Special Police Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Special Police Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

We still miss how great he was at capturing special moments in our office.
John always goes above and beyond, that is what makes him so special.
John was an outstanding, ethical, and the competent police officer.
He goes out of his way to accommodate special requests and really made our visits special.
He always had his special warm, friendly way that we all started adopting whenever he was around in the office.
For example, he looks for outside sources by bringing special speakers into the office.
Now that it's out of the way, let me get after some of the intangibles that make him special.
He doesn't really know me at all, which made it even more special that did this for me.
We could go on and on about what makes him so special, but just not enough space.
Of course him encouragement is second to none and that is why he is so special.
Spend five minutes with him and you know you're in for something special.
He remembers the little things and those are what make him special.
John is a very special man - one of the very special men in fact.
I would and do recommend him to anyone who is looking for that very special position.
We will definitely use him again for our next cruise or special adventure.
John is one of those special individuals who you always want to be around.
He's special in everything and he can make the difference in any realm.
His ability to inspire others to be there best is what makes him special.
He has the ability to make everyone feel as if they're someone special.
Watch out for his debut exhibition - it should be something special.
His knowledge and desire to help others make him very special.
John brings that special attention to detail that all offices need.
John, within weeks, gave them the belief that they were doing something special very quickly - and then they actually achieved something special.
Beyond being incredibly smart and hardworking - he also brings something special to the office (aka he's hilarious).
He made sure that he checked up on us going out of his way to make sure we were included and felt special.
He will go out of his way to make special connections to help every individual in all their needs.
He always goes out of his way to make you feel special and delivers more than what you ask for.
To me what is really special about him is that need to pay it forward for these young women.
I expect that he will go far and be very successful at whatever specialization he pursues.
John is someone who can make everyone he comes in contact with feel special and worthwhile.
He makes sure that each one is treated as the most special one he's been involved with.
I think the special sauce of what he did for me was all about intention and alignment.
He'll then tell you how he can help you with special ointments to get rid of the warts.
What truly makes him so special is his ability to connect and immediate like ability.
It was clearly evident from the git-go that there was something special about him.
He went above and beyond what was asked of him to make the request extra special.
John has that extra 'something special' you only know when you see it in action.
John special thanks to him for his contribution towards those wonderful sessions.
If you have not joined him newsletter, you are missing something really special.
I know that he will be excited about creating something special just for you.
I'm curious to know what he does next - and expect something special from him.
Add to that, he is both gracious and helpful which makes him pretty special.
John is special and genuine, which inspires and allows others to do the same.
He will always remember to wish you on your birthday and special occasions.
John is a very special gentleman who gives him everything to whatever he does.
He really knows how to capture and even help create those special moments.
John specializes in doing the impossible and making it look effortless.
And then when you see him headline, you realize just how special he is.
John has a way of taking an idea and turning it into something special.
That's what makes him and his ingenious endeavor, so special and unique.
John identified the individuals for each of those specialized roles.
Whilst not to everyones taste he is both remarkable and very special.
There was something special in him, which attracted me to talk to him.
He has that something special that makes you instantly feel at ease.
John is one of these special guys that will excel wherever he is.
This combined with his deep expertise makes him, particularly special.
He helped really see my own value and find my own special offering.
I knew immediately that he was going to get something special done.
Whenever we asked for something special, he rose to the occasion.
John has the special ability to inspire others to be successful.