Sourcing Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Sourcing Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is skilled at sourcing and presenting only the best of candidates.
Finally, him sourcing skills brought us very strong candidates.
I was impressed by him sourcing skills, the experience he created for candidates and his closing skills.
His sourcing skills and candidate interaction is the thing which makes him out of the league.
Him sourcing skills are some of the most innovative and comprehensive out there.
John is especially skilled at getting a story from the best sources, well liked and well known he is ideally placed to get the inside scoop.
John has extraordinary sourcing skills, especially when it comes to identifying passive candidates.
He has better been sourcing and recruiting skills and can get the right candidate for any requirement.
He is very skilled at getting to the source of and resolving issues quickly and effectively.
He has outstanding sourcing skills, is articulate and extremely helpful.
He is exceptionally skilled in identifying multiple sourcing avenues.
He has great talent acquisition skills, leadership skills, sourcing skills, communication skills, and is a team player.
He knows what he's doing and how to get to the source of your pain.
I appreciate that since he goes to the source, not around the issue.
John has outstanding skills in sourcing the right candidates to fill the needs of the organization.
He was easy to get ahold of and organized and up to date in his sourcing skills.
John has demonstrated strong sourcing and matches not only skills, but the soft skills that make a successful hire.
He is good at sourcing the right candidates, and he has excellent people skills.
He is also skilled at identifying potential sources of organized resistance.
He has great sourcing, profiling, negotiation, and closing skills.
John has outstanding sourcing skills, and is always willing to share his ideas with others in the group.
His sourcing skills are commendable and he has proved to be consistent in delivering results.
He not only has ninja sourcing skills, but is exceptional at selling opportunity to prospects.
He is very creating in sourcing difficult skill sets against very ambitious deadlines.
He has very strong sourcing skills and can find potential candidates without any flaw.
Him advanced sourcing and selection skills set the standard for others to follow.
He can find those hard to find candidates with his deep down sourcing skills.
John is a great source and any company would be amazed at his skill set.
He has excellent sourcing skills and a strong background in a boolean.
He will be a great asset in any company with him sourcing skills.
John is extremely effective at sourcing hard to find skill sets.
John's leadership and sourcing skill were a breath of fresh air.
John sourced many options that were tailored to my needs and was able to source them rapidly.
John sources appropriately skilled candidates matching skills to role profiles ensuring no-one wastes time.
And he is always willing to jump in and help with any challenge, regardless of the source.
He has been my source of inspiration and has been the same with everyone.
John has been an invaluable source for me over the past few years.
His achievements were an example for any other sourcing individual.
Working with him has been both an honor and a source of inspiration.
He was the source of many of the new ideas that we incorporated.
Hence, he never stopped sourcing until he found his candidates.
He also takes time to understand your skills and how they may be best applied to opportunities that he is sourcing.
He is skilled in ascertaining the needs of his clients and in sourcing and finding the right candidate.
He is humorous and engaging, and helpful when sharing his sourcing techniques and skills.
His ability to identify the right talent with his sourcing skills is admirable.
His knowledge and expertise in sourcing the right candidate with the right skills is outstanding.
He is skilled and resourceful with an extensive background in sourcing.
He possesses advanced skills in the latest sourcing techniques and continues to strive for improvement in his skills.
His negotiation skills and determination has also been useful in obtaining funds from the most unlikely sources.
Proven diagnostic and troubleshooting skills with strong focus on the source(s) of problems.
He has demonstrated leadership skills and has been a source of inspiration for others.
He is highly skilled in sourcing properties and negotiations.
His upbeat attitude and him sourcing skills will make him an asset to any organization.
He is energetic and very skilled in thinking out of the box when it comes to sourcing strategies.
He is skilled in sourcing candidates for hard to find positions with out of the box techniques.
He also seems to have a genuine interest in open source and expanding his skill-set.
His greatest skill is turning his passive sourced candidate into a hire.
In addition to sourcing skills, he is a fair and pleasant team-player.
I've utilized him venue sourcing and accommodation sourcing for several organizations over the years.
John is a passionate expert in sourcing and the skill of sourcing is changing the talent agenda.
John's sourcing was great for anyone looking to improve on their sourcing skills and knowledge.
His screening skills and the way he source the resumes are really good.
John has strong sourcing skills and would be an asset to any company.
His sourcing skills, organization, and follow up are outstanding.
He knows how to find top talent and him sourcing skills are advanced as are his conversion skills.
John has delivered skilled candidates for the positions he was sourcing for him.
He has incredible sourcing skills and is able to see the bigger picture.
His skills are non-traditional in finding talent from various different sources.
He can source information faster than anyone, from unlikely sources.
In addition, continually learning new sourcing skills to make him successful.
His sourcing skills have been acknowledged and rewarded by our company multiple times.
His sourcing skills, interpersonal skills and willingness to go the extra mile was a great benefit.
He provided an excellent sources of skilled labor on point with our specifications.
His skills as a leader come from two sources: immense category experience and down-to-earth leadership skills.
John possesses some of the best sourcing skills in the industry.