Staff Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staff Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

He has this knack of getting things done by the staff, however difficult the staff was.

He did not ask from his staff anything more than he himself was willing to give.

You should make sure that you don't miss the opportunity to get him on your staff.

John and his staff have always come through for us, and we consider them friends.

He was always willing to go above and beyond to help the staff and our patrons.

John was always available and would consider input from anyone on his staff.

Very focused on what he wants and knows how to get the best from his staff.

John would always drop what he was doing to help me or any of my staff.

Anyone who has him on their staff would appreciate having him on board.

It's my opinion that he'd be a great addition to any engineering staff.

He seemed to know exactly what to say on every occasion to bring the best out of everyone, especially amongst his own staff.

John is someone who you will hire more than once, he is the one that you need if you want your staff to be more effective.

If you ever get an opportunity to have him on your staff, you don't want to miss that chance.

John has provided me with staff in the past, and has also placed me into an excellent role.

Not only did he get the best out of his staff he also was always there for needed input.

I was also impressed by how his staff is always willing to go above and beyond for him.

John and his staff go above and beyond to make sure we have the best coverages for us.

John's goes above and beyond for his stuff and does what it takes to help us succeed.

He never asked his staff to do anything that he could not or would not do himself.

He led by example and there was not one thing him staff would not do for him.

He was an example to all his staff and never hesitated to help out in anyway.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have him on their staff will most likely agree.

He does not micromanage and allows his staff to try even new ways/approaches.

What really sets him apart from others is the value he places on his staff.

Always fair, looks after his staff, and does not allow for insubordination.

Knowing just the right way to treat his staff to get the best out of them.

He was flexible and accommodating and was always available for his staff.

John's staff was always very loyal to him for all of the right reasons.

I only wish we had the opportunity to keep him here as permanent staff.

His staff were extremely loyal and staff turnover was non-existent during his tenure.

As such, he had the majority of the engineering staff reporting into him.

John always seemed to be approachable by his staff and others in the organization.

John organization would consider themselves lucky to have him on their staff.

He gives him staff the bandwidth to do what is right for the organization.

He is more than willing to jump in and help out where needed and would never ask his staff to do anything he wouldn't do himself.

One will never have to wonder or guess where he is coming from or what he wants or expects from his staff.

Perhaps most importantly, he has the desire to make him staff better and the will to make it happen.

His staff is always there to help, and they can do the needful within the strictest of timeframes.

Nothing was too much trouble for him and he would most certainly go the extra mile for his staff.

John made certain to surround himself with staff who were at the top of their profession.

He was compassionate about his constituents and made sure that his staff had the same values.

He didn't just tell his staff what to do, he asked them to reason as to why they were acting.

His enthusiasm for what he does is very evident and has been carried through to his stuff.

He trusts his staff to do what they were hired to do, or to ask for help if they need it.

John's staff that made the move, were very accommodating and made sure our needs were met.

John instills this into his staff as well, but more importantly, he knows his craft.

He makes you feel welcome and always listened to and looks after him a staff excellently.

He was very easy to get along with and widely appreciated by all of the other staff.

John was always willing to try something new and gave his staff the freedom to excel.

His staff is equally as great and all in all, you can't ask for much more than that.

John has enabled the staff to think differently about the value of what they do.

I would and still do recommend him to anyone as an amazing addition to their staff.

He also gives all sorts of advice to our staff always there when you need his help.

He was very proactive in following up with all staff to resolve any deficiencies.

I have no hesitation in recommending him if you need help with any staff issues.

We always knew that we could count on him and his stuff through him delegation.

John and his staff whole-heartedly and never doubt any of their suggestions.

John and his staff have been extremely helpful in getting us off the ground.

John will absolutely enhance the staff regardless of where he is employed.

When things were not going well he made sure his staff had a place to go.