Staff Attorney Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staff Attorney Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is compassionate to staff, and his staff are loyal to him.
Having him on your staff would be one of the best things you could do for your organization.
He did not ask from his staff anything more than he himself was willing to give.
You should make sure that you don't miss the opportunity to get him on your staff.
John and his staff have always come through for us, and we consider them friends.
John did not ask his staff to do anything he has not done or would do himself.
He will always look to do the right thing - for the company and for the staff.
Not only did he go above and beyond for him staff, but, also for his company.
John would always drop what he was doing to help him or any of his staff.
He would never ask anything of his stuff that he wouldn't do himself.
The John company would be all the better for having him on their staff.
John is someone who inspires, to get the most from him staff.
He and his staff have gone above and beyond on many occasions.
He exceeded all expectations, and the feedback from our staff and attorneys was tremendous.
Him staff admire his contribution and he is well respected by staff at all levels.
He goes above and beyond to make sure his staff has everything they need to do their jobs.
Note that he did all this well within his budget and with no staff.
He seemed to know exactly what to say on every occasion to bring the best out of everyone, especially amongst his own staff.
John is someone who you will hire more than once, he is the one that you need if you want your staff to be more effective.
We will miss having him on our staff, but are certain he will do well at any of his other positions in the future.
- John always checks in to let him know that he's onto it and has never once let himself or our staff here down.
If you ever get an opportunity to have him on your staff, you don't want to miss that chance.
If you are looking for staff for your company or know someone who is, he is the one to call.
John and his staff go above and beyond to make sure we have the best coverages for us.
John's goes above and beyond for his stuff and does what it takes to help us succeed.
He always got along well with colleagues and staff that were under his supervision.
He is always open for suggestions and if need be, he'll always back up his staffs.
He led by example and there was not one thing him staff would not do for him.
He strives for nothing less than perfection from himself as well as his staff.
He knows what he's doing and knows the specifics of his staff and their roles.
He and his staff were always dedicated to doing what was best for the company.
Clients tell him the staff always makes them feel welcome and very comfortable.
Anyone who is lucky enough to have him on their staff will most likely agree.
He does not micromanage and allows his staff to try even new ways/approaches.
John brings out the best in his own staff and in others in our organization.
John will get back within the hour and his staff is sometimes even faster.
If you are looking for someone to help you find stuff, he is your best bet.
John placed him at two companies and provided him with staff at one company.
Always fair, looks after his staff, and does not allow for insubordination.
His staff are great and will always do our company to help in any situation.
Knowing just the right way to treat his staff to get the best out of them.
John and his staff have always been there immediate when it matters most.
He is very thorough with his duties and he was liked by the entire staff.
He delivered exactly what we were looking for to all staff at all levels.
He doesn't mess around, just gets it done with the respect of his staff.
One of the things that struck him the most was his concern for his staff.
He and his staff have always been responsive to our needs and requests.
He always gives his best for the staff and for the company improvements.
John's staff was always very loyal to him for all of the right reasons.
John and his staff have been so helpful to him on several occasions.
The John company who has him on staff should consider themselves fortunate.
John came in and collaborated immediately with the appropriate staff.
He got along well with staff as well as colleagues at his own level.
He never kept any barriers between him and the other levels of staff.
He's always been an asset and we are lucky to have him on our staff.
He brought one of his staff in to help, and never once did he leave.
John knows how to hire the best and bring out the best in his staff.
During that partnership, he was seen as an extension of our staff.
He strives to get the best from his staff and does so effectively.
Microtrain is lucky to have someone of his caliber on their staff.
His staff went out of their way to ensure that his needs were met.
John and his staff can handle any of your needs as they may arise.
Focusing one on one with his staff to help them achieve the best.
John & his staff are responsive to his needs throughout the year.
His staff is above all the others, are trustworthy and reliable.
He's genuinely interested in getting the best out of his stuff
The other standout is his ability to get the most out of staff.
He is open and always willing to extend his help towards staff.
He also seems to have quite a loyal following among his staff.
He really does have staff at the heart of everything he does.
Positively challenges his staff so that they can be our company.
Besides his leadership with his staff and within organization.
His staff is exceptional at what they can do for your business
Furthermore, he is very attentive when dealing with his staff.
He also gets along extremely well with the rest of the staff.
John and his staff have treated him with nothing but respect.
Out of all our staff he has the potential to go the furthest.
John is by far one of the most valued employees on his staff.
As always, all of the staff at our company were extremely cooperative
His staff respected him and he was able to accomplish many positive things for both his guests and his staff.
His staff were extremely loyal and staff turnover was non-existent during his tenure.
John provided leadership for both his staff and extended staff on a regular basis.
John is one of those people that you want on your staff as he makes everyone around him better.
He makes every effort to be available to each and everyone and keeps his staff engaged.
Besides being good at what he does, he also related well with the staff.
He does everything he can and then some to help staff our stores.
John also gets to know staff as people first and then as employees.
He inspires his staff to be the best that they can be at their jobs
John expects his staff to make our company and get on with the job.
He allows his staff to do their jobs without any micromanagement.
John is very passionate about his job and also about his stuff
He is more than willing to jump in and help out where needed and would never ask his staff to do anything he wouldn't do himself.
John knows what he is looking for in staff and always wants to get the most out of candidates we send across to him.
One will never have to wonder or guess where he is coming from or what he wants or expects from his staff.
He is extremely passionate about everything he does and this becomes very infectious with the other staff.
John is a very energetic, he knows how to get things done and how to please his staff while doing it.
He makes himself available and approachable to his entire organization and is well-liked by his staff.
Perhaps most importantly, he has the desire to make him staff better and the will to make it happen.
He would forever go out of his way to help the rest of the staff and he always did it with a smile.
His staff is always there to help, and they can do the needful within the strictest of timeframe's
John always led by example and never expected more of his staff than he was willing to do himself.
John would stand up for his staff when this was necessary, and was very fair in his assessments.
He believed in his staff and was the first to tell them how grateful he was for their efforts.
John made certain to surround himself with staff who were at the top of their profession.
His staff is well organized and on top of things, and they're always there when you need them.
He would be of great value to any company that would have the privilege to have him on staff.
All you need to do is get in touch and let him know more about what type of staff you require.
John organization with him on their staff definitely has an advantage among their competitors.
He didn't just tell his staff what to do, he asked them to reason as to why they were acting.
His enthusiasm for what he does is very evident and has been carried through to his stuff
John knows how to make things happen and always has the respect of his colleagues and staff.
In addition, his staff has always flourished under him and has always been well respected.
It would be inappropriate to think of him and his staff as just "vendors" or "suppliers".
He trusts his staff to do what they were hired to do, or to ask for help if they need it.
In this way he takes his leadership seriously and his staff always know where they stand.
John's staff that made the move, were very accommodating and made sure our needs were met.
John instills this into his staff as well, but more importantly, he knows his craft.
He's fantastic at connecting with his staff, and getting the most possible out of them.
John and his staff quite literally made our party, and for that we are very grateful.
John made an effort to get to know our staff and how they contributed to the company.
He is very easy to get along with and widely appreciated by all of the other staff.
Him how-to workshops for lenders are something you and your staff need to experience.
He got to know all around him, and his interest in his staff's welfare was paramount.
John always had the respect of the staff and was available when anybody needed him.
Most staff would not even be aware, because he did so quietly and behind the scenes.
His staff is equally as great and all in all, you can't ask for much more than that.
Without his leadership and the qualify of his staff it would not have been possible.
John knows what he wants and expects and will hold his staff to those expectations.
John would be an immediate asset to any firm that would add him to their staff.
He also gives all sorts of advice to our staff always there when you need his help.
He is someone that can staff any niche and he is passionate about what he does.
He provides an inclusive environment and always allows for input from his staff.
Additionally, he was one of the most efficient and effective employees on staff.
He and his staff have helped with everything from the mundane to the complicated.
He spoke to our staff as if he were one of them, familiar with their workplaces.
His staff is always very attentive to his needs and willing to go the extra mile.
We also think highly of his staff, especially those helping us with our glasses.
It is obvious that his staff not only respect him, but look to him for guidance.
He brought on new staff, and got them into the fray with little to no downtime.
We always knew that we could count on him and his stuff through him delegation.
He is always encouraging as well and never takes out frustrations on his staff.
John and his staff whole-heartedly and never doubt any of their suggestions.
His insight with regards to our staff and their strengths was right on target.
His staff loves him and it is easy to see that they would do anything for him.
His ability to see beyond the needs of the company and staff, is unsurpassed.
We continually get requests to have him come back for updates from our staff.
John and his staff did just that, but delivered higher than his expectations.
He took the time to get to know his staff and their strengths and weaknesses.
He and his staff are always available to help with all our appraisal needs.
John handled himself extremely well and was well respected by the staff.