Strategic Account Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Strategic Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on several large, strategic accounts.
Some of the accounts that he bought on the table were really strategic ones.
John has always helped me strategize on breaking into profitable accounts.
John handled some of our more challenging and complex strategic accounts.
He is very experienced in all aspects of strategic account selling.
His ability to break into strategic accounts is really excellent.
His expertise in launching, onboarding and managing strategic accounts was what made him very successful in his role.
He manages to combine humor and wit with a strong, precise and strategic style of account management.
John worked with me on managing some of our strategic client accounts.
John is an excellent example of how strategic management should be accomplished.
He had strategic insight looking farther ahead than the rest of the managers.
John is an excellent manager and an even better strategic thinker.
John is great at strategic management and a true manager at that.
He is not afraid to take strategic risks, and he is always accountable.
John is a dedicated and reliable account manager who always gives strategic and on target briefs.
Furthermore, his strategic perspective on many accounts has helped me to be much more efficient with my account planning efforts.
He always was accessible and provided advice for strategic planning and account management.
He is very perceptive, understands organizational dynamics and is very adept at strategic account management.
John provided strategic account management, establishing clear goals with consistent achievement.
His interpersonal and management skills shone through as we managed major strategic accounts.
John is a fantastic leader and strategic thinker who has helped me strategize on how to deal with and win strategic accounts.
John also has a talent for strategic selling, and strategic account ownership.
He approaches each account, strategically and develops champions within each account.
He would stay after hours with me and go through my deals and strategize with me on how we should approach every account.
I trust his opinions when asking him advice or when strategizing on accounts and opportunities.
John is an extremely strategic thinker, whilst being accountable & proactive in all he does.
John has made a name for himself breaking through on stubborn highly strategic accounts.
John is also good at strategic partnership and has won over many complicated accounts.
He was instrumental and involved himself in growing these strategic accounts.
He is trustworthy, strategic, confident, optimistic, frank and accountable.
He was able to create rapport and opportunity with very strategic accounts.
John is very strategic, yet focused on the people he manages.
John was account manager for a large number of key strategic accountants and the application was perfect for these firms.
He's taken on the task of managing some of our most important strategic accounts and made it look easy by consistently overdelivering.
John is a strategic thinker who knows well how to manage different stakeholders.
He brings the very best combination of both strategic and pragmatic management.
John was always purposeful in his word choices and strategic in him management.
John is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about strategic management.
Him strategic and management capability helps him to be where he is today.
He has an excellent strategic mind, and was an outstanding manager.
If you're looking for a strategic alliance manager - he's the man.
John is an honest, genuine, insightful, and strategic manager.
I highly recommend him for any strategic management positions.
He was successful as both an individual rep and as manager of the strategic accounts team.
John digs in and uses all the details to best strategize growing the account.
John is a great strategic account manager and is well seasoned and professional.
He is accountable and passionate and never loses sight of the strategic objective.
During his leadership, we had given strategic growth directions to the account.
During his time with us, he brought in over a dozen new strategic accounts.
He is strategic and takes the big picture into account at all times.
He is highly strategic and has had great success in managing some of the larger and more complex accounts within the organization.
John is strategic in his approach to solving problems, proactive managing tasks and accountable in all of the dealings.
He made an immediate impact on the account management team and quickly rose to managing our top strategic accounts where he provided tactical growth analysis and advice.
John helped manage one of our core strategic accounts that was new to our business.
John always made himself available to talk, strategize and work on accounts together.
John is smart, strategic and accountable to himself and to the work he loves.
John creates many deep, strategic relationships within accounts.
John was a pleasure to work with and has a gift when it comes to strategic account management.
His strategic account management skills and achievements led to him managing the entire group of account managers globally with great success against the competition.
As my manager, he strategized very effectively for each of our clients.