Software Release Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Release Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John worked for my team managing both software releases and hardware releases.
During his tenure our company delivered software releases on time, with minimal software bugs.
John has always been my sanity check when it comes to a release of software.
He's guided us through numerous successful software releases.
His commitment to creating software that is maintainable and transferable and his flexibility always result in excellent software releases.
During this time he was given many tight deadlines in which to make software releases.
Due to his disciplined approach the software was released on time.
He has also successfully managed other collateral for various releases.
He calmly resolved emergencies and strengthened the role of release management to ensure more stable software releases.
He should be the first guy one should consider in any important software management position.
John has shown himself to be a visionary and enthusiast in management software.
I would recommend him to anyone seeking a fine software manager.
I was always impressed with how few live defects occurred when he managed a major software release.
John tracked the changes and managed the pre-release versions.
John has been very valuable to my organization with regards to managing our software licenses.
John was responsible for overall release planning of all software deliverables.
Always willing to try his hand at anything to get the right results as well him strength in release management.
He can be counted on to provide strong management of all the processes needed to release software and ensure the smooth delivery of software releases.
He is an excellent addition to any organization that wants to release bug free software.
I had to fight like heck to get his manager to release him to me because he was just too good to let go.
John did help me to ramp up quickly in my role as a release manager.
He delivers software according to plans and an organized manager.
His understanding of the management software competitive landscape is second to none.
He's a passionate software (++i anyone?) moving him solidly out of the bozo-manager category, way into the manager-you'd-want-to-have a slot.
He is on site with the team for each critical software release.
He was superb in his attention to detail and overall release management.
He is a solid manager and would be an asset to any game/creative software company.
John is an exceptional manager fully versed in managing telecommunications for a global software company.
He helped us navigate the waters of what is releasable content, when do we release it and how do we release it.
He seems to be able to hang on to his sense of humor regardless of the stress of an upcoming software release.
He was always up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends as well as our own software releases.
John is a talented software architect with expertise in software design/development and managing software teams.
I can't wait to release our next version to see what he comes up with next.
So much so, that he even managed to get an incorrect already-released article amended done swiftly and painlessly.
John is a passionate manager who strives for perfection with every release he does.
John manages to keep track of all of the moving parts required for a successful release, every release.
In addition, he advised on best practices for software configuration management.
I have had the opportunity of working with him in several critical software release phases.
He also handled all changes to this application and managed the quarterly releases as well as emergency releases in between.