Software Test Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Test Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very skilled when it comes to software testing and usability engineering.
His software testing, engineering expertise would be a great asset to any organization.
Overall, he's been an inspiration and an excellent insight into how software testing should be done.
He provided the vision and leadership necessary to go from concept to deliverable, tested software.
He is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about all aspects of software testing.
He has a deep understanding of software testing and the value it can bring.
His ability in his domain of software testing is absolutely remarkable.
John testing skills are amazing, during a very short period of time we had to test the software, he found the most defects in the software than anyone else in the testing team.
John and his team redefined for me who software testers were and what software testing was about.
John has significant experience in different aspects of software testing.
John is an exceptional software testing engineer and team leader.
John did an outstanding job in his role as a software test automation engineer.
He has successfully demonstrated leadership ability in software testing.
He is very attentive to his students, looks like he can answer any question about software testing.
He has great insight into discovering ways to test software that might otherwise be overlooked.
He literally wrote the books, the definitive texts, on software testing.
But he is also very knowledgeable on software automation testing.
John is a very thorough, detailed, and methodical software engineer.
Although he did not have recent software testing experience, he picked it up quickly and was very thorough.
He has plenty of software testing experience, yet he is always ready for new ideas.
He is an expert at testing software and user interfaces in particular.
He has proved to be professional and accurate in software testing.
He and his staff do an outstanding job in software testing and have made our software releases go much, much smoother.
He would thoroughly test the telemetry and help the engineers investigate the problem.
He has an incredible ability to rigorously test software, trying to break it from many, many different points of view.
He leaves no stone unturned when he is testing mission-critical software.
John has always been unselfish with his time in volunteering to foster improvements in the software engineering and testing worlds.
John is a trustworthy software engineer who always gives a fantastic performance.
As a software engineer, he is very capable and focused on detail.
He is responsible, result driven, brilliant and self motivated software engineer.
He fully evaluated our software and tested us in more detail than any other group.
He helped us with testing of our software and provided some very professional and helpful feedback.
John is a very passionate and experienced software testing professional.
If it is possible he will move heaven and earth to show how the software is to be used and under his leadership we were also able to test some plugins that allowed us to backup legacy software.
I know him for many years as a test guru who has motivated many software professionals to take up software testing as a long term career.
He keeps himself up-to date with the latest trends in software testing and guides the team to explore new tools/new ways of testing.
Uncommonly, his engineering proficiency spans hardware and software domains alike.
John's mentoring helped me get my first job as a software engineer.
John is a software engineer having good command in hardware too.
John knows all there is to know about software testing and the organisation, processes and procedures around it.
John was very thorough and had a strong knowledge base of the platforms where he tested software.
His years of software engineering experience have been always evident in the clean, tested, and modular code that he wrote.
His primary function was to test new features and bug fixes, and to perform exploratory testing on our software.
John is passionate at building well tested, self documenting software.
This is a great asset to him in testing software, and in evaluating new solutions.
John is a well-rounded software test engineer; his vast knowledge of the domain goes beyond just platforms, device, form factors and testing tools.
And as a mentor, he showed me how to be a better software engineer and an individual.
He is a great asset as a software engineer and troubleshooter.
He is knowledgeable in all aspects of testing including writing test plans and test procedures.
I later discovered that this was all due to his immense depth of experience and knowledge in software testing.
His business acumen is second to none as a software engineer.
John is an intelligent, dedicated and hardworking software engineer of the highest calibre.
His guidance and insight helped open my eyes to the correct approaches to software testing.
He is very passionate about test engineering and provided a real service to his hardware and software engineering colleagues.
I highly recommend him as a dedicated, excellent engineer in both hardware and software.
He has extensive knowledge of testing and is very adept at ensuring that our software has minimal defects.
When he started with our bureau, we did not a formal software testing process.
His knowledge of software is extensive and he uses it well in determining what needs to be tested and making sure the test cases cover all functionality.
He has constantly coached us with his rich experience in software testing.
In addition to being an outstanding software engineer and a leader, he is a visionary.