Software Engineering Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Engineering Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is detailed-oriented manager who always knows every aspect of software and software licenses.
John is both an excellent technical manager and software engineer.
John is a very talented software engineer and people manager.
He managed all aspects of the software and provided guidance to all engineers on the team.
John is the kind of manager that restores faith in the concept of engineering management.
John is an excellent engineering manager with a long background in hands-on software engineering in a range of sectors.
His drive to learn as much as possible about managing software engineers was impressive and resulted in a cohesive software group.
As my manager, his passion and ideas inspired me to become a better mobile software engineer.
Him role shifted from someone that worked as an engineer for someone that managed engineers.
John has a unique management style that fosters innovation in a way that brings out the best in software engineers.
He has really matured in his career going from a software engineer to a trusted manager.
Upper management here was always been pleased with his performance and he presented awards for his work when he was the software engineering manager.
John is highly professional manager and great software engineer at the same time.
John is a self motivated and highly competent software engineer.
He has also taken over the management and validation of our software localization efforts.
John was an energetic and highly motivated engineering manager.
John brings competence, not only in software engineering management, but in the creation and maintenance of highly functional software engineering teams.
John is an exceptional manager who is very knowledgeable about software metrics.
John was constantly managing many software installations at once.
He understands in-depth both engineering and people management.
John was not only a great engineering manager, but also a very successful people manager.
When he joined the organization, it was just a small group of software engineers managed from abroad.
John is the software engineer, you wish you could bring with you to every company you work for.
John is a hard working software engineer and always ready to take on new challenges.
He is very strong in software engineering, pursuit management, management of large outsourcing deals and process design/definition.
I strongly recommend him for a software lead or software engineering program management position.
Have seen him excel in several roles, especially - program management, software engineering and product management.
He has an excellent balance of both software engineering and team leadership.
I was impressed by how well he juggled these while managing both engineers and product managers.
Project management and software testing are disciplines, some of his fortes.
His management and executive skills can outrun many software engineers and managers.
John was the only engineering manager willing to share with me the how broken localization was at the company.
John found a way to balance hands-on software architecture and engineering, while mentoring and managing teams of engineers.
John's knowledge of software asset management is second to none.
He is an outstanding engineer and manager and has the utmost integrity.
When he became the head of engineering, he had to manage people.
He is detail oriented, innovative and reliable software engineer.
John is highly respected by his peers, both engineer and manager alike.
Not only does he have a thorough understanding of mathematics, engineering, and software - but he has the ability to teach these topics to senior level engineers and engineering managers.
He has proved himself as a professional software engineer, smart manager and responsive colleague.
John knows his way around all aspects of space planning, management and engineering.
John is without doubt the go to person for software licensing and software asset management expertise.
His style suits today's software engineer very well, and his ability to motivate is second to none.
We have interacted many times since then and am familiar with his capabilities as an engineer and manager.
John worked in the software test area, initially as an engineer and then as the manager.
John breaks the paradigm of engineering management at some mature tech companies.
In his time as software manager, he brought order to the insanity.
John is an excellent software engineer with great work, discipline and vision.
John is a mature software engineer with consistent enthusiasm to work.
John is one of those gifted and versatile managers not all new grad software engineers like me get the opportunity to work with.
John is a very smart engineer with relentless creativity troubleshooting software issues.
John consistently demonstrated extraordinary effectiveness as a leader, manager, and software engineer.
He is always available to his engineers and managers and is able to provide appropriate guidance if needed.
He understands the complex challenges of the software development/architecture and manages them well.
His expertise allowed us to tackle difficult software engineering problems with a lot more confidence.
John is one of the engineering managers that will stand out among the rest for a long time.
John is an exceptional engineering manager with a "can-do" attitude.