Staff Accountant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staff Accountant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John always seemed to have time for staff and puts the needs of the staff often ahead of his own.
John is supportive of his staff, but also demands accountability.
He not only exemplifies accountability, he insists on the same level of commitment from his staff.
Expects a lot from his staff, gives them the room to make our company and holds them accountable.
He became so conversant in our accounting services that he could have been on staff.
He empowers staff to make decisions and then holds them accountable for the outcomes.
His attention to his staff and account detail is unsurpassed.
And if he was ever down, he never made it the staff's problem.
As his accountant, he is organized, prompt, and interacts easily with our staff.
He will never cease to mingle with the staffs and making sure that there is bonding between him and the staffs.
John and his staff did an excellent job of getting out accounts up to date and on track.
This ultimately led to his promotion to staff accountant for the firm.
He realises the value of his staff and will always challenge them to improve whilst allowing them the freedom to get on with it whilst still being accountable.
The combination of demanding accountability while also standing up for his staff, would be an asset to any organization.
He and his staff hold people/organizations accountable to the objectives that are agreed upon at the onset.
He imparted ownership and accountability to his staff and yet maintained an approachable demeanor.
He brainstorms with all levels of staff to ensure all angles and ideas are taken into account.
Him attitude towards him an accounting staff can be described as fun, caring, and reliable.
John provided ad hoc accounting staff to our firm on multiple occasions.
He then trained us how to maintain them without the need for expensive accounting staff.
He wins the trust of staff and clients by being accountable and ethical.
John holds his staff accountable and rewards talent and effort.
John inspires his staff, and those around him, to be the best they can be at all times.
He goes above and beyond to help his staff improve themselves and become more effective.
Consistently he demanded the best and brought out the best in those of us on his staff.
If he tells him or his staff the he will do something it is always done on time.
What really sets him apart from others is the value he places on his staff.
He made himself available and accessible to him and his staff at all times.
He demands the best from himself and accepts nothing less from his staff.
He gets along with coworkers well and tries to make staffs satisfacted.
He did this with his staff and colleagues rather than at their expense.
Lots got done when he arrived and he always had time for his staff.
John provided thorough and well written analyses while on his staff.
We truly appreciate our affiliation with him and the entire staff.
Roccos and his stuff, but don't take his word, try it for yourself.
John always has time for his staff and always makes an effort.
And, just as importantly, he demands the same from his staff.
John & his team were excellent in agency staff & account management
John provides good overall direction, holds his staff accountable, and values their input.
Without him we'd have lost several strategic accounts and key staff members.
His caring, but accountable approach gets results and engages his staff.
He worked for him as a staff accountant after he graduated college.
John worked as his account rep/manager for staff augmentation needs.
John's counseling has enabled us to further our corporate value of accountability, with staff members holding themselves and others accountable for results.
He does hold him staff accountable for meeting expectations and rewards his staff for a job well done.
John always has time for his staff, regardless of his workload, and will go above and beyond to support his staff.
John could easily assess the capabilities of the staff, and provides all organizational help so that the staff can deliver.
This attitude helped make his staff more loyal and increased the longevity of the staff.
John also sets clear expectations of staff and treats staff with respect.
He holds himself and staff accountable to always deliver on commitments on time and within budget.
He makes sure that he looks after all the staff and keeps them motivated to be the best they can.
His way of motivating the staff is to make them to believe even more in themselves.
He knows how to motivate, challenge and get the best out of his stuff
His motivation of him staff and himself was something to behold.
He also provided the support him staff needed throughout the unification of the accounting profession.
He allows his staff freedom and autonomy while at the same time making expectations and accountability clear.
He showed good leadership with his staff and was very accurate in his accounting of all auction items.
John also is motivational for staff and has empowered staff under him to truly reach their highest potential.
He keeps himself and us as a board out of staff responsibilities and actions, while pushing for clarity and accountability from staff, committees, and task forces.
John's staff was always willing to help and went above and beyond every time to ensure our needs were being met.
He knows what his staff need and he is always there to solve the problem before anybody complains.
Thoughtful, decisions, always with an eye on the best for his staff as well as his organization.
His style is straightforward and refreshing which allows him to get the most out of his staff.
He always has time for his staff and is willing to listen and help with their problems/issues.
He knows what he needs and is not afraid to demand the best from his staff and suppliers.
Quality and responsibility are characteristics that he demands of himself and his staff.
He makes you feel welcome and always listened to and looks after him a staff excellently
John is very demanding of himself and he has the same high expectations for his staff.
John demands the very best from his staff, but will also give his very best back.
He takes the time and commitment to get the best out of yourself, and your staff.
He doesn't believe in micromanagement and always gives him staff the time of day.
It was clear that he was well respected and always set the example for his staff.
He gets the best out of his staff and is not afraid to make the tough decision.
John and his staff provided exactly what they promised with excellent results.
He looks after his staff while at the same time demanding the best from them.
John and his staff during this difficult time could not have been better.
John for his staff are second only to the standards he has set for himself.
This has helped him in several instances to get into the mind set of his staff.
He does not have any problems having the tough conversations with his staff.
He is well liked by his staff and made efforts to improve their capability.
He provided him tremendous growth opportunities as he did for all his staff.
Everything is always professionally run and his staff is always cooperative.
But aside from that, he always had time for staff on an individual basis.
It is his honor to recommend him to anyone looking to improve their staff.
He not only gives good advice, he also listens to the needs of his staff.
Him loyalty - to his staff and to the organization - is beyond question.
He is willing to give the time he needs to, his staff to help them grow.
His attitude always is positive and he always is encouraging his staff.
For him it's always been that and making sure his staff are looked after.
He demanded from us the same excellence he demanded from his own staff.
John company or organization would be happy to have him on their staff.
His many responsibilities, but always took time to listen to his stuff
He will make time for the staff when they seek his help and guidance.
John likes to challenge his staff to better themselves and improve.
His staff was always on time and very knowledgeable about our venues.
Additionally, he empowered his staff by listening to their ideas.
He always took the time to get to know the staff and improve morale.
John always listened to his staff and acted with consideration.
The attitudes across his staff are reflective of his leadership.
His leadership style seemed to bring out the best in his staff.
He provides his staff with continuous feedback for improvement.
John gets superior results from staff by taking this approach.
John treats his staff very fairly and encourages their growth.
He works hard, is accountable and will hold others to account for the commitments they make.
He always holds his staff and his peers to account for anything within their control - nothing more, nothing less.
He holds staff accountable to their commitments while pushing himself as hard to achieve the same standard.
His leadership style of empowerment and accountability was key in retaining and motivating staff.
He takes the capabilities and needs of the staff he works with into account when during planning.
John did a great job building staff morale while simultaneously holding his staff accountable.
Allows staff to make their own decisions, without telling them what to do he guides them through the process and keeps them accountable to that decision.
John handled difficult situations with grace and held his staff accountable for delivery.
Him initiatives always accounted staff Centricity in-line with the organisation strategy.
He's dialed in to what motivates the individual, and knows how to get the very best out of his staff.
He also looks out for all of the staff's needs to ensure we would present our best to the prospects.
He has always been responsive to opportunities that have been presented to him and his staff.
You can always count on him to do the right thing for the company, his staff and partners.
He inspires change in his staff as well as all of those with which he has contact.
He understands each and every staff very well and knows how to motivate them.
John is an excellent motivator, who will always go to bat for his staff.
He understood everyone is different and motivated his staff accordingly.
His staff was found to be extremely motivated towards his leadership.
He treats his staff with respect and knows how to keep them motivated.
This always motivates the staff to make our company and tackle the worst.
He consistently provides motivation and encouragement to his staff.
He is self-motivated and an absolute pleasure to have on his staff.
He seems to get along well with his staff and is a great motivator.
John is proud of his staff and often presented them to visitors
He knows how to motivate his staff and keep us pushing for more.
He relates well with staff at all levels of the organization.
John, his partners, and his staff for whatever is ailing you.
John first worked with him on the finance/accounting team as a staff accountant.
John is a pleasure to work with as our staff cost accountant.
His staff had nothing but praise for him, and likewise he for his staff, and the positive can-do attitude showed throughout the whole team.
In his role he sought answers, put in place procedures and held staff accountable.