Spirited Performance Review Phrases Examples

Spirited Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not just because he has three of them, but because he embodies their spirit.
He will always pep you up when you are not in your best of your spirits.
He has spirit like no other and is always willing to help anyone.
He has the spirit that one doesn't get to see that many times.
John is certainly passionate about what he does and has definitely got an entrepreneurial spirit.
His team spirit is second to none - everyone knows they can come to him with any need.
Above all, he has this fighting spirit to get things done and have them done right.
He has an entrepreneurial spirit and is always there to help others when needed.
You'll realize that he knows exactly what it is to have an entrepreneurial spirit
He is willing to help anyone and takes this spirit with him in his business.
But he is willing to do whatever he can to instill that spirit in his people.
One of his best qualities is his spirit - he does not take no for an answer.
Regardless, what's going on, you can always count on him to lift your spirit.
He is right on with the things he told him about his loved ones in spirit.
John is an inspirational example of what is possible for the human spirit.
John has an amazing spirit and that comes through in everything he does.
Keep that spirit up and hopefully we can our company together again near future.
Him encouraging spirit causes all those around him to want to be better.
And that spirit definitely reflects on the way he goes about his job.
He's passionate and has tried to become entrepreneurial in his spirit.
But what's more amazing is he seems to get the spirit of the project.
He does not take no for an answer; he exemplifies the can-do spirit.
John's generosity of spirit came through during our first conversation.
However, what has been more significant to him is his giving spirit.
He has an entrepreneurial spirit that will take him far in business.
One thing that stood out more than anything is his generous spirit.
His spirit comes through in his projects and in his relationships.
He has a great spirit and knows how to get the best out of others.
More importantly though, is the spirit in which he does the our company.
John knows more about the spirit of your company than you do.
He has got a spirit inside which makes him different than others.
This is no mean feat and he took in on with an extraordinary spirit
He raises spirits and makes everyone around him better for that.
He also had team spirit and was well liked across the business.
He is one of those indominable spirits that never seems to stop.
His pioneering spirit was, is and will always be an inspiration.
He's always willing to help and has a wonderful can-do spirit.
Strong and full of spirit, everything will be done in his hand.
John has always been an energetic and spirited forward thinker.