Software Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has a passion for creating software that changes the way that things are typically done in the industry.
John has a great mixture of everything one needs to be successful in the software industry.
John has a passion for the software industry that shines through in everything he does.
He has tremendous insight into the messaging and collaboration software industry.
He is an energetic, positive individual with an abundance of knowledge, not only within the software industry, but other industries as well.
His experience in the software industry has provided him with valuable insights.
John has an impressive understanding of both the healthcare and software industries.
John is truly one of the software industries' foremost innovators and experts.
John has great experience in the homebuilding industry and was always very insightful when seeking software solutions for this industry.
He has a very good understanding of the six sigma methodologies being used in the software industry.
I can highly recommend him for his software industry expertise and his straight forward advice.
He is always on the lookout for better tools and the latest software the industry is using.
He's an enthusiastic and motivating presenter who knows the software industry inside out.
His passion and energy for his position is unmatched in the software industry.
He is a true software professional with excellent knowledge of the software industry.
I would strongly recommend him for any leadership role in the enterprise software industry.
His vision has been to encapsulate his expertise and industry best practices in software.
John is an extremely knowledgeable participant in the entertainment software industry.
John is one of the few people with a deep understanding of the global software industry and how it relies on software localization to grow.
He inspired me to go outside myself to find solutions, and helped me let go of preconceptions of the software industry.
He was up to date on software and hardware needs as well as industry trends that helped keep us in the forefront.
He is one of the few now a days in the software industry who has the big picture approach.
John's continued outstanding performance are what keep him at the top of the software industry.
John has always proven an in-depth understanding of the computer industry far beyond software.
John is an asset for any company who wants to attract and retain the best minds in the software industry.
I feel confident saying he is a subject matter expert in the software industry.
I wish him success in the future as an influential leader in the software industry.
John has an incredible depth of knowledge of the local industry and the interactions between major software industry players.
I would recommend him highly as someone who is very adept in the staffing industry and software evaluations.
He knows the software space and also understands various moving parts and how that may shape the industry.
John has a proven track record as an over achiever in the software industry.
I've been impressed with his professionalism and his wealth of contacts in the software industry.
With his vision, he created a brand new industry segment within the automotive software industry.
He brought me up to speed in software (a new industry for me at the time) amazingly quickly.
He truly understands the software industry and how technology transforms organisations.
John has a unique drive and dedication that is rare to find in the software industry.
His understanding of technology, in specific of the software industry, is exceptional.
I have had the good fortune to work with him, and consider him to be one of the brightest stars in the software industry.
John gave me the opportunity right out of college to work in the software industry.
His feedback was very relevant and very current, which is key, given the dynamic nature of the software industry.
His deep understanding of software applications and quick thinking for solutions makes him apt for the software industry.
John is without doubt one of the best sales managers/directors in the software industry.
In additional to that he has his sharp, dedicated intention to be the next leader of the software industry.
I know him as an individual who is dedicated and deeply driven in making the software industry a success.
John has a very strong grasp on the software industry and knows how to position a deal for success.
John is self-motivation and consistently shown himself to be very knowledgeable of the wireless/mobile and software industry.
John is well respected by colleagues in the organization and known for his depth of software and industry knowledge.
His knowledge of the software industry makes him an asset to any organization.
He brings to his role, many various and deep experiences in the software and hardware industry.
John is an exceptional salesperson and consummate professional in the software industry.
Understands how the software works (and doesn't work) like few others in this industry do.
He is dedicated and passionate about the software industry, especially his work.
I really liked the way he impressed upon how the architecture in software should be influenced from other industry like telecom and aviation.
John has understanding, insights, experience and passion for software 'outsourcing' that only a few have in the industry.
I appreciated the insights he brought to the table from his many years of experience in the software industry.
His knowledge of the industry (and the software solutions therein) is second to none.
If you are looking for a job in the software industry, he is the person to contact.
His vision is not only limited to the software industry - where he is known to be an influencer - but encompasses a way broader scope.
John is well connected in the software industry, he is always working on a wide variety of positions.
John has a strong background in airline software and has extensive knowledge of the industry.
He is particularly valuable in the software space where he knows the players in the industry.
What he does not know about selling software in this industry is not worth knowing.
He knows the software industry very well and will continue to excel in this arena.
John knows so much about the our company, industry and specializes in software.
He came to us from another industry, however, he quickly became familiar with the nuances of the tax software industry.
Now that he's in real estate, the software industry will miss him.
He would be an excellent hire for any software related industry.
The companies he has created and the software solutions he has provided were first in the industry.
He is extremely well-respected in the software solutions industry.
John would do exceedingly well in any field of the software industry.
John also provided each of us with the individual freedom to excel in the competitive software industry.
He has the considerable intellectual capacity required for anyone in the software industry.
Not to mention he was successful prior to entering the software industry.
John's enthusiasm and industry stories about the software make him classes enjoyable.
John's experience in the software industry makes him one of the best at positioning, differentiating, and winning large enterprise software deals.
Something as valuable as his vast knowledge about the software industry.
John understands the industry and how software companies should work.
John is unusual in the software industry in that he is a true mentor.
John continuously amazes him with his depth of knowledge of software, the software industry, and his all round ability to get things done.
John came in to our organization and revolutionized the way we did software.
For this reason, many in the software industry (including him) have depended on him.
He seems to effortlessly stay on top of emerging trends in the software industry.
He has as wealth of software industry experience, which he puts to good use.
He's been a real asset to our company and the entire software industry.
He is an expert in the e-commerce and software industry, well connected, engaged.
John team, especially in the enterprise software industry, would be very fortunate to have him on board.
When it comes to understanding and documenting software, he is definitely a cut above in the industry.
He is well respected by members of the press as well as his peers in the software industry.
He is very knowledgeable of his software as well as the industries that he supports.
John impressed him with his grasp of the software industry and knowledgeable background.
He knows why and how software is written, bought, and deployed.
In doing this he was able to understand the varying needs of different industries and further translate these real world needs into the software.
His understanding and perspective on the dynamics of the software industry and channel participants is second to none.
At the same time he always keeps track of the current in the software industry, and brings new ideas to the table.
His understanding of the software industry, its standards, and its contemporary issues are at once deep and broad.
Coming from a non-software background, he was key in him making the transition from the pharmaceutical industry.
John truly inspired him to realize his potential and gave him the confidence to move up in the software industry.
John is one of the most dedicated, energetic, involved and passionate senior execs in the software industry.
John is a true visionary who pioneered many revolutionary/evolutionary concepts in the software industry.
It is no easy task to keep a finger on the pulse of the software industry but he is quite capable.
He has broad, in-depth international experience, and clearly understands the software industry.
He thinks differently and his experience in the software industry is reflected in his thought.
His experience is grounded in a history of success in the competitive software industry.
Simply put, a real character in the software industry and good at what he does.
John has since left the software industry, he has become an entrepreneur in the custom imprinted products industry.
John's the best in the software industry and all competitors who see his name should "fear" any company he leads.
John knows the outsourcing and software services industry very well.
Customers liked him and he competently used our internal software.
John's ability to think "outside-the-box" and his knowledge in the software industry keep us ahead of the competition.
John quite literally got him started in the software industry and has been an amazing friend and mentor ever since.
He understands the trends in the software industry and uses that knowledge to make an impact for the company.
His insight and know how helped him work through some difficult transitions to the software industry.
John's ability to weed out the posers and hire the closers sets him apart in the software industry.
He also has an excellent knowledge of our company software and can clearly articulate its position in the industry.
John taught him a lot about the gaming industry as well as software our company.
John is well informed of the latest software options available to the healthcare industry.
He keeps up with changes within the industry and knowledgeable of program and software updates.
John encompasses the ever changing our company regulations, the changes in the industry, the equipment and software.
Working with him and learning from him during his initial days in the software industry was a very valuable experience.