Software Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is not only a first-rate developer, he is interested in the process of software development.
John is a passionate manager of the software development process.
He did an outstanding job leading and managing the software development department to develop and enhance mission-critical software.
He is developing what should become the leading groundwater management software for hydrogeologists.
I would recommend him as a development manager for sophisticated and highly complex software system development.
He was great at managing the software development schedules and intercepting outside distractions.
John has the experience at all levels of software development and management to make the right decisions.
John managed a number of software development efforts when he was on my team.
He is a talented, innovative and responsible software development manager.
His rich knowledge of software development process taught me a lot and help me in my software development career.
John is very strong in software development, telecom protocols and configuration management.
He has strong technical and management background in software development.
John can hold his own against any developer, he manages, and that earns him the kind of respect from his employees that is usually very hard to come by in software development teams.
John has successfully managed software development teams both locally and globally.
He managed teams of in-house and outsourced software developers.
He can see the big picture, as well as the little details of software development.
John managed the program of developing software for my teams.
He has been instrumental in helping develop roles and responsibilities around software development as well as project management.
In addition to software development, he also advances himself in project management.
John is both an outstanding software developer and an excellent project manager.
His approach to leadership, management, project management, and software development is unrivalled in my eyes.
He was a head-down, get-the-job-done, experienced software development manager.
He is a good fit as either a software project manager or software developer.
I would highly recommend him and he would be a great hire to any software development and management job.
John is unique in the aspect that he is both an excellent software developer and a great manager of people.
He is extremely versatile, understanding all aspects of software development and team management.
John has exceptional experience in management and development.
John is a motivated and experienced software developer and manager which any organization would be lucky to have.
As someone who was a developer himself for many years, he has an opinion on the development of software, methodology wise, architectural wise, even down to configuration management.
He is well skilled, knows almost everything about software development and software in general.
John is an outstanding, well rounded, dedicated software development manager who was very effective in his role as leader of our offshore development.
John has had a huge impact on me and my idea of what defines a good software development manager.
His dedication and effectiveness make him a highly appreciated software development group manager.
He is quite intelligent and managed to keep up with all the high tech in the world of software development.
His past experience in development provides him with useful experience to apply to project management of software development.
John managed the software development team for our residential gateway solution.
He makes sure whatever software development is of outstanding quality.
He was a contributor to the software development in addition to his management of the team and tasks.
John was a detailed, methodical and meticulous software developer.
Beyond his wealth of experience in software development, he is a warm, honest, and open manager.
John excels at both the people & process management aspects of software development.
He has also been responsible for the selection and management of a variety of suppliers including third party software developers.
First, he's a vast reservoir of knowledge about software development.
He has a very friendly and effective management style that complements his knowledge of software development.
He has a vast knowledge of software development and excelled in managing all aspects of it.
John helped us to understand changes we could make to our software development lifecycle that would result in higher quality software.
He took his role as manager very seriously not only in developing great software and process improvement, but also in the realm of employee development.
He is one of those rare people that can both manage teams as well as develop software along side them.
He is very conscientious and efficient and made an excellent lead for all the software developers who were managed by him.
John is a highly competent manager with extensive expertise in software architecture and development.
He managed development personnel and multiple vendors to deliver software on schedule.
John has a practical approach to software development life cycle management.
John was instrumental in software architecture and communication with developers and upper management.
John has also demonstrated success managing geographically distributed software development and managing vendor relationships.
He is a seasoned software developer - old-style hacker, he also is a great manager who creates effective development teams.
John was instrumental in the development and management of an innovative software platform for one of our largest clients.
John is highly proficient in the areas of people management, project management, release management and software development.
His abilities extend beyond software development and into other important areas such as build management.
John has worked for me for many years and is an excellent software development manager and project manager.
As a software developer, he is among the best in any language on any platform and in managing and building a team of developers.