Staff Pharmacist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staff Pharmacist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He listens to his staff, nurture and keep his staff's motivation.
He motivated the staff and always had his door open for any member of the staff.
He and his staff always go above & beyond for their policy holders.
Elegant and graceful, he is always polite, not only to the front of house staff but to every staff.
John mixed very well and became friends with contract staff and permanent staff.
John and his staff really take into consideration your needs and goals.
He and his staff were well versed in the discipline and thorough in their approach.
He truly cares about his staff, going above and beyond to make sure they are happy.
He cares about all staffs and always make himself available when we need him.
He knows his stuff well and always took care of them in every possible way.
He also truly cares for his staff, and just wants the best for them.
John is meticulous in his screening of his staff and it shows.
He has the respect, not only from his staff, but also our customers.
John is available at any time for his stuff and for his customers.
He got along well with the rest of the staff and his customers.
The customer treated him as if he was one of their own staff.
John's efforts were offered to the staff reporting to him and staff in other departments.
John provides staff with clear direction and motivates staff to give our company.
He earns the respect of his staff by caring for his staff and having our company interest at heart.
He and his staff go beyond to get be the best coverage for the best costs.
John trained our staff on how to use these copiers and made sure all our staff was happy with these copiers.
He always took the time to thank him for his efforts and it's these little things that help to motivate staff.
John and his staff have written all of our policies for the past six years.
John kept his staff motivated and he kept him sane throughout the conversion.
He is always setting the bar higher for himself and for his staff.
People oriented he knows how to stimulate and motivate his staff.
He knows how to motivate his staff and get results from them.
John corporation would be well served by having him on staff.