Software Testing Performance Review Phrases Examples

Software Testing Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He is passionate about software testing.

Brings forth the best knowledge in testing software and analysis.

I always had great confidence in any software that he tested.

John is committed to the field of software testing.

John has a passion for testing software.

His test plans are thorough and him testing rigorous.

Shows strong interest in areas of software testing, especially automated testing.

John and his team redefined for me who software testers were and what software testing was about.

I would definitely want him in every my software project.

He was able to test our software thoroughly and kept the projects well organized.

He is very detail oriented and knows about all the aspects of software testing.

John is an expert in the field of software and application testing.

People interacting with him can learn in lot about software testing.

John, to me, represents hope for the future of software testing.

He introduced me to the world of regulated software testing.

John is a great thinker and visionary in software testing.

I would highly recommend him in any software testing group.

He and his team did an excellent job testing our software.

John focused on software quality and performance testing.

His software testing expertise is at the highest level.

He is a truly expert in the software testing area.

John is a true software testing craftsman.

I recommend John for any software testing position.

It is clear John is an expert in software testing.

John has an unmatched passion for software testing and QA.

He would make complex test scenarios, do the calculations manually, and test against the results from the software.

John's knowledge of software quality and testing goes beyond the normal views and definition of testing.

John is passionate at building well tested, self documenting software.

John tested software that I and other engineers wrote.

I was responsible for software development and QA testing.

An important part of software quality is the process of testing and validating the software.

John was invaluable in our implementation of our new software.

He was very professional and knowledgeable about the software.

He truly knows computers, software, and the internet.

John is a well-appreciated software professional.

John always recommends him for any software project.

He did all the code for that excellent software.

He's always up-to-date on software and software development processes.

His work has given altogether new direction to software testing.

I worked with John on various software testing projects.

He made recommendations to the client, which, when implemented, allowing the client to better test the software.

Although he did not have recent software testing experience, he picked it up quickly and was very thorough.

Overall, he's been an inspiration and an excellent insight into how software testing should be done.

His professionalism in testing software / hardware thoroughly made him an asset to our team.

He has gotten up to speed very quickly on our software products and on our testing tools.

He understands the complexities of software, hardware and what is involved in testing.

He is a very knowledgeable professional particularly in the area of software testing.

He is always to impart his vast knowledge of banking and software testing.

John is a very passionate and experienced software testing professional.

He was constantly innovating, producing new ways to test our software.

He has strong leadership experience and passion for software testing.

He has a very deep passion for and understanding of software testing.

He would be a valuable addition to any software testing team.

John is a good specialist in software testing area.

He is a great addition to any software test team.

One of the smartest software testing professionals I know.

Under his leadership, test plans and test results have been formalized, and test results are captured for all software releases.