Speaking Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Speaking Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Whether he is speaking to one, speaking to a few or speaking to many he will make an impact.
He speaks about what he actually does and actually does what he speaks about.
He has the skills to speak to anyone in your audience.
John is beyond intelligent and you will know this once you speak with him or hear him speak.
He speaks with the language of everyone and makes everyone speak in the same language.
John is very passionate about he does and it comes across when he speaks.
I am very much looking forward to seeing him speak again in the future.
When he speaks you can actually believe that nothing is impossible.
Customers ask for him by name when they want to speak to an expert.
Happy to speak with anyone further on his many accomplishments.
He knows, and is known by, everyone in the speaking business.
He knows what to say, how to say it and when to speak up.
You know when he speaks, he is speaking truth and grace.
John does exactly as he says on his tin so to speak.
Well, so to speak as he's speaking to my puppy-brain.
I look forward to having him come in and speak again.
John to those who want to be successful in speaking.
He is one of the very best in the speaking business.
He is also someone who listens more than he speaks.
He knows when to speak, and he knows how to listen.
Personally speaking, you really can't ask for more.
I have always known him to speak from his heart.
I wish him all the best in his speaking career.
John ever speaks of things as they really are.
I would have him speak again in the future.
Politically speaking, it seemed impossible.
Public speaking is certainly his calling.
I have seen him speak and he is amazing.
If you are serious about the speaking business, then you must speak with John.
When you speak with John, you want to speak with him again.
I hardly know where to begin when speaking about John.
His speaking skills are exceptional as well as him listening skills.
John clearly has the speaking and listening skills to go far in his career.
He knows what to speak where and is very good in presentation skills.
His presentation and speaking skills are among the very best.
John has helped me with my presentation and speaking skills.
John's speaking and directing skills were second to none.
John speaking and presentation skills are outstanding.
John also has great speaking and collaboration skills.
John's presentation and speaking skills are excellent.
John's technical and speaking skills are exceptional.
John really helped me improve my speaking skills.
He has strong speaking and presentation skills.
He also has excellent public speaking skills.
His public speaking skills are impressive.
His public speaking skills are impeccable.
John has always been willing to do the right thing and speak the truth, even when it is not popular.
I was looking for someone to coach me on the business of speaking, rather than the speaking itself.
Seriously, he generously made himself available to the audience before, during and after speaking.
Invite him to speak at any of your public speaking events and you will not be disappointed.
He is always speaking up and asking questions when he is not certain of what is expected.
I have done some speaking, but want to get better and provide more value to my audience.
Take the time to speak with him and get to know him, you will not be disappointed.
We look forward to having him back for other speaking engagements and workshops.
It was great to speak with someone who truly is out there to help someone out.
He is very friendly and he knows what he is talking about before he speaks.
John has been coaching me for sometime now and can not speak more highly.
When you speak at an event, it's the little things that make you look good.
John is very easy to speak to and has always been available when needed.
John is always so kind and willing to help anyone when speaking with him.
Recently, however, another dimension to his speaking skills has emerged.
Not to speak about his tech skills because of which he is where he is.
The first five minutes will speak volumes about his many skills.
His skill and diligence, then speak for who he has become now.
He expresses himself clearly, both in his speaking and writing skills.
Each one of them followed-up to thank him for having him speak.
Public speaking is another of his many skills that places him at the top of his list.
This skill allows him to seamlessly speak up and down any level of an organization.
John's skill-set speaks for itself and is nothing short of first class.
But what speaks the loudest are his skills and the result he can create.
His skills to speak locally and internationally are second to none.
His skills will be incredibly apparent the second you speak to him.
His results getting hired twice speak for volumes of his skill.
Our company so, it is his outstanding speaking skills that differentiates John.
He doesn't speak for himself, but rather he speaks to those who suffer in silence.
He speaks really well, has always excelled in everything he has done and he has amazing people skills.
His leadership and speaking skills have motivated many of our colleagues.
His record speaks for itself and is testament to his skill set.
One of his unique skills is his ability to speak many languages.
You could tell this because everyone was always going out of their way to speak with him.
You only need to speak with once about your needs, and he will do the rest.
If you would like to speak with him further on this, it would be his pleasure.
He always does what he says he is going to do, and always speaks his mind.
He speaks up and will make you think and look from different perspectives.
He always wants to do the right thing and will speak up for his beliefs.
Underlining this, he is the one that can make the figures speak.
He seemed to be speaking directly to him on several occasions.
His skills will speak for themselves, but it is his tenacity and persistence that will impress you.
His resume speaks for itself, despite the fact that it understates his abilities and skills.
His gift is in his experience, his dedication to various groups and his speaking skills.
His leadership skills are off the chart and he is very easy to speak and get along with.
His experience on his profile and resume speak for itself regarding ability and skill.
This speaks highly of his managerial capabilities and entrepreneurship skills.
To him, this speaks volume on leadership, teamwork and prioritization skills.
These skills helped him advance in his current speaking opportunities.
John provided real-word speaking skills at this year's conference.
Him interpersonal skills and compassion speak volumes about him.
He speaks our company and is always seeking to improve his skills and abilities.
If you speak with him about getting healthy, you are speaking with someone who is truly concerned for your well-being.
John will be the last one to speak highly of himself, he speaks highly of others first.
When he speaks on an issue, you know that he speaks with both the brain and the heart.
He is quiet by nature, but when he speaks, he speaks with wisdom.
That he is still speaking to him says volumes about his great people skills and patience.
He is always a pleasure to speak with and has excellent people skills.
He takes his speaking seriously and is well prepared for his speaking engagements.
He's someone definitely worth speaking to if you're looking for someone with the skills to pay the bills.
His speaking skills are excellent and has demonstrated both speaking and writing skills frequently during the time we worked together.
Constantly learning and refining his skills speaks to his true passion.
Besides from all of that he has good speaking skills which he demonstrated in our group presentations.
He tries to make sure everyone understands why we're doing something, and speaks up when something doesn't make sense.
Many can speak in theory on how to go about doing this, but he's one of the very few that just does it right.
He always seems to know exactly who you need to speak with regarding an issue and how it can be resolved.
If you don't know this about him already, you'll certainly know it within one minute of speaking to him.
It seems as if he is either an expert on which he speaks or is well on his way to becoming one.
Employees always know they can speak with him and he will respect their confidentiality.
Also looking forward to speak with him again at conferences, he clearly knows his stuff.
He goes out of his way to walk around and speak to everyone and see how they're doing.
You would do well to speak with him if you're looking to hire any such position, .
He speaks out when something needs to be known and he has his facts straight.
Moreover, he does not just speak of it, he lives it every second of the day.
He makes others better by being around them and his success speaks for itself.
He puts his heart into everything that he does, you can tell by how he speaks.
Have found him to be someone who can think on his feet and speak up his mind.
John's accomplishments speak for themselves, and he's just getting started.
John is known for, the conviction with which he speaks on various subjects.
Those who know him speak very highly of him and those who don't soon will.
He speaks always to the point and knows what to be done in what situation.
Customers warm to him, and when he speaks, he knows exactly what to say.
Whenever you speak to him you always know he is smiling on the other end.
If you've never heard him speak, then you don't know what you're missing.
He kept in touch and was always available to speak to as and when needed.
John speaks the truth, something we all look for in but don't always find.
Highly recommended for anyone that has the opportunity to see him speak.
The numbers speak for themselves and am sure they will wherever he goes.
Thanks again and looking forward to you possibly speaking again for him.
He never was afraid to speak up, always for the better of the company
There can be no doubt that whatever he speaks about is tried and true.
John knows his stuff and will speak up, directly and courageously.
He always was there to speak to and his insights have been always helpful.
He wasn't always right, but that did not deter him from speaking up.
When he speaks, he gets right to the point, and he's very focused.
When he speaks, he does so not just with authority, but with passion.
If you need someone to speak on any particular topic, he's your man.
Most importantly of all, when speaking with him, he is always honest.
Watching him one would have thought he was speaking for years.
He made it feel as if he we're speaking to each of us one on one.
So he's not an "inspirational speaker" - he's someone who speaks.
He's one of the guys in the room with whom everyone wants to speak.
If you have the opportunity to speak with him, you will understand.
John's the best at what he does, his results speak for themselves.