Software Qa Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Qa Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John offered me the best possible guidance and made me a better software engineer.
John is the premier authority on all aspects of software engineering.
He will be my first recommendation to any software engineer looking for a new job.
Also, it was very encouraging to see his leadership in following modern software engineering methodologies.
He has been sincere and honest, since the beginning and really understands software engineers.
John is a very competent software engineer that is ready and willing to help where needed.
John came across to me as a proactive, diligent and an enthusiastic software engineer.
John was more than capable of handling any software engineering problem we encountered.
John is that rare breed of software engineers that just knows how to get stuff done.
I recommend him as a software engineer and wish him best of luck in future.
John is a strong software engineer who is not afraid of any problem.
John proved himself to be a dedicated and resilient software engineer.
John is an enthusiastic, energetic, and very bright software engineer.
John possesses deep understanding of the software engineering domain.
He was an excellent software engineer, showing great dedication.
He is a veteran software engineer and comes highly recommended.
John time and again demonstrated that he was an exceptional software engineer.
I find him having lots of ideas and initiatives to better software engineering.
John epitomizes the "engine" in software engineering with his robust analytical and logical intellectual aptitudes.
John is one of those rare individuals that has all the best software engineering traits, but none of the typical weaknesses.
His methodical approach to software engineering was outstanding and served as an example to all those around him.
He showed how meticulous and thorough one should be, when dealing with complex issues in software engineering.
He understands exactly what makes a solid software engineer and he really knows how to connect with them.
Coupling this with his quick problem solving capabilities makes him unique among software engineers.
John is an extremely efficient software engineer with an unbelievable ability to get things done.
I would highly recommend him for any leadership position in the software engineering venue.
I greatly respected his logical and methodical approach to software engineering.
Even then he showed great potential to be a very successful software engineer.
John is an amazingly clever engineer at crafting solid software solutions.
He is a pragmatic software engineer with a multidisciplinary background.
John is a highly experienced, extremely capable software engineer.
He is a text book example of what a software engineer should be.
He is an invaluable asset to any software engineering organization to which he contributes.
John is a very strong software engineer that always has a fresh vision for new tasks.
John is an excellent software engineer, very strong in algorithms, and willing to tackle very tough problems.
John can explain complex software extremely well, and gives excellent input during the engineering phase.
John is an excellent software engineer, displaying exceptional concern for excellence and collaboration.
He would offer tremendous value to anyone looking to fill a software engineering leadership role.
He is a very dynamic individual who is able to straddle both engineering and software with ease.
John is the interesting combination of a gifted wordsmith and solid software engineer.
John is an excellent and very experienced software engineer and a really great guy too.
John is everything one could ask for in a software engineer, curious, modest, methodical and inspired.
He is well organized and his approach to solving software engineering problems is straightforward and efficient.
He is an effective software engineer who is really innovating all while keeping efficiency in mind.
He's a proficient software engineer able to accomplish any task that was required.
He is a top notch software engineer and would be an asset to any organization.
He really listened to my concerns and needs, and helped me find a great software engineering position.
John is a highly capable software engineer, all my questions were answered accurately and quickly.
He was able to find and hire stellar software engineers for any role thrown at him.
He has a solid grasp of software engineering and is a great problem solver.