Software Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is one of the project managers who is quick to understand the project and take control.
John is a very capable project manager who is always in control of his projects.
John was excellent at managing the execution of complex software projects.
He's an extremely able project manager of complex software- and internet-service projects.
John is a solid project manager, and has demonstrated the leadership required to manage complex enterprise software implementations throughout the several projects we shared.
He is also an excellent manager of large scale software projects and motivator of people.
John is an excellent trainer in software project management and the results are outstanding.
He was project manager, software trainer and great spirit all at once.
His software is an example to others and his approach towards projects and methodologies as well.
He also had a focus on good software processes and project management.
He successfully kept software off the critical path, and thus did not delay the project deliverables due to software issues.
He also was instrumental in several of our software implementation projects.
He helped with the successful implementation of various software projects.
He is very honest, straight forward and excellent at managing software testing projects.
His experience in software project management and quality management was unanimously recognized.
I wish he worked with me now and enthusiastically recommend him for any software project.
I would be glad to work with him any software project in the future.
John has been the project manager for a software application for a few years now.
He is extremely knowledgeable in z software land and an excellent project manager.
As a project manager, he worked very hard to manage several software trials to successful conclusions.
I would always want to have a techno-manager like him in any software service project.
John is talented both in software development and project management, which makes him valuable especially in demanding projects.
His perspectives on project management and software design were invaluable.
He has managed software projects, quality, resource management etc.
With his special projection software he can show his art on every shape, taking the angle out-of-projection.
He knows in which software projects what are the key points need to be tackled and understand.
John knows software project frameworks inside out, in both traditional and agile settings.
John quiet at first, he will become a key contributor to any software project.
He is thorough, calm and confident, and is very familiar with the best tools for managing agile software projects.
I have worked with him on a number of projects where he was the project manager for software development customer projects.
John was dedicated to his role and demonstrated his commitment through him, project management from start to finish of the project.
John was the project manager for several internal projects dealing with software quality improvement.
John has great experience in areas such as project management and software architecture.
He provided me with software that was vital to the finishing of major projects, but was very humble about it.
He has amazing tenacity when faced with new projects, new software, or impossible deadlines.
He is a great asset to any software design/development project.
John led his firm to deliver software projects for our company with excellence.
John reported directly to the project manager as project controller.
John is a superb creative manager for software projects, especially learning.
His software project life cycle management experience is quite broad and expansive and would be an immediate asset to any software company.
He is very communicative and gives great feedback on all aspects of software projects and software startup companies.
Vy understands the overall purpose of an individual software project and works to make every project that he is involved in a successful.
John knows how to get a facility up-to-speed with project management software; but that isn't the limit of his capability.
He fully understands what works and what doesn't work in managing software projects.
He is the company go-to guy for software architecture questions and projects.
In the last project we were together involved in he used to manage very complicated software development projects with lots of milestones and intricacies.
John continuously managed all his projects to total success consistently which is very rare in software development projects.
John provided innovative solutions to our total software migration/rewrite project.
John is a very polished and bright guy, who really knows software project life cycle management.
His knowledge of best practices in project and people management helps him to lead project teams and software projects.
He manages software projects diligently while encouraging team members to exceed.
His expertise in the software and attention to detail was very beneficial to the projects.
John has recognized knowledge in software licensing and software asset management.
John brought a wealth of software development and project management experience to the class.
He has a multitude of experience managing complex software projects in complex environments.
John is thoroughly professional and diligent in all phases of software projects.
He is always eager to engage in tackling any and every software project, and is ever hungry for new challenges.
John showed the commitment, attitude and aptitude necessary for the success of our software projects.
John was directly responsible for successfully implementing and deploying two software projects.
He can successfully take a software project from requirements all the way to implementation.