Staff Assistant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staff Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His staff looks to him for assistance and inspiration that he provides.
John was always willing to offer his assistance and had an excellent rapport with myself and my staff.
John has always been immediately responsive to my requests for assistance for myself or for my staff.
John has been instrumental in assisting with staff evaluations, both with existing staff and candidates for hire.
He provided assistance to all members of staff, above and beyond the requirements of his position.
John is very proactive and provided assistance to all staff members when needed.
He is also willing to assist other members of staff in problem solving.
He knows how to get the most out of staff, and he always has their respect.
There is no one better at providing an environment that will assist him staff succeed.
He allows and encourages his staff to run with what they are confident with and assist only when they need help.
John has assisted me on several occasions with very difficult and emotional staff issues.
Him staff provides companionship and assistance to an elderly loved-one.
John was always there to assist the guests as well as the hotel staff in whatever way he could.
Further, he is very proactive and will go beyond completing what was asked of him to assisting other staff members.
John was always willing to offer guidance and assistance to his staff when they had questions or concerns.
He had the ability to motivate and excite the staff, and was always there to assist in any way.
He assisted the staff with his advice, motivation and constant optimism.
He provided timely advice and assisted the museum staff whenever asked.
John assisted me in growing our staff with experienced our company personnel.
He doesn't mess around, just gets it done with the respect of his staff.
John is always well-respected and liked by staff and subcontractors.
He was well liked and respected by both his colleagues and his staff.
John and his staff were always available to answer my questions.
Him the approachable nature makes him popular with both his staff and others who require his assistance and advice.
He is extremely helpful and always willing to assist with any staff or promotional requirements.
John is extremely helpful to the students and staff by assisting them with all their needs.
He gained the trust of my staff immediately and was of great assistance to me and the company.
John and his staff have been of great assistance to us on specific targeted search needs.
He was adept at listening to and offering assistance as needed for the entire staff.
John assisted us with a staff issue, which ended pleasantly without any disputes.
John assisted me in the sourcing and selection of staff for interviewing.
Most recently the roll out of new contracts for our staff, which without him assistance wouldn't have gone a smoothly as it did.
He goes the extra mile to achieve his objectives, is approachable and always makes himself available to assist other staff.
He does not only assist us at renewal time, but is also there for our staff if they have any questions, or need help in regards to their benefits.
He was always courteous and respectful to internal staff he assisted, as well as colleagues.
He believed in his staff and was the first to tell them how grateful he was for their efforts.
Always available for help to the staff and he never hesitates to have difficult conversations.
John has always been fair to all his staff and he is well liked and respected by all of us.
John knows how to make things happen and always has the respect of his colleagues and staff.
He was very helpful to me and my staff, and his ideas were always respected.
I have very much appreciated the respect and autonomy he gives to his staff.
He is always there to guide and to mentor and wants the best for his staff.
He has the respect of his superiors as well as him staff and colleagues.
It was evident in the way his staff responded that he was well-respected.
He knows how to coach/mentor him staff to bring out their best efforts.
He is dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile for his staff.
And as an observer his loyalty to his staff should also be commended.
His staff is committed to doing well because of their respect for him.
His participation in staff training/coaching has been outstanding.
Other staff spoke very highly of him and he was well respected.
He genuinely respects all his staff, and this is reciprocated.
He has always been eager to assist me and my staff in any way possible, and has greatly facilitated the interactions between our two companies.
John continually went the extra mile to make sure the member and staff got the assistance they needed.
John always provides excellent direction and background to assist his writing staff.
John also gets to know staff as people first and then as employees.
He also strived to make sure that his staff knew that they were not alone and if they needed his assistance, he was ready to jump right in.
John can be commended for his efforts to assist through his staff, to guide speakers and delegates accordingly.
John has provided needed assistance when we were requiring additional staff and instrumental expertise.
He was great with staff, faculty, and students and was more than happy to assist you when needed.
He works well with other staff members and is always happy to help or ask if assistance is needed.
He will delegate what needs to be done to the staff and jump in where ever assistance is needed.
He is always available to assist the staff and answer any questions they may have.
Whenever his staff needed assistance he provided us with answers immediately.
He always led by example and guided staff when they required assistance.
He assisted him in every step of hiring and onboarding new staff.
John and his staff assist the employee in making that happen.
John's assistance when setting on our first member of staff was invaluable.
His assistance was greatly appreciated by staff and students.
John treated all his staff as he treated any member of staff.
Anyone who has him on their staff would appreciate having him on board.
John always made himself available to assist all students, faculty, and other staff members.
John has also assisted him directly, considering complicated staff challenges and he always has valuable input.
He continues to contribute new ideas and assistance to all staff who need his guidance.
He always keeps his staff well informed and provides the right amount of coaching and assistance to his staff.
He treated all staff members with respect and was always willing to assist wherever he was needed.
John will never say no to helping someone, often dropping everything to assist a staff member.
John can be counted on to assist in tasks that are asked of him by various staff members.
He is always easy to work with and assists other staff when he can.
He eagerly assists all staff with tasks that are presented to him.
John would come to our staff meetings and showcase why what the staff did each and every day made a difference and assisted him in doing his job.
He is committed to providing the best assistance possible to the staff he supports.
Fantastic pharma rep - he knows his stuff, follows through, assists the staff without ever overstepping his bounds.
John always had a smile and there was never a task that he wouldn't assist in resolving for any of his staff.
He actively checked in with himself and other staff regarding how he could assist us to grow in our roles.
A rare find, he was one that you could depend on for assistance and he truly listened to staff concerns.
Him able to assist staff to see "the end of the tunnel" is understated and invaluable.
Tale went out of his way to assist staff and colleagues to reach their full potential.
John's role was pivotal in assisting with the transition of staff to a new entity.
John assisted him to find appropriate staff and provided valuable advice in our company.
John also understands the various needs of his staff members.
He did the same for every member of the staff with those issues.
He made sure for the staff meetings were never without coffee.
He always made himself available to members of the our company staff.
The transition from in-house staff to the our company staff has been seamless.
He is always supportive and provides excellent assistance and direction to us and his staff.
He continued to assist his group as the younger members of the staff came up to speed.
He strives to assist with all queries and happily helps any member of staff.
Our company multiple occasions John assisted with the hiring of staff members.
If needed, he could direct the our company staff to assist in resolving our issues.
Our company many occasions, he assisted the Senator and his staff with obtaining information.
He always offered assistance and guidance to his staff, which provided promotional opportunities for them from within our organization.
He always does a solid job assisting himself and entire staff.
John went out of his way to respect the workspace of his staff while he cleaned.
His leadership amongst the board and staff has been unprecedented.
John has helped him in placement of staff all over the country.
John mixes with staff at all levels and has their confidence.
Yes, he was strict but when any of his staff needs advice or assistance or even support he is always there.
He assisted staff with a welcoming attitude and always made the workplace an enjoyable atmosphere.
The staff admired and respected his tenacity and willingness to assist in whatever capacity needed.
He recently pulled together a class for him local chapter with very little assistance from the our company staff.
He expects a lot from his staff, but rewards the staff well when expectations are met.
He gets on well with staff under his supervision and is always willing to help his team.
He is hardworking and pleasant and he is well-liked by the other member of the staff.
John will be an excellent staff member, as he gets along so well with others.
He actually took the time to get to know every single one of his staff members.
His drive for excellence in both himself and his staff is second to none.
John provided solid direction to both his staff and to the organization.
This has helped him become one of our most well respected staff members.
He makes sound decisions that he always explains clearly to his staff.
John spoke at our recent staff meeting - he was truly inspirational.
He looks after his immediate staff members and goes the extra mile.
John really did his due diligence before meeting with our staff.
Employers would be lucky to have him as a member of their staff.
In many ways, he has become an ex officio member of our staff.
He is sincere in his approach with both staff and our members.
He drives his staff to be better, do better, and live better.
During our company, he was an invaluable member of his staff.
As a supervisor, he was invaluable to him in assisting him with a staff
Roelof was a dedicated / loyal employee who was always willing to assist his staff and other teams.
He drives his staff to excel and provides support and assistance where warranted.
John encouraged all staff members to be the best and assist one another in reaching and maintaining our outlined initiatives.
He is very helpful with his intern staff and does whatever he can to assist them in their journey into the sports world.
Ravinder and his staff are all very knowledgeable and assisted him with any queries in an efficient and effective manner.
John's interest in assisting staff members was obvious and his response was always timely and reliable.
He assisted staff with various tasks, always cooperative and easy to work with.
And he was quick to volunteer to assist in areas staff welfare activities.
John and his staff have been taking him through the process of getting back on track.