Speaking Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Speaking Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is very knowledgeable about his industry, and that comes across very clearly when he is speaking with clients.
John is one of the most unique individuals in the speaking industry.
John is beyond intelligent and you will know this once you speak with him or hear him speak.
He is someone who has been there and done that, so you know he is speaking from experience.
He has such passion for all he does, which really comes across when he is speaking.
Clients actually will speak only with him, rather than others whom they cannot trust.
He doesn't speak for himself, but rather he speaks to those who suffer in silence.
We all thank you and will always speak well of all you do for us and others.
John is very passionate about he does and it comes across when he speaks.
He always does what he says he is going to do, and always speaks his mind.
We thank him very much and look forward to him next speaking engagement.
I am very much looking forward to seeing him speak again in the future.
When he speaks you can actually believe that nothing is impossible.
Customers ask for him by name when they want to speak to an expert.
John is the best, don't even think about speaking to anyone else.
If you need something doing, you could not speak to anyone better.
I would be willing to speak to anyone who would like more detail.
Happy to speak with anyone further on his many accomplishments.
Congratulations to you for getting him to speak at your event.
I look forward to seeing him speak again and again this year.
I am looking forward to seeing him speak again in the future.
John is going to go far in him industry because he connects with his clients, and speaks from the heart.
John's track record speaks for itself and is why he is considered one of the best in his industry.
When you speak with him you can immediately tell that he is excited by the creative industry.
Your contribution to the speaking industry, not just here but globally, has been incredible.
His attitude in the industry is second to none and the accolades speaking for themselves.
He is very knowledgeable about his industry and this is evident in speaking to him.
John speaks and acts with integrity which is admired by many within the industry.
Sometimes speakers outside of our industry speak to us like bankers or doctors.
It is more than an honor to recommend one of the doyens of the speaking industry.
John produces really knows the speaking industry and how to succeed in it.
John is what makes being in the speaking industry a wonderful experience.
John is well connected within the industry and regularly speaks at events.
He is truly a gem in the computing industry, and knows what he speaks.
John is an authoritative voice in the motivational speaking industry.
John is very personable and is often asked to speak at industry events.
Don't speak too much, just listen and learn from an industry expert.
John's knowledge of the speaking industry is current and on trend.
He speaks and mentors from industry experience rather than cliches.
He speaks specifically using your industry and conference language.
John is an obvious expert on the speaking and training industry.
I highly recommend having him speak at your next industry seminar.
I appreciated the ideas from other industries without guru speak.
John is an industry expert whose experience speaks for itself.
He also mentors me to become the best professional that I can be in the speaking industry.
Cheers to John for being an outstanding player in the speaking industry.
I highly recommend John for everyone in the speaking industry.
Many can speak in theory on how to go about doing this, but he's one of the very few that just does it right.
John has always been willing to do the right thing and speak the truth, even when it is not popular.
Seriously, he generously made himself available to the audience before, during and after speaking.
This might be why to me, as an artist, it always seemed as though he was "speaking my language".
Several of my agents went our of their way to thank me afterwards for asking him to speak to us.
Invite him to speak at any of your public speaking events and you will not be disappointed.
He is always speaking up and asking questions when he is not certain of what is expected.
I have had the opportunity to speak with him on different occasions as well hear him speak.
John has an excellent speaking style and am looking forward to seeing him speak again soon.
I have done some speaking, but want to get better and provide more value to my audience.
Brilliant - don't miss the opportunity of having him speak with your team/organization.
When he speaks at events, you can see that he wants those around him to have success.
He writes well and is someone who only speaks when he has something useful to say.
The many years he has been in the industry speaks for itself.
His results speak for themselves - he is one of the industry's best.
John which speaks volumes for those familiar with the industry.
His acumen in the pharmaceutical industry truly does speak for itself; he is a dynamic force within the industry.
He understands the industry well and his time in the industry definitely helps him stand out, especially when speaking with clients.
You don't stay in this industry, especially in the speaking circuit as long as him, unless you really know your stuff.
John has been around the industry for many years and his outstanding accomplishments speak for themselves.
Working with him not only improves your speaking abilities, but moves you to the top of your industry.
His experience in this industry speaks itself regarding how much time he has devoted to this world.
John truly needs no recommendation - him experience and industry stature speak for themselves.
This speaks volumes of his passion for the industry and those he is acquainted with.
His ability to speak comfortably in both capacities is very uncommon in the industry.
John's industry experience and wisdom is evident whenever you hear him speak.
His wealth of industry contacts speaks volumes of what he can accomplish.
John's extensive catalogue of industry contacts speaks for itself.
He understands the speaking industry and knows how to mentor new and existing speakers.
Him industry, presentation and speaking experience is of guru status.
He knows the speaking industry inside out and helps get important messages out into the world.
His understanding of the industry makes him a must to speak with if you looking for a solution.
If you are an organization, you might consider asking him to speak at your group.
He is someone who speaks little and when he does, we all listen as he is so wise.
He clearly speaks from experience, which makes it all the more inspiring
He's always very accommodating to the environment in which he is speaking.
John is accomplished in his own right, so he can speak from experience.
Sherrin clearly not only knows his subject, but speaks from experience.
He will also speak up if he believes something could be improved.
John's experience speaks for itself, well, actually it doesn't.
Although he does not speak much, his words are always critical.
He is meticulous and organized in all that he does and speaks.
He does not hesitate to speak up when things are not correct.
He doesn't just tell you what everybody else expects in the world, he really understands the speaking industry, where things are going, and what you should be doing now to capitalize on the future.
He also gives back regularly to the industry by being open about his approach through speaking at various conferences and workshops.
If you take the time to speak with him, he would often divulge on many dos and don'ts in the industry through many of his tales.
If he doesn't understand an industry-specific problem, he immerses himself until he can speak to it with authority.
His reputation across the pharmaceutical industry speaks volumes as to his devotion and dedication.
The sheer amount of time he's been in the industry speaks volumes about him and his accolades.
Also, if you ever get a chance to hear him speak at an industry conference, don't miss it.
John loves this industry and shows an unabashed enthusiasm when speaking about it.
It's a pleasure to speak on his behalf, of the industry, now and moving forward.
John is very attuned to industry trends; every time we speak, he is taking part in an industry seminar, workshop or course.
This speaks volumes in our industry for the level of talent that he possesses.
He listens before he speaks, but he's certainly not afraid to speak his mind, and when he does, you'd better listen.
He helped him to speak more clearly, improve his diction, and speak more conversationally.
His speaking ability is spot on and speaks so we listen and feel.
His resume speaks largely, but his character speaks even larger.
These were authored in client speak, not in our company speak.
John is one of those people you really listen to when he speaks.
Whenever he his speaks, the audience comes out of it changed.
Many evangelists, like him, speak often at conferences, and it can be hard for us to get into the industry or third party conferences.
We don't work together anymore however; his name does come up when speaking with colleagues in the industry.
John really does know the speaking industry and has an excellent track record of delivering results.
John is a fabulous speaker who is well respected amongst his peers in the speaking industry.
His impeccable track record speaks for itself, especially in the collaborative law industry.
Many industry organizations and colleges invites him to speaking engagements constantly.
He participates in industry conferences, panels and speaks at schools.
His work ethics and him knowledge of his industry speaks for itself
A driving force in creating industry recognition like speaking at our company.
His background speaks for itself, and his mentoring is worthy and speaks in volumes.
His experience in the industry speaks for itself and is always on the radar of head hunters.