Sourcing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sourcing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

You managed his expectations on the sourcing of the aquamarines.
The hiring managers always were impressed with him sourcing abilities.
Our company effective sourcing and candidate management from John.
He also is very effective at managing sourcing for several open positions at the same time.
John, like his other managers in the past, has been a source of great inspiration for him.
It was a pleasure having him as a source of knowledge/advice and as the manager.
He's also adept at managing the candidate pipeline from sourcing to the close.
John managed sourcing and placing contractors with our organization.
He has been a source of inspiration for many young managers like him.
He also was very useful in managing investor relations and sourcing new capital when required.
He will continue to be one of his sources to seek out for any management related questions.
Finally, his ability to listen and accept new ideas from other sources that are counter his own makes him a manager's manager.
John has always been to source of motivation and inspiration.
He is an extremely adept sourcing manager and he knows how to get things done, on time and on budget.
Throughout all of this, he has managed to source, screen and interview for varied organizations.
For management he is a source of confidence that the job is going to get done.
In addition to this he is always a source of innovation and vision as well as being an effective manager.
John sources good resumes and is relentless in following up with both candidates and hiring managers.
It is amazing how he manages to find the difficult to source a candidate and becomes our company friend.
John helped him as a source for an article about the manager's common mistakes.
John managed both our strategic sourcing and global real estate/facilities.
He has actually acquired a solid experience in sourcing and bid management.
His experience with sourcing and vendor management are a tremendous asset.
He is also a great source of management advice in difficult situations.
John is a great source of advice for those difficult management problems.