Staffing Recruiter Performance Review Phrases Examples

Staffing Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John truly understands staffing and is able to recruit for any position.
John's expertise in staffing and recruiting has been invaluable to us.
His approach to staffing and the recruitment arena is refreshing.
John's impact on recruiting and staffing at our company has been immeasurable.
John is an exceptional recruiter who goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of both the resources he recruits as well as the firm he is staffing for.
Coming from a staffing and recruiting background himself, he's one of the top recruiters you'll ever work with.
He went above and beyond what most recruiters would do in order to get the positions staffed.
His proficient approach to staffing makes him very successful in all recruiting tasks
His abilities and strengths in recruiting surpass any other in the staffing world.
John thrives in both high volume staffing and just-in-time recruiting.
John brings unique recruiting methods to any staffing challenge.
John is his go-to person for all recruiting and staffing initiatives
He knows staffing really well and works closely with his recruiters to help them be successful.
He proved himself as an innovative recruiter and staffing leader.
His ability to look at staffing needs and recruiting opportunities objectively taught him a great deal about what recruiting is really all about.
John will not employ any of the "tricks" that so many staffing companies and recruiters will resort to.
He helped him both in finding a position and with recruiting for his own staffing needs.
John has a sincere passion for staffing and recruitment and is very, very good at it.
John sets the standard for professional staffing & recruiting.
John is one of his first recruiters, even at that time he had an experience that helped drive the recruiting department.
For those involved in staffing and recruitment, he is someone with whom you really should be associated.
John and his staffing company are right up there with the best of the best.
John is new to staffing when he first started with the organization.
He will do his best to provide you with the best staffing possible.
John hired him to be on his team without any prior staffing or recruiting experience.
His passion for staffing and recruiting is one of the best in the business, which is what makes him so successful.
John knows the staffing business well and is one of the most thorough and capable recruiters at the matrix
John knows the staffing and recruiting business and can help any company when needed.
He is very experienced in recruiting and staffing and he shares his knowledge freely.
His insight and sound advice on recruitment and staffing issues has been beneficial.
John has extensive experience and knowledge regarding staffing and recruitment.
John consistently proves to be the leader in recruiting and staffing with our firm.
As a previous non-believer in staffing, he has now given him complete faith in recruiting and staffing services.
John for job placement, as well as any recruiting and/or staffing needs.
He is very devoted to him candidates and to the companies that he supports in recruiting and staffing.
John worked in the staffing department at our company as a recruiter.
John goes beyond the normal duty of staffing and recruiting by truly advising both parties on what routes to take.
Him recruiting and staffing experience is positively invaluable to any company that is lucky enough to have him.
His passion for exploring best practices around recruiting and staffing has never faded since that time.
He also excels in recruiting, which makes him a well rounded standout employee in the staffing world.
John takes care to understand the organization he is recruiting for as well as its staffing need.
He's innovative in his approach to recruiting - always thinking of ways to help improve the way we recruit at our company.
He is a creative thinker and has great instincts when it comes to staffing and recruiting.
He wants to make sure you are completely satisfied with your staffing needs.
John always took the time to really listen to his staffing needs.
John organization would be well served by his staffing leadership.
His dedication to our company's staffing need is second to none.
Whenever we have a temporary staffing need, he's his first call.
He is efficient, and thorough in completing staffing actions.
He let the recruiters on his team use their own techniques for staffing and offered suggestions to help us improve.
John is a valuable part of our overall staffing and recruitment team.
John taught him the recruiting and staffing business from the ground up.
John demonstrated exceptional capabilities in understanding his departmental staffing and recruiting needs.
His responsiveness in addressing questions or concerns related to staffing and recruiting is commendable.
The greatest knowledge he carries with him in all aspects of staffing / recruitment is very impressive.
He is an accomplished recruiter and has a great depth of understanding of staffing and acquisition.
When he started recruiting non-exempt staffing it was his pleasure to work with him.
He helped him and his staffing team to recruit some of the best talents for our company.