Software Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He also has the software management experience to ask wise questions.
What he managed to create (software) was nothing short of genius.
He realizes the intricacies of the complex software such cluster management and high availability software.
John managed software channel relations for him while at our company.
He should be the first guy one should consider in any important software management position.
He excels at everything he does from software, to systems, to manage
John is a very capable software developer and software manager.
He delivers software according to plans and an organized manager.
You would be crazy not to seriously consider him for a software our company management role.
John's passion for his work is exceedingly rare for any manager and certainly for a software manager.
He is the domain resource for the wealth management software.
Not only was he managing software, but also our whole hardware handset line.
He has provided much more than just software; he has managed the process of collaborative excellence.
He has a very good understanding of software management and accepts total responsibility of the program/project he is managing.
Project management and software testing are disciplines, some of his fortes.
He gets the job done, is passionate about great software, and constantly improving software development/project management methodologies.
He worked with his manager to obtain the necessary software and hardware.
John understands the complexities of enterprise software and how to successfully manage those complexities.
His software deals with the issues connected with management institutes and are very effective
In particular, his copyrighted software is a valuable contribution to management of outsourcing.
However, he was much valued for his very practical advice to software delivery/project managers.
John's strong background in software sales/consulting and management paid immediate dividends.
John cares deeply about the user experience when it comes to the software he manages.
Him management and organization, proficiency with current software is also top notch.
John brings a lot of enthusiasm and commitment to software management.
His understanding of the management software competitive landscape is second to none.
He managed to keep all the client software in line and on time.
He's a passionate software (++i anyone?) moving him solidly out of the bozo-manager category, way into the manager-you'd-want-to-have a slot
Along with the team he managed, he was able to truly deliver some outstanding software.
John managed him for several years in a software our company team.
John handles and manages the proprietary software that runs one of areas of responsibility.
He is innovative and on the cutting edge in terms of hardware, software and management.
In his time as software manager, he brought order to the insanity.
John worked with him as a project/account manager for one of our software vendors.
He also has the ability to manage, and ensure the delivery of complex software components.
Our new manager gets assigned to test software and he didn't blink an eyelash.
He not only helps with putting up/down the booth, he manages all the software and volunteers to help with anything that is needed.
He is fully up to speed on the latest software, and he always manages him workflow with an eye on priorities.
He showed him and many others why good managers often are the key ingredient between poor and great software.
He alone created and managed the software structure and architecture that are still in use today.
His no-nonsense approach to software management brought reality to complex organization.
He always managed to deliver complex software modules with good turn around times.
He's shipped complex systems, software and managed services software.