Store Supervisor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Store Supervisor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He definitely exemplified what it means to be a store supervisor.
All you have to do is go into his store and see him and you will know.
He is always willing to help our stores with any need or ask.
Our company Service is something that you always get at his store.
John's loyalty through many changes within our store is very commendable.
Vendors, coworkers and stores would tell him how much they liked him.
John be excited to see what's in store for him in the near future.
Whatever vision he had in the store, he made them come alive.
Have no doubts that nothing but the best is in store for him.
He always brightens our day whenever he comes into the store.
He came to his store, having never met him before, and immediately became someone to believe in his eyes.
If we had a question about anything or anyone, he seemed to have everything stored in his brain.
He did everything he was supposed to do and then some so that we store ran smoothly.
Our company here at the store would not have been so successful without his input.
John went through his closet and met him at the appropriate clothing stores.
John understood our needs and bent over backwards to help the store grow.
His stores were always the cleanest and most friendly of the chain.
We started to see the results our company it went into the stores.
He led by example and joined him in the stores whenever necessary.
His stores were outperforming and always exceeding his targets.
John founder would be wise to listen to what he's got in store.