Software Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John is an amazing software engineer, and an outstanding software engineering architect.

John is very knowledgeable in software engineering.

I think that he will be a better software engineering.

He has been the best software engineer of the team.

He is not just an excellent software engineer, but has an extensive command of the mathematics and science that should go into software engineering.

John is extremely talented and passionate software engineer with thorough knowledge in software engineering from inside and out.

John is a very capable software architect and software engineer.

John is an excellent software engineer, and is always willing to take on new initiatives.

John is just one of those software engineers that you never have to worry about.

This is what sets him apart from many software engineers that are only technical.

John possesses an ability to make others around him better software engineers.

John did all this while also being an active software engineer on the team.

John is the benchmark by which all software engineers should be measured.

I believe he has an excellent reputation among the software engineers.

John was one of our brightest and most innovative software engineers.

John was one of the first and key software engineers at the company.

He's thoroughly experienced with the software engineering process.

I would like to recommend him as an excellent software engineer.

John's leadership of our software engineering was excellent.

John is an outstanding software professional and engineer.

John is one of those rare software engineering geniuses.

He was very good and we brought him on as a software engineer.

John is an enthusiastic and diligent software engineer.

John is an extremely strong all around software engineer.

John is an exemplary software engineer and professional.

John is an excellent engineer and software programmer.

John is truly an "out of the box" software engineer.

The practice of software engineering is still immature.

He has the capability to lead other software engineers.

John is the consummate professional software engineer.

Goal oriented software engineer who can be trusted.

John was the best software engineering that our company has ever employed.

Because of his interest in software engineering John is a great link from software engineering teams to network/system engineering teams.

John was our lead engineer for the software product.

John is a brilliant software engineer, arguably the best software engineer I have worked with.

John is one of the best software engineers I have come across with strong software engineering skills.

I not only know him as a talented software engineer but also as an entrepreneur and software delivery expert.

John is a very strong software engineer who can work up and down the software stack.

He also has training in software engineering and can uniquely straddle both the science and engineering with finesse.

John's technical qualifications in all things having to do with engineering software are outstanding.

He has always kept his best to get from the software engineering team all his customer requirements.

I can't recommend him enough if you need a software engineer for anything you could think of.

If you're looking for a software engineer who you can always count on, look no further.

John is everything one looks for in an engineer at today's growing software companies.

I would recommend him to any employer looking to get an experienced software engineer.

He is an exceptional software engineer that gets things done quickly and efficiently.

He will be my first recommendation to any software engineer looking for a new job.

John time and again demonstrated that he was an exceptional software engineer.

John is the quintessential researcher in the field of software engineering.

John demonstrated to me the discipline of practicing software engineering.

He is having breadth of experience in all aspects of software engineering.

John keeps up with current software engineering standards and techniques.

Together we want to get the gridshore software engineering concept going.

A conscientious software engineer who always met all of his deliverables.

He continuously follows the best software engineer practices and patters.

I'd definitely recommend him for the position of lead software engineer.

We are all very capable software engineers, but were considered cast-offs.

I particularly enjoyed his lightweight approach to software engineering.

Any software company would be lucky to have him on the engineering team.

John has always been an elite level software engineer and trainer/mentor.