Sound Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sound Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

John was also an excellent sounding board when it came to design.
John is an intensely thorough and fundamentally sound board designer.
I feel lucky to have found him as my favorite sound designer.
John's enthusiasm for audio and sound design was off the charts.
As a sound designer he never failed to offer up some truly unique and wonderful sounds.
He can match up against anyone, doing anything, with sound design, for any application.
He's excellent at sound design and really creates believable environments.
He has an exceptional sense to convert requirements into sound designs.
He is someone that you can go to for advice and know it is going to be sound.
He designs with purpose and can always back up his thoughts and decisions with sound reasoning.
He was initially my sounding board for conceptualizing and designing this study.
John is an outstanding sound designer, with great style and panache that sings through all the sound he creates.
I'm definitely a better sound designer having worked with him.
His expertise as an interaction designer and sound designer is only exceeded by his kindness and crazy intelligence.
Not only was he an awesome sound designer, but he contributed to the overall levels with his ideas.
I am forever grateful to him for recognizing and fostering my abilities as a sound designer.
John is an excellent sound designer and a modest, down to earth guy.
John always makes himself available to help and him advice is always sound and considered.
He knows everybody and everything and makes it all sound terribly exciting.
He'll go above and beyond to see that everything sounds top-notch.
Summarizing what he actually did makes it sound trite and simple.
He makes himself available if they need help or a sounding board.
Professionally very sound and quite aware of his capabilities.
Considerate and very effective, he was well liked for his sound reasoning in making a particular design decision.
If you have never done sound design you will have a passion for it by the time his class is over.
John is an extremely talented musician, composer and sound designer.
Our clients are always happy with his music and sound design.
His design approach is always sound and you can be sure when he delivers something that will work fine.
Of course he's passionate about sound design, but he understands that relationships come first.
His expertise with sound design has enabled him to put together rich designs comprising not just found sounds, but a wealth of original pieces for many of our collaborations.