Store Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Store Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has been one our most successful ever flagship store managers.
He handled himself well both with store employees and management.
John is also in charge of other stores as well, but he showed great dedication in helping out our store when we lacked a store manager.
His management of the online store has seen the store grow constantly since its infancy.
John managed some of the most difficult stores in the portfolio.
John is the type of district manager that store managers crave and regional managers hunt for.
His store he managed was not the closest in proximity to the race.
John is a respected our company in the stores that he managed.
He constantly volunteers to help other stores and managers in the district, while still fulfilling his obligations in his store.
John and worked together often while we were managing neighboring stores.
As a store manager, he led our company's largest volume store.
We quickly promoted him several times until he became the store manager.
Once promoted to store manager, he never let him or the company down.
He truly cares about those he manages and always strives to make each store manager reach their full potential.
He knows all of the metrics in each department of the store and is very engaged with the managers.
He managed effectively to high volume stores that were also very challenging.
During his tenure, he was a very efficient and helpful store manager.
He always helped anyone, including customers who came into one of the stores he managed.
John wasn't one of those "always behind the desk" managers, he went to see his stores and his people.
John understands the obstacles that restaurant management and above-store management deal with every day.
When he was managing our school store everything ran very smoothly.
These traits have served him very well in his role as an online store manager.
John is a mentor for him and he was instrumental with his transition from single store to multi-store management.
John is a dedicated manager as he typically is the first to arrive at the store and last to leave.
During his last few months with us, he stepped up and covered the store manager role seamlessly.
As a store manager, he looks for justification for every additional rupee to be spent.
The stores he has managed have consistently been in the top tier of performers.
The managers of his stories are not only honest but always have the customer's best interests at heart.
He cares so much, not only for him stores and managers, but for him salespeople as well.
John is respected throughout his and other districts as he had the difficult task of managing the flagship store.
John also masterfully coded up key aspects of the store and song management.
He used to visit stores all over the kingdom to make sure that everyone of his store managers is receiving the proper instructions and apply the correct standards in the store.
John is his store manager until just recently when he accepted another well-deserved role as a high volume training store manager.
John has been his store manager for two years before he became district manager and in that time he did an excellent job in keeping the store running smoothly and successfully.