool you, because his "soft" skills are equally excellent.
John possesses soft skills that most of us could only imagine and wish to possess.
He has a great soft skill and he is very much available to help the others.
His commitment together with his expertise and soft skills are outstanding.
His soft skills are one of the factors that differentiates him from others.
Personally, he is approachable, highly skilled and is soft at heart.
This soft skill of his is unique and definitely worth highlighting.
John's soft-skills and polish are something to be emulated by all.
His 'soft skills' were admired by all but not attainable by most.
His great soft-skills are certainly one of his biggest advantages.
John's soft skills are as outstanding as his leadership ones.
He is soft spoken as well as having skill to tackle any issues.
Hard skills can often be taught, but self-taught soft skills are unexpected clinchers, which he often emphasizes on.
He blends, in a unique and effective way, command skills, intelligence and soft skills.
His soft skills are what really sets the bar for others to compare.
John`s soft skills were second to none and he always had a great attitude to everything he has done.
John's soft skills are an attribute that continues to make him stand out from the crowd.
He continues to do very well subsequently and has enhanced his soft skills considerably.
In his experience, it is the soft skills that separate the good from the great.
This was possible thanks to his excellent soft skills and structured approach.
Also, he is good with soft skills and know how to troubleshoot a complex issue
John conducted some soft skills workshops with his company recently.
He helped him improve his soft skills and guided him through the journey.
His soft skills are further enhanced by his international experience.
He has the soft skills that are rare in subject matter experts.
John is very smart and have a very balanced set of soft skills.
He has extensive our company experience and great soft skills.
For he brings not only great skills and passion, he brings a plethora of soft skills to boot.
However, it is his soft skills which mark him out from the average resource, .
John also possesses the soft skills to get along in any team environment.
He can be direct and soft, and has the skills and the wisdom to use them in perfect harmony.
He also shared many useful skills and micro soft tools for us.
His capability of knowing the necessary skill sets required, including soft skills made his job much easier.
He's been tough when he needs to be and soft when it is appropriate.
He is soft spoken, but those who know him well know to listen.