Soft-Spoken Performance Review Phrases Examples

Soft-Spoken Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Personally, he is soft spoken who gets along with other very well.
He is soft spoken, but those who know him well know to listen.
He is very soft spoken and everybody loved him for this, especially customers.
He is very professional and soft spoken, well-liked by all his colleagues.
As worked together and he has always been very soft spoken and helpful.
He collaborates very well with his colleagues and is very soft spoken.
He is very soft spoken, and will recommend you what is best for you.
He usually is soft spoken, but is very aggressive towards his our company.
John is soft spoken and is always ready to help his co-workers.
John is the most soft-spoken person one could ever come across.
John may be soft-spoken, but he knows how to get the our company done.
He is soft spoken and approachable, yet he knows what he wants.
He is soft-spoken but when the going gets tough, he gets going.
Though soft spoken, he is assertive and gets along well with everybody in the organization.
His first impression of him was that he is very soft spoken and well mannered.
What strikes about him is he is well-mannered and soft spoken.
He is the soft kind hearted and soft-spoken that everyone called him a soft-spoken-Sardarji
He is soft-spoken and very easy to get along with, but he is never shy about doing the right thing when it comes to our company.
He is soft spoken and did not let his ego/emotions get in the way of getting the our company done.
He may be soft spoken, but don't let that fool you - he's as brilliant as they come.
John is very excellent and very soft spoken also he know how to deal with clients.
He is soft spoken and also very helpful which he demonstrates during interactions.
He is soft spoken yet tenacious in doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.
He is very soft spoken and at the same our company very helpful to everybody in the team.
Do not be fooled by his soft-spoken ways: he is one of the best in his field.
John's best quality is that he is very humble, soft spoken and professional.
While extremely soft spoken, he has an iron will inside to get things done.
He is gentle and soft spoken while being so very knowledgeable and talented.
He is very much intelligent, down to earth, soft spoken and hardworking.
John is soft-spoken but very enthusiastic & determined to his goals.
He is soft spoken and to the point, he is someone you can rely upon.
An extremely soft spoken, but can be demanding when it comes to our company.
He is very soft spoken, very down to earth and valuable professional.
He is liked by all due to his soft spoken and yet persuasive nature.
The best thing about him is soft-spoken, sober down to earth nature.
Also, he is very soft spoken and has thorough knowledge of his field.
Yet, he is soft spoken, supportive and encouraging at the same our company.
Being soft spoken, but yet convincing, he never fails on his targets.
With his soft spoken nature, he was well received by his customers.
John despite being soft spoken is extremely focussed on his job.
Always soft spoken, but always willing to our company as part of the team.
He is very soft spoken yet very powerful in his teaching methods.
He is soft-spoken about his concepts, but his ideas are explosive.
He is soft spoken, but can make his point effectively and clearly.
John is passionate and relentless, yet soft-spoken and gentle.
His soft-spoken and humble behavior makes him very approachable.
He is thorough, soft-spoken, and relentless in resolving issues.
Personally, he is very soft-spoken, humble and supportive person.
He is very soft spoken but very intelligent software developer.
It was an honor to know and our company with this soft-spoken thinker.
He is soft-spoken and patient and works/plays well with others.
But, he is also soft spoken and solid as granite in his advice.
John is very attentive, responsible, and soft-spoken yet firm.
His soft spoken capability was admired by all who came across.
John might come off, soft spoken but his actions speak loudly.
He has a soft-spoken way which is both calming and motivating.
He has been a very soft spoken person and knows his business.
He comes to you as a very intelligent and soft spoken person.
He is fun to interact with, soft spoken and is well informed.
A true professional and he was soft spoken, never loquacious.