Software Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He has a profound understanding of software development, so he knows exactly what employers need and what our developers are looking for, and he can efficiently match the two.
John is the godfather of agile methodology in software development.
He is adept at many agile software development methodologies.
John is also adept at giving demonstrations of the software he developed.
I recommend him to anyone looking for a new job within software development.
He would definitely add value to any software development team.
He was on my software development team for most of those years.
John is able to develop useful software because he knows his audience so well.
John has extensive experience in all aspects of software development.
He has applied that creativity to develop software solutions that have eluded much more experienced developers.
As an experienced and a very learned developer, he would also show me the tricks and best practices of software development.
John has always been a thoughtful, insightful and motivated software developer.
He was responsible for establishing best practices around software development.
I would consider him an asset for virtually any type of software development.
John had a strong vision to help software developers better do their jobs.
John has a deep understanding of software development fundamentals so he would be an asset to any development team.
His contributions to our team and the development of our software were excellent.
I'd be honored to have him on my software development team anytime.
He is an extremely competent and intelligent software developer.
John is a software developer with a very wide range of knowledges and experience.
His energy, enthusiasm and passion for software development is infectious.
John exemplifies the consummate software development professional.
John's approach to software development was often not taking the 'quick and easy' route yet developing a complete solution.
John is an agile evangelist and one of the best experts on agile software development.
He is proficient in developing software for a multitude of applications.
John's supervision accelerated my improvement as a software developer.
John has a very good expertise not only on software development but also on standards and concepts of software quality.
First of all he is a person familiarized with software development.
John was instrumental in the development of key modules for our software platform.
His years in software development truly provide perspective on the latest trends.
John hired our firm to provide software architecture and development.
He is extremely well experienced, but also open minded when it comes to new algorithms and software development methods.
He is able to abstract his thoughts into a principled approach to software development.
He has a passion and enthusiasm for his role in the software development life cycle.
John is an excellent software developer who writes solid, clean code.
Prior to joining his team, my career had been in software development.
John has a wealth of experience over many software platforms and development techniques.
His enthusiasm and energy promoted the development of qualified software.
He is an enthusiastic statistician who loves the power of software development and the manipulation of numbers.
John is at least competent but more likely an expert in anything even remotely related to software development.
John as we all referred him as was instrumental in launching my career in software development.
John comes with high recommendations as a software developer and all around good guy.
He did not limit himself by pure software development, but always thought about algorithm improvement.
John company interested in improving its software development should hire him.
He is highly recommended for serious software and web development assignment.
He is a Rockstar developer, but aside from his exceptional grasp of software development he is a really trustworthy person.
He is well organized and personable with an obvious passion for software development.
I learned a lot from his in-depth expertise in software development.
He even took the time to help me learn how to use the software.
John will quickly rise to the top of any software development team, as he did on ours.
John is a valuable addition to any team of software developers.
He mastered several development tools in a fraction of time that other competent software developers took.
He is adept at the entire software development cycle in a high-pressure, rapid development environment.
The John software development institution will benefit from his experience and drive.
He is always up to date on the most current developments and discussions in a constantly changing world of software development tools.
John has a deep understanding of mobile/telecom, software development tools and environments.
I did (and still do) aspire to attain his level of proficiency with software development.
He had a passion for design and development of enterprise software.
John possesses a natural leadership that comes from years of software development experience.
John's software development expertise and knowledge are undeniable and can speak for itself.